March 31, 2005

Some pics my biker friend took..

This is my friend, Biju Nair (shot from my camera) ... and his camera.. Canon EOS 300. Thought it would be cool to share his pics ... here.. specially the one below... with the baby and the ripple.. the next one is an overview of the bikes from the top... at the Estate house of our friend... in Thekaddy... And thats me trying to figure out something in my camera !!! he clicked it probably when I was shooting his profile... :) and the next one is a curious monkey's hands.. who was wondering whether to get in or not... the same monkey whose snap I posted on one of my previous posts..
Games people play (written by: joe south) Oh the games people play now Every night and every day now Never meaning what they say now Never saying what they mean So they while away the hours In their ivory towers Till there covered up with flowers In the back of a black limousine Talkin bout you and me And the games people play Oh we make one another cry Break our heart Then we say goodbye Cause our heart say We hope to die Let the other one to blame Neither one will ever give in So were gazing at an 8 by 10 Thinking bout the way It might have been Its a dirty, rotten, shame Talkin bout you and me And the games people play People walking up to ya Sayin glory, hallelujah And they try to sock it to ya In the name of the Lord They gonna teach you How to meditate Read your horoscope And cheat your faith And furthermore to hell with hate Come on and get on board Talkin bout you and me And the games people play Look around tell me What you see Whats happening to you and me God grant me the serenity To remember who I am Cause your giving up your sanity For your pride and your vanity Turn your back on humanity And you don't give a damn Talkin bout you and me And the games people play ***************************************************** And this is by your's truly :) Entities... engaged in conversations... unlimited sparks flying here and there ... all deliberate ... all misfired here and there... hidden barbs... which one is trying to ignore it to bliss one never tiring of throwing the spears... on and off.. feels like the old days when one tried to get the better of the other.. tired of games people play.. innuendos... meaningful looks.. here and there... sparks again... a little enactment for the observer.. childish... yet .. fair... to one and all.. what would one give for pure unadulterated laughter pure unadulterated... conversation without any inhibition, judgement or bias.. people say in Rome do as the Romans do.. damned if one does... damned if one does not... beauty hides a much complicated network of sub atomic particles.. Tired of all the games people play..

Holi Cow

Holi I have this kid in my neighborhood who is holi happy. He just cannot seem to get the idea out that Holi is gone.. but according to him.. his "pichkari" has not broken the ice till he squirts it on all the cars of the and mine was the only one left since I left before he was awake and came home when all the kids were safely asleep ... its been hectic the past week.. So one day he waits for the perfect chance. ( I guess he was having holiday on this day). As I reverse my jeep and take it out... and just when I cross his balcony, my front window is splashed with a THWACCCKKK of water.... out of nowhere... I spy him carefully taking in his Pichkari and making a run without stopping and by the time I come out and give him a scary look... he is gone... LOLOL I was reminded of my childhood and Holi when how easy it was to get away with naughty deeds... The security tells me that this HUDUGA is up to mischief with all the cars... LOLOL.. . He is a favorite of my husband since he always comes and literally converses with Rocks when he washes the bike... Jai ho to male bonding... no matter what age it is :) .... Cow Well the population of cows have increased by manifold now. We have cows cooly urinating or chewing cud and least bothered for all you care... so what if it is the main road and it is holding up the traffic... it will go on chewing in a rythmic motion which will beat the best musician in town.... and then when it feels like it will stop to pick a fight with a fellow bull.. and go BANG CRASH BOOM against each other and your car,.... where you are patiently waiting for them to move on and what do you get for that... a BIG dent by one of the enraged cows.. in its effort to show everyone who is the boss !!! Animal logic or just another case of wrong place at the wrong time.... your take !!

