November 06, 2001

My Sojourn

My journey starts from a place which I always will hold close to my heart ... Shillong.. yes that's where I was born and brought up.... spend all my teenage years walking thru hills and yes sharing jokes and giggles in the cafes.. I remember the safe haven of the mountains, the incessant rains pounding on wooden framed glass windows, the fire place next to which I cuddled with my dog... the first time I walked on dew... the first time I saw a mountain fire blazing through the mountain with great speed, the first time I climbed atop a hill and felt the rains on my cheeks... the wind whistling through my hair... the feeling of being .. the feeling of just existing with nature... all these feelings still seem so new... thinking about such momenst make me appreciate life all the more. I remember the beauty of hail storms which brought forth so many small white stones... I remember collecting them and watching them melt away... I remember running down a mountain at full speed because I was so happy ... I remember the fresh air I took in.. air filled with purity and innocence... I remember walking round Wards Lake and pondering over the last fight with my best friend... and then making up ... Shillong .. yes a paradise... rightly has it been named "The Scotland of the East" ... this place has the power to make you forget all the harsh realities of life and provide shelter in the cocoon of its tender arms. Yes Shillong is in me and I will always miss this place .