March 06, 2005

Trouble comes in Threes

Just when I was wondering what the third jhatka would be like... it just had to pop up on a Friday evening giving us the scare of our life.. Had an old bugger running at full speed towards us after the traffic signal turned green and got himself hit pretty bad by the side of the car. Predictably there was chaos, bleeding forhead and the vultures trying to prey in at making money the best way they could. Waylaid the auto rickshaw fellas who were on the verge of mobbing us.. put him in the car and took him to the hospital... Shaking at the thought that he could have been killed, angry with the thought how people invite their own death just by crossing the road... Rocks and myself drove .. dreading the cops, etc.. if the blame would be put on us, etc... HOSMAT was where we took him .. paid for all his treatment... medicines... got interrogated by the police who after getting to know that we were from Bangalore... and that the patient was not from Bangalore.. did not bother much... ( I guess we were lucky but it was kind of sad how it was not given that much of importance.. ) My broken Kannada helped too.. Thank god for that ability to convince them in Kannada that it was not out fault ... Anyway, biker friends rushed in to help with the situation... this is one time where we were not pressed from any side for money.. Sat at the hospital for hours till everything was clear.. and made sure that the person responsible.. for the victim.. workwise...came and picked him up.. A harrowing experience.. I was wondering how can we help not hitting someone who comes straight at you blindly that too when the traffic lights are green.. What if he died ? there were so many What ifs but alls well that ends well.. here I am ... just thankful that I am able to write about this experience sitting at my desk !!! *************************************************** Watched Bewafa.. the movie is stupid but Askshay Kumar is getting hunkier and hunkier day by day. SIGH F1 was very interesting.. Loved the way Narain is being accepted by the crowd there... Everyone had something good to say about him and that says a lot. The first free practice had Narain going cool... it was just luck I think that Fisichella won the most points since by the time he raced the track was dry.. It was definitely not Schumacher's day... felt bad for