March 29, 2005


Thats how I feel after coming back from the ride.. not like the monkey above but refreshed.. hehe !!
  • Great roads... uninterrupted highway..
  • Observed some giant trucks and tractors never seen in Karnataka..
  • Moon rising by the ghats...
  • 2 Hour boat ride in Periyar... as smooth as a lullaby...
  • Tamil Nadu is grilling hot
  • Dindigul sports the best biryani joint I have ever had till date....
  • Off roading... had my heart in my hands...
  • Nothing quenches thrist like fresh sweet sugarcane juice...
  • Crushed date palm juice is YUCK... i mistook it for lemon juice.. it tasted like country liquor..
  • Monkeys can be a curious lot.. specially one who almost lost his hide while entering the bar through the window sill.. have the shots to prove it..
  • Donkeys can be really cute... they redefine the meaning of Beasts of Burden...
  • Morning rides are the best...
  • Achieved the impossible... beat the traffic at HOSUR road...
Photos are here . Detailed write up is here !! HALLELUJAH !! I can read Haloscan comments again... Jai HO !!!!!

March 24, 2005

Aunty bole to

I think I have been stereotyped... GAWK... and it is so easy to categorise an individual... without waiting for any damn human communication chemistry to happen... have been called a brat, a babe, a singer, a wild one, reckless, Absent minded, golu, Wacko, Jack and Jil, Powerbuilder ( PB), tomboy, bindaas, ... but AUNTY... ( which the pretty gal from HR in the office called me by mistake who probably thought that I did not hear it LOLOL...) Goes to say that I think I am getting to be ancient ... OH HECK who the hell cares.. .?? Either it is pure short sightedness or its just trying to put this employee in some peg or the other... Now that I am jotting my thoughts down... it seems that my traditional attires and the serious attitude that I am trying to portray have been leading to the so called stereotyping... Does this require unveiling of my real image... BUHAHAHAHAH !!! * EVIRL LAUGHTER* This reminds me of my college days ... where I used to put in pretty mean names to my profs... and well I think I am coming back a full circle..... what you sow .. you will reap... funda I guess.. LOLOL... Must say that I am in a great team otherwise... I think its too much to hope for a perfect setup otherwise... am trying to be as inconspicous and non assuming as possible.. but it is not seeming to work... :) labelled if i talk labelled if I dont... or is it just my EGO that is getting hyper about this ??? TIME FOR ANOTHER RIDE... yipeeee do da do...... Back to the nature... back to the Ghats.... back to the wild..... Going to THEKADDY this time... Will be back with snaps, and hopefully good stories... By the way I have decided to get a tatooo.... FINALLY.... yes and I have got just design I want... BUhahahahah !!!! and life is on a roll....

March 21, 2005

First day

A warm welcome with a T-shirt, two books and a home office pen kit... Lots of meetings and words thrashing... Lunch...faux pas... I am told that I am to go to the terrace... and have lunch.. go in late since I want to be as inconspicuous as ever... trying not to attract attention... Walk in puposefully.. to the the terrace... sit down.. and have my lunch.. as quietly and quickly as possible... mindful of eyes eyeing me wierdly... I try and finish my food faster... feeilng awkward... suddenly I am accosted pleasantly by an ex colleague ( who I know belongs to another company in the same building) .. who talks to me... blah blah.. I also talk to him blah blah...he calmly tells me that I am having lunch in their premises.. GAWK and I look around me and I realise that I have had lunch on the wrong side of the terrace which belongs to another company... and see everybody having black tags... which should have been red... and I have some so many pairs of eyes looking at me as if I am an alien... heh heh.. I walk sheepishly to the other side and see all my colleagues with red tags all eyeing me with laughing eyes... Heh Heh !! I laugh loudly at myself and walk around with aplomb and go down as fast as possible to my bay... back to the comfort of the cyber space where everything is neutral... where is my burying hole :) meetings again... where half of it flies past my head.. brillant heads at work.. an engaging conversation with a fellow writer who is as brillant as they come... I am lucky to be in this team.... and the day is ending as I type this... Heh heh !!!

