March 30, 2004

DUH #@!#@$#@$#

DUH #@!#@$#@$# As I am looking out for a change the round of interview sessions have begun. As I hop from one interview to another... I came across a pretty challenging assignment ... Writing an instructional manual of how to drive a car. Tell me fellas, given the usability issue would anyone be able to drive a car just by reading a manual. When it comes to writing I am trying to write one but I keep wondering whether any human being would be able to operate a car just by reading it. For that matter I had seen another writer writing a paper on swimming.. For activities like driving, swimming, cycling or most of the activities which needed the coordination of the different parts of a human body would a manual be enough ? I guess I should stop wondering and think of putting together a manual .. SIGH.. what one needs to do to prove one's prowess.. but heck its going to be a challenge !!! And I think I am up for it ... Watched Celine Dion's show a little today and what went into making this and found it amazing. This diva has got brains and creative power of utilising money where it is needed. She has created an awesome theatre, Caeser's Palace where she hosted her first show after her break and she looks great. man what one could do with so much money. The theatre boasts of the largest LCD screen in the world and the effects are amazing. I think I shall catch the show tonite at 10:00 if they air it as they have done a great job !!! Amazing and I thought MIchael Jackson and Madonna's live shows were the best !!! Just listening to Meenaxi songs.. have no idea what the movie is all about but the sneak peek seems to be good. Prague and all that.. One of my favourite actress is in it. Taboo. I am waiting for this movie. Meanwhile, the songs are cool. Rahman stamp is obviously there but he has tried to do some modifiction to the tunes which were somewhat sounding very similar everytime I heard any of his songs.. Dhuan Dhuan, Chinnamma Chilakamma are cool. The Instrumental piece Cyclist Rythm and Potter's Village are also a good pieces. It has some cool sufi music too if you are interested. I like the starting part of Yeh Rishta too.. the hmmm hmmm ? is so pleasant. Which leaves two songs Do Kadam and Rang Hai which are kind of ok I think but nothing special. Have got stuck to the title song Main Hoon Na . Abhijeet croons a touching melody. I would recommend only copying the MP3 part of this song and forgo buying the album. Anu Mallik has done a shabby job here. The best part was when I thought I would hear a remix version of Main Hoon Na, suddenly my ears were bursting with drums and western music with the lyrics I 'll be there,I 'll be there. And stupid me thought that remix was embellishing the original song with dhin chak music... The Kawalli number is also ok but I guess its not worth spending your money on it !! Aso got hold of the latest Norah Jones album which seems to be pretty musical and not a disappointment like the sequels usually are. Ideal if you like jazz and blues.. though what she is sings is not exactly blues.. she has Dolly Parton too in one of her songs.. love her..

March 29, 2004

Thrills of a new toy

Another weekend passed by with lots of thrills and excitement. In the midst of all the hullaballo of getting the new boy toy we had to be subjected to one whole day of continuous drilling of the borewell in the search of water... they dug 600ft and still did not find enough water. Bangalore is getting depleted of its resources sooner than we are realising and not so long back this place was full of water... Not to mention having to tolerate the constant drilling of the machine just below our flat. ARRGHH reminds me of a dentist drilling my cavities.. EWWWWOOUCHH !! Met lots of friends and gave them a ride in Silverline ( yes thats the name of my baby ) and had yummy food at Baghini. Thats the dhaba by the Marathahalli ring road and they serve the tastiest ginger chicken and chilli fish which goes down well with beer or Vodka.. You must try that place if you pass by that road. Food is good and cheap and the ambience is great. Bangalore is getting colder and the winds that blow past are pleasant and the heat has reduced a lot making is desirable to walk down the streets. Days flying by doing the same old things that I keep doing. I think I need a break.. I am probably thinking of visiting Kushalnagar.. it should be a good ride trip... hmmmm *thinking*.. must get out to rejuvenate... and refurbish my draining enthusiasm and motivation to be a normal person .. and not go crazy...

March 26, 2004

A dream come true

Its always nice when one can fulfil one's dreams and well one feels elated at this achievement. I too have dreams like any other mortal beings. And pursuing that dream I have bought a Mahindra Bolero and finally we Baruas are going to be a proud owner of another mean machine which will help us do more off roading.. I am so looking forward to it. I have got to get used to this SUV since I am used to driving cars and not big jeeps like this.. he he but hey I am up for the challenge... its giving me a high already thinking about the distance we can eat... Rocks says that he is not giving up his bike.. yeah I know. Thats one down my list of dreams fulfilled !! YA BA DABA DOOOOOO !!!!!

