March 31, 2005

Holi Cow

Holi I have this kid in my neighborhood who is holi happy. He just cannot seem to get the idea out that Holi is gone.. but according to him.. his "pichkari" has not broken the ice till he squirts it on all the cars of the and mine was the only one left since I left before he was awake and came home when all the kids were safely asleep ... its been hectic the past week.. So one day he waits for the perfect chance. ( I guess he was having holiday on this day). As I reverse my jeep and take it out... and just when I cross his balcony, my front window is splashed with a THWACCCKKK of water.... out of nowhere... I spy him carefully taking in his Pichkari and making a run without stopping and by the time I come out and give him a scary look... he is gone... LOLOL I was reminded of my childhood and Holi when how easy it was to get away with naughty deeds... The security tells me that this HUDUGA is up to mischief with all the cars... LOLOL.. . He is a favorite of my husband since he always comes and literally converses with Rocks when he washes the bike... Jai ho to male bonding... no matter what age it is :) .... Cow Well the population of cows have increased by manifold now. We have cows cooly urinating or chewing cud and least bothered for all you care... so what if it is the main road and it is holding up the traffic... it will go on chewing in a rythmic motion which will beat the best musician in town.... and then when it feels like it will stop to pick a fight with a fellow bull.. and go BANG CRASH BOOM against each other and your car,.... where you are patiently waiting for them to move on and what do you get for that... a BIG dent by one of the enraged cows.. in its effort to show everyone who is the boss !!! Animal logic or just another case of wrong place at the wrong time.... your take !!