March 18, 2005


Today is my last day this place... WHEW... what a relief.... Mind is blank.. spirit is temporarily free... free of deadlines... free from walking on ice... free from all comfort.... free from the thin red line.. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! With a bittersweet feeling I thus leave this place... To another beginning ... another role... another domain.. Am feeling light and content... waiting for the new journey to begin... Its always sad to say goodbye but all things that start has to end.. and thus is the end of my time here... So will be back jotting from my new place.. wish me luck !! Meanwhile you have a great weekend ...

March 15, 2005


What does the color red signify for you ... ? I have always been fascinated by the color red...right from the time I have had a sense of remembering... cant say it is my favorite color but it definitely perks me up.... its like all things which are forbidden and which needs exploring... Pallavi - 3 years old I have this friend who is a tenant in my house. Her name is Rajani. She is about 4 years old. We play together. We do almost everything together.. eating, running, etc... I also learn Bharatnatyam with her... inspired by the natyam dress she wore... Then comes a day when we star discovering color pencils and sketchpens.. I have the paper and she had the pens. She has three red sketch pens and three dark green pens. I was totally in love with the red sketch pen so much so that I asked her very politely if she could lend me for one day... she knew I coveted that and totally refused.. That got to me... I again asked her but she was adamant. I kept quiet and later on I cooly stole one red sketch pen.. when we were collecting the papers.... :) I got it and was totally in love with it.. did not eat did not sleep but went on drawing with the red sketchpen on and on... Mom and Pop thought it was strange that I was quiet.. it did not take them much to figure out what I had done.. they asked me to give it back but I did not move. They finally took it from me after promising me to get a red sketchpen and very calmly returned it to Rajani and we became friends again.. Till I saw her red shoes... ..... I brought that home very calmly... and kept admiring it.. this time i hid it under my small table.. suffice it to say that my behind was red as well from a good spanking and later I also got a pair of red shoes.. and red sketchpens... LOLOL ********************************************************************** Today be it a Ferrari or a Red leather... it still continues to fascinate me... I am at present writing in paper with red gel pen !! heheeh !! History on Red
Red is supposedly the first color percieved by Man. Brain-injured persons suffering from temporary color-blindness start to perceive red before they are able to discern any other colors. Neolithic hunter peoples considered red to be the most important color endowed with life-giving powers and thus placed red ochre into graves of their deceased. This explains funds of skeletons embedded in up to 10 kg of red powdered ochre. Neolithic cave painters ascribed magic powers to the color red. The word "magic" ("Zauber" in German) translates to "taufr" in Old Norse and is related to the Anglo-Saxon "teafor" meaning "red ochre". It can be stipulated that they painted animals in red ochre or iron oxide to conjure their fertility. Protective powers of the color red against evil influence were common belief. Objects, animals and trees were covered in red paint, warriors painted their axes and spear-catapults red to endow the weapons with magic powers. Some of the Australian aborigines abide by this custom up to the present times. Neolithic hunters and germanic warriors used to paint their weapons and even themselves in blood of slain animals. Roman gladiators drank blood of their dying adversaries to take over their strength. In other cultures, the newly born were bathed in blood of particularly strong and good looking animals.Red painted amulettes or red gems, such as ruby or garnet, were used as charms against the "evil eye". Wearing a red ruby was supposed to bring about invincibility. Red bed-clothes were customary in Germany up to the Middle Ages as protection against the "red illnesses", such as fever, rashes or even miscarriages