March 25, 2004

Goodbyes ... a painful time

I hate goodbyes.. I hated it right from the time I had to leave home for the first time for studies and then career. I hated it when I had to leave my first hostel. I hated it when I had to leave my first job. I hated it when I had to leave my single status and go through the pain of the goodbye ritual in my wedding. I hated it when I left my Studio Apartment, my first personal haven. I always hate when I have to see off my family, my hubby my parents and my aunts. I dont know why but it gets to me and though I know that well one end has another beginning yet I still feel that my heart is breaking into two when I have to see a close one off from somewhere. Today I am feeling so much like bawling and I only know how I am controlling that outburst of a dam. I can imagine if I started bawling in front of all my colleagues and make a fool of myself... Then again my hubby is trying to cheer me up, sweet thing that is by telling me that he will take me out for a beer .. ha ha !! I guess that will make me feel fit and high.. maybe I can exchange that with vodka and drown my sorrows there... I shall miss you Ma and Papa... Miss coming home to you and your gentle concerns. Miss laughing with you at the dining table Miss having tea with you. Miss fighting with you like a kid. Miss cooking for you the way you like it. Miss asking you to buy me a little thing which you would get instantly...just like when I was a little gal.. Miss watching stupid serials like Kyon ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi ( dunno how how they became addicted to that.. its a crying melody.. everyone I see there is either shouting or crying) Miss having those evening walks together. Miss being a daughter to you.... WAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! I am so so so so full of stupid stupid tears.............. I need a distraction... QUICK !! maybe I shall go and eat somebody's head. I am good at that .. I shall forget my own despondency... BEWARE !!! TODAY I AM HAVING SERIOUS DEPRESSION IN MY BAY.. ITS GONNA STORM.

March 22, 2004

Weekend frames...

Well I always liked weekends and who does not but mine was all the more enhanced since it would be the last weekend with my parents who are here visiting their only brat. The last weekend was spent in meeting family and some relations. I was cherishing each moment with them since this would be the last holiday we would be spending together for sometime... I am already missing being without them when they go back to Assam. SIGH !! Went to GK Vale for a family portrait which was a session of standing up on a stool and getting down and forcibly smiling turning our heads this way and that.. he he it was fun.. the only thing that is not fun is they always have me standing on a stool since my height is way way beneath my tall hubby.. SIGH. Its embarassing and I never failed to get teased by it ... he he!!! Watched the match the end of which looked very fixed since the Pakistani players were very slow at their fielding and looked like lacking in spirit. Either it was very warm and tiring which I like to think or the match was fixed which I hope not. It was a pleasure watching Dravid ( our wall of India) and Kaif doing a great job of bringing us a well deserved victory. I was also excited about the F1 race held in Petronas. The race course was a tough one with unexpected curves and bends and the weather seemed to be playing its own game but fortunately it was a good race. Raikkonen got out due to car problems and was really pissed. Michael was doing what he does best.. leading and winning. Montoya tried his best to take the lead but could not match up to Michael. I liked the way Button is coming up too. He is doing well and I hope he gets good points in this race. Its nice to see new drivers doing well. Ralph Schumacher was also out in the middle of the race. Barrichhelo tried his best to get past but once he lost the 2nd position he was not allowed to cross the fourth position by Button .. It was exciting and a good race... waiting for the next race in Bahrain.. yipeee !! I do hope montoya shows some good show in this season. Meanwhile all are waiting for the Wednesday's match. I hear that any Indian who is visiting Pakistan is being welcomed and very well treated. This country is going to a great deal of effort in making the Indians comfortable and I am sure this is well appreciated. I was also surprised to hear Imran Khan praising Dravid so highly after yesterday's match. Usually his comments were very acerbic when both the teams played in the past. What a change and all these things should be good if it brings about the much deserved peace everybody is dreaming and praying for between the two countries. ****************************************************************** Ab Tak Chappan This is another good movie I watched after Company and I must say I am very impressed again with Ram Gopal Verma's work. For a change this was somewhat founded on a true story. Directed by Shimit Amin the story as such is about encouter specialists and their workings and the main inputs in the story has been given by the famous encounter specialist Daya Nayak. One could say that the story was his life story but the on the other hand ot could be put as a story inspired by his life and his real time inputs. The movie keeps you thinking and does not allow you to move your butt and thankfully there are no songs.. Like all movies there are some misdirections but hey I am too satisfied watching a good movie after quiet sometime to discuss them.. Yashpal, (a good friend of my husband) has done a great job. He has portrayed the system like it is.. very subtle but very strong. And last but not the least Nana Patekar who has again excelled in his performance ... Amazing what he can do with a good story.. I was quite impressed but a little irritated when I watched him in Krantiveer I think that was the name of the movie ... then he stumped me with his acting in Khamoshi where he did not say a word but his acting spoke volumes and now he has proven that he can also portray a patient and definite strength of character which can be cold and calculated given the job he does but he can also be human. I think if you liked Satya and Company you will definitely like this movie. As for the bloodshed fator its minimum and its very well shot. The cinematography is also very subtle and very classy. I hope you enjoy watching this movie as I have done and hope you have a nice day !!