March 14, 2005


Not by silence does someone confused & unknowing turn into a sage. but whoever--wise, as if holding the scales, taking the excellent-- rejects evil deeds; he is a sage, that's how he's a sage. Whoever can weigh both sides of the world: that's how he's called a sage. -Dhammapada, 19, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. Wisdom .. oh how it deserts you when you need it the most... trying to wind up this workplace duties since I am shifting apperentice location... and off I walk to a new dimension of words and technology.... So its another new beginning and another end to the existing... but it feels good to get into something new.. something different.. hopefully will contain meaningful experiences... and lots of fun... along with the job... ****************************************************** I think I seriously lack in conversational skills.. or must be totally out of frequency with this person ... he is a nice chap but I seriously did not have inclination nor the time to figure him out ... Remember the expensive jacket guy.. he sees me and comes across to me.. A: hi ! Me: Hiya.. (with a wary but welcoming smile... was not in a mood for wise cracks... specially the "expensive" kind since I was in the middle of serious writing) A: so whats up ?? Me: Nothing much ( ok the ceiling was definitely up otherwise he he ) A : what are your plans for the weekend ?? Me: Nothing much.. A: are you sure? arent you going anywhere special.. I am sure you will go at least somewhere.. outside Bangalore... somewhere near if not far... Me: ( WHOA MAMA !! he surely kept himself updated ) No I am just chilling out.. .( my mental feet were tapping in full rhythm in impatience waiting for this conversation to end.. ) A: hmmmm ( for want of better stuff to say) so suddenly why are you looking so bright so why are you wearing so many accessories ? Why ? Why ? Do tell... something special.. eh ?? Me: ( totally fed up with the conversation by now.. my patience had just about run out I reply gritting my teeth into a feral smile... ) BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN.. DUH UH !!!???? ( definitely not wanting to go into details about why and how I take care of my appearance with a male whom I did not know from Adam.... ??? Good lord ... help me.. is it a crime to look smart and funky ?? ) A: he he he ( sheepishly) you have to give me a treat ... Me: WHY BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN ?? ( gnashing my teeth in the form of a funny smile I am feeling like a cave woman with a bat.. waiting to hit him with it ) A: he he he he that is funny.. okay anyway... will see you later.. Me: (With relief and an inncocent smile ) Sure .. will catch you later dude !!! Beat that !! Now was he trying to compliment me or was he just trying to make conversation.. or maybe he caught me at a real bad time.... Oh whatever !!! ?? And then say women are complicated... I tell you men are more complicated then women sometimes.. Or maybe I just intimidate them... now thats an *evirl thought* buhahahahaha !! .... ********************************************************** PS: Maddie !!! Thanks for the beautiful album... it just rocks !!!

March 10, 2005

Old and New

We have always heard this adage of old being gold. .. what do you do with the OLD ?

  • I have seen my dad lovingly clingling to old clothes which were so comfortable... inspite of mama getting him new stuff.. ( today the old clothes have been given away.. to someone who will have better use for it )
  • His first flowers which he planted were tended to most lovingly... every morning... ( today the flowers have been razed to the ground by the new owner of our old home)
  • Mama keeping her old tea set lovingly... her old sarees which was almost torn right behind the closet never mind if it was right at one corner but it was there for her to go back to... when she wanted... ( today she only has the teacup which she still uses it.. rest have been lost or broken as time passed on)
  • An old engagement ring which she parted with real heavy heart to me... she wanted it for the memory but I wanted it because it was the only link I could have with her when I left home... she gave it to me anyways.. since she knew how important it was to me... to have her with me... ( today it serves me well and I am planning to give it back to her... I know she will be a happy mama )
  • So easy to burn those old love letters and photographs just so I could erase the memories of how I stepped into being a wise woman... and trying to understand the confused emotion of love which I usually chaffed at but which bit me anyways... ( today this has helped me in not making the same mistake again.. )
  • Dolls which kept me company .. with tiny dresses stacked neatly together for me to go back to and jump back into my childhood ... ( today they adorn my shelf back at my parents home longing for attention I am sure)
  • Comics... Amar Chitra Katha, Marvel, Archies, Diamond, comics which brightened my days and gave me lot of wisdom, humor, the meaning of a hero... and what a hero should have been ... stories which I would not have otherwise learnt ... so easily... ( today they are with someone else who I hope will love reading them .. )
  • Old black and white photographs... when photography was a developing art and science.. ( today they adorn old forgotten walls... yellowing with age .. and then getting colored )
  • Old friends with whom we created personal history.. old relatives with whom we shared family history ( today it all depends on whether anyone has the "bandwidth" or the "usage" of a "friend")
  • Old jewellery items which were the fashion statement of the year.. ( today it is junk jewellery or punk jewellery )
  • Old theatres which would give a nostalgic feeling when watching a movie.. ( today it is being giving in to hi tech shopping malls which are more lucrative.. business)
  • Old houses with sprawling lawns ... ( today you will see a state of the art building housing expensive flats... forget the lawn.. who needs it ?? )