March 17, 2004

Ya ba daba dooooo

YIP YIP YIP !!! I have managed to convince the hunk of the system admin guy to give me the access.. I can again be comfortable about blogging !!! YEa yea yea yea to me and the eternal powers of women !!! LOLOLOL... I was feeling like the puppy in the middle when I woke up this morning... he he !! Now I can peacefully go back to work..

ACHOOOOO !!!! and the sun shines again !!!

Its a good morning today after having suffered the sniffles and then having to spend three days with a heavy head clogged with nothing but heaviness... I am free free free of it today and well I guess I am back to the world of blogging. These days most of my time is taken up spending it with parents, taking them here and there hogging on my mama's home cooked food and then of course just chilling out. It was a relief to have them with me when I was sniffing... believe me I can get really maudlin when I feel under the weather and thats not too often though. Its great having them here with me.. its only when I am with them I realise how much I have always missed being with them... due to career goals and other blah blah... I guess the feeling is magnified when the child is a single child... SIGH !! Work is hectic and my system admin has gone ahead and blocked rediffblogs and photo upload sites... GRRRR I think I must try speaking with him to allow me access... Meanwhile I am seriously thinking of having a connection at home.. Its high time I had one... but the pleasure of blogging in office is too much.. all my creative and stupid thoughts flow out of my grey pores only when I am real busy.. hehe !! So my rediff buddies I am feeling bad that I am not able to read you but hey I am not going to give up without a fight... yeah... all spoons and butters and doe eyes in me are getting ready to go on the defensive and pleading for access... wish me all the best...

March 10, 2004

Embarassing Moments

Yesterday I was going through Luna's post and that made me think of putting up this post.. When I was little, little memo books used to circulate in school where you had all sorts of questions like What is your favourite colour and what is your favourite actress. It was one of our prized possessions since that would tell us how many friends we had. It was so funny. The questions were very simple but creative.. something like our online quizzes... One such question was " What is your most embarassing moment?" Whenever I came to this page my heart used to curl up in a hole.. since I had so many of them... and blithely evaded in paper saying there were too many.. As a teen my embarassing moments were mine alone and those unfortunate witnesses... LOLOL.. Today I was recapitulating those moments and maybe thought that I would come out of that shell and laugh at myself. Though the fact that I am prone to little accidents is very much existent even now... its mellowed down since I have my dear hubby to look out and he has developed this wierd instinct to avert any major predictable disasters...LOLOL in the house and outside.. how can I ever thank him... Scene 1 : I was dating that time and we had this thing about taking off to the mountains and trekking it up spending some time there and then trekking it down. One such time we had gone up as usual and the path was full of pine needles... and it was drizzling and as I was coming down... trying to be my feminine best .. my then boyfriend being himself a typical guy walked climbed up and down very easily. I was behind him .. and trying to follow him.. Now it is very difficult to be feminine and graceful...One moment I was trying to be like an expert climber and the next moment I felt myself slipping on few pine needles and somersaulting back to where I started... It shook me .. and for a moment I was seeing stars.. LOLOL Typical of a lady I was imagining my knight in shining armour to come rushing down to rescue me but there he was .. the proud male standing without any ounce of concern... trying to keep a serious face and laughing his head off inside and I could imagine what a funny picture I made.. .. believe me it was not funny then.. CRASH went my illusion of love being sharing and caring... and I resigned myself to the fact my guy would never be my knight.. LOLOL So I did the next best thing I could do. I laughed at myself and well brushed myself and slowly lumbered myself up. Here I was trying to be pretty and attractive and there I was sprawled in a spreadeagled position wishing that a hole would swallow me up.. whole. Scene 2 There is this market square in Shillong in Police bazaar where all the handsome guys and people used to hang out.. I had the misfortune to fall in a spreadeagled manner right in the middle of the square thus emabarassing myself to the core. Scene 3. I got proposed by a bakery fellow near my locality. I was in school and had a hot temper. Apparently the bakery guy got smitten by my whatever and then fell for me. He was a handsome fella, from Iran and I did not make too much of it till he happened to tell almost all the shopkeepers in the circle and I happened to get strange looks and sly smiles. And then I got a letter composed out of hindi film songs which the poor thing had gone to lot of trouble to write... He promised my friend that he would bake great cakes for me and did one for my birthday.... for all to see...LOLOLOL... ha ha hah a and well suffice it to say that I gave him a piece of my angry and embarassed mind. Yeesh it was difficult for me to pass by that circle... Scene 4 Eight Standard ...I was the captain of my class and well we had this prayer session at class where I had to make sure that everybody would be standing and saying their prayers (courtesy the convent upbringing). There was this native lady who was double of me and had a rough attitude. She happened to not to listen and for some reason my temper shot up and I shouted at her ... she came at me and started plummeting me with blows ... and well imagine the captain getting beaten like that... I gave her two blows myself but well... she grew up among four bully brothers and she knew a thing or two about blows... though I also fought to keep my dignity, I think it was the only time when the captain upheld such an example.. LOLOL. Suffice it to say that though I did not win , I did not lose either.. hehe .. got to give a big punch on her nose which was bleeding.... I remember the stunned look of the class and well I was too embarassed to explain the situation to the teacher and she was too embarassed to complain to the Sister there... LOLOLOL... Scene 5 Bangalore. Trying to ride my new Kinetic Honda in MG Road and speeding up and then suddenly hitting a jawan on a cycle.. BANG I am on the road sprawled and the cycle is just as it is by the road and the jawan looking down at me with concerned eyes asking me what happened.. Logically I should have been doing that... I saw many smiles as people passed by and instead of giving the cycle walla a piece of my mind, i turned tail and ran to blissful anonymity.. LOLOL Scene 6 My first job : Sonata Software. I meet a senior person in the lift and he happened to return from abroad and I was asking him how it went , some talk passed and well just to fill one of those sudden pauses in the conversation I was going to ask " Where are you sitting nowadays" and it came out " "Where are you SHITTING nowadays" and well I guess he was also busy talking and did not notice the slip and answered me and TING my floor came by and I ran bidding him a swift and sweet good day all red in the face... YEEESH hoping that he was suffering a severe case of jet lag or ear humming... he he Well I have lots more since I am bungling piece of walking disaster but I think I shall rest here now...

March 08, 2004

Happy Wonen's Day

Wishing all my women friends a very Happy Women's Day !! Have a nice day !!

March 03, 2004


Well I am back after a hectic travelling schedule... right now I am still having travel hangover so will post in detail as soon as I have my bearings... As I was going through Aqua's post did this Quizzila thing... found it cute... heh heh I am imagining myself as ... Woodstock Woodstock! Which Peanuts Character are You? brought to you by Quizilla Can you beat that... Bangalore is so hot hot hot.. what will happen when summer hits us... SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT !!! No I am sorry ladies dont sweat they glisten !!! heh heh !! Ok I am on a quizzilla mode so thought of putting up more of it ... JUST LIKE THAT !!! What kind of Elemental dragon am I ? Tis an Earth Dragon be awakening...when a rose survives through winter... You are an earth Dragon! You have a knack for Nature or animals, and are peaceful, careful, charming, and optimistic. You can throw a tantrum now or then, but who doesnt? You value simple things in life, such as friends, familly, and Nature. What elemental dragon are you? brought to you by Quizilla Which of the greek gods am I ? DUH this is fun !!! Morpheus Morpheus ?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? brought to you by Quizilla Whats my element ? and is it any wonder I am the wind... being a Gemini .. wind You're Elemant is Wind. You're light-hearted, care- free, kind, sensative, and mysterious. You have friends and most absolutely love you. You can be calm and soothing one minute and ragging in anger the next so no one wants to get on your bad side. You're beauty is inspiring and magical. What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES) brought to you by Quizilla My soul ?? man was that the question !!! anyway gave this a try too... the last line had me in stitches !!! LOL Carefree You're just the happy go-lucky type. You might have your pet peeves, but other than that, you're mainly calm. Blending in with your surroundings, you're the type of person who everyone likes. Usually it's you who cracks jokes at social gatherings - after all, laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes you pretend to be stupid, but in all actuality, you could be the next Einstein. What Type of Soul Do You Have ? brought to you by Quizilla Yaba daba dooo !!!