All that remains is memories... just memories... Is it that easy to let go ???? Or are we rushing in to some vague destination without any strategy or environmental sense ???

Some PHOTOS for you here... I worked on the template tooo... yipeeeee...

Also worked on my travellogs blog template... he ha !! I think I am addicted to this !!

March 09, 2005

Frustrated but still hanging on.....

  • at the fact that my taggie died... yet again... back to my old taggie I suppose...
  • by the fact that I am not able to view HALOSCAN commenting system from my PC.. is it something to do with Websense or something.... EGAD help me... sorry my blogger friends for not being able to comment but I am reading your blogs ... and leaving comments on the tag.. till I figure out where the problem is ... Sorry Candy, Fairy, Blues, Ashi, Shub, and all the writers who make my day !! I hope to figure this silly problem soon...
  • at my long 70 mm dreams of which I cannot make sense of... can be a pain... I was walking through a shopping street last night and the lane was never ending and I did not buy a thing !!! ... DUH figure that out !!!
As you can see I am in a major ranting mood... so I prefer to say AUMMMMMMMM !!!! and rest my mind in peace... SIGH !!! AUMMMMMMMM !!!! BRUMMMMMM.. !!! AUMMMM !!! come on mind where art thou !!! ... concentrate !!!! till I find my wandering mind...

March 07, 2005

Heavy Duty Knopfler

That was what it was... splendid show... with great music... but too short thats what everybody thought.. We could have had the show for some 15 more minutes... but i guess thats the way it was.. Started dot at 7:30 and finished at 9:45. Though he sang some numbers which I had not heard.. they were cool.. the rest of the crowd thought so too.. some did not like the soulful numbers.. He changed guitars like drinking from different glasses of water.. :) Was great seeing him play the famous Black metal guitar... heard at the show... from one woman to her new boyfriend ... who was trying to groove to a slow number with her... just next to us... By the way we were swinging ourselves to the beat... suddenly Woman: Stop it .. what are you doing Stop it ... Man: I am trying to hold you... Woman: if you cannot hold me decently why do you bother... Man: What Happened I am just Holding you.. come on... Woman: You are POKING me.. all over... ???? Man: (At a loss but not to be beaten) and what of your hair poking me all over my face... ( that too at his bearded face.. now he did not know whether it was his hair poking him or his girl's hair) Me in my man's arms Closing my eyes trying to groove to the music.. but could not help gurgling it out... with my back to them.. giving a conspiratorial look at my tall husband... hahahaha !!!! I pity the man !!! Poor guy... but before I could laugh ,... I became enthused in rocking to the Sultan's of Swing !!! Knopfler's improvisation.. was the highlight of the show.. I think they were great.. Not like Bryan Adam's improvisation of A Night to Remember.. That was so ghastly !! :( NOTE: Rock Shows shows should make a special thing for short people like us.. I felt like a dwarf... and all hulks were trying to hog my place.. this is the only time I was defeated by my weight... I had to knock on their huge shoulders to let them know that I could not see and some out of their enthusiasm almost stepped on my mini foot with their giant ones... EEEP ... And it seems I was not the only one.. there were other short gals facing the same problem.. hehee !.. Though my six foot man rocky offered me to pick me up.. I was too embarassed... Sheesh.. next time.. baby... How come Bangalore is producing so many tall guys all at one go ? There were very few back in the other rock shows... SIGH !! It was after much adjusting that I got two gaps in between heads to have a look at the Screen... SIGH !! BUT ON THE WHOLE IT WAS FUN !!!!!

March 06, 2005

Trouble comes in Threes

Just when I was wondering what the third jhatka would be like... it just had to pop up on a Friday evening giving us the scare of our life.. Had an old bugger running at full speed towards us after the traffic signal turned green and got himself hit pretty bad by the side of the car. Predictably there was chaos, bleeding forhead and the vultures trying to prey in at making money the best way they could. Waylaid the auto rickshaw fellas who were on the verge of mobbing us.. put him in the car and took him to the hospital... Shaking at the thought that he could have been killed, angry with the thought how people invite their own death just by crossing the road... Rocks and myself drove .. dreading the cops, etc.. if the blame would be put on us, etc... HOSMAT was where we took him .. paid for all his treatment... medicines... got interrogated by the police who after getting to know that we were from Bangalore... and that the patient was not from Bangalore.. did not bother much... ( I guess we were lucky but it was kind of sad how it was not given that much of importance.. ) My broken Kannada helped too.. Thank god for that ability to convince them in Kannada that it was not out fault ... Anyway, biker friends rushed in to help with the situation... this is one time where we were not pressed from any side for money.. Sat at the hospital for hours till everything was clear.. and made sure that the person responsible.. for the victim.. workwise...came and picked him up.. A harrowing experience.. I was wondering how can we help not hitting someone who comes straight at you blindly that too when the traffic lights are green.. What if he died ? there were so many What ifs but alls well that ends well.. here I am ... just thankful that I am able to write about this experience sitting at my desk !!! *************************************************** Watched Bewafa.. the movie is stupid but Askshay Kumar is getting hunkier and hunkier day by day. SIGH F1 was very interesting.. Loved the way Narain is being accepted by the crowd there... Everyone had something good to say about him and that says a lot. The first free practice had Narain going cool... it was just luck I think that Fisichella won the most points since by the time he raced the track was dry.. It was definitely not Schumacher's day... felt bad for him but Barrichello more than mad up for it :) Coulthard is making up for lost time I guess.. Red Bull is the new team he is working with... Lazed out whole of Sunday doing nothing.. hehehe !! feeling good today... after an eventful weekend :) Knopfler here we come !!!

March 03, 2005

I AM .....

Aghast at the budget Building castles in the air Cautious to make my next move Delighted after a good shot of vodka..... Effective as a nut without bolt... now Feeling Woozy ... due to a persistent cold... Going for it .. yes I am ... Knopfler rocks Having a BAD cold Itching to get a Tattoo.. any suggestions where in bangalore can I get a good tattoo done ? Jinxed when it comes to winning tickets Konked out .... where is my burying hole... Lured by the wild wild wild India again... Moving apprentice location Nothing without my normal self.. I am feeling absolutely lightheaded... God help me !! Over all the questions and answers Pushing for a good break.. which I can see at the end of the tunnel Queen when it comes to putting my foot in the mouth... . Riding to Thekkady, Periyar, etc yipeeeeeeeee !!! Still but with lot of ripples on the inner side... Touched by the office boy who have just loaned me a Vicks Act 500 seeing my condition. Under lot of pressure... what else is new for anyone ? Vowing to lay off ... fatty food .. ( it never works ) Wondering how so many places are exisiting quietly without being discovered... X-rayed by the unprecedented heat... GAAAHHH !!! Yapping a lot... Zonked anyways...
sunset sunset, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
Having said all that here is my write up on Wild Valley Farm ride that we did last weekend. I recommend this place to all my friends who like nature and wild life... and for all who want to get away from the city life and just chill out doing nothing... :) but lots of things :) .. For pics... you can CLICK HERE And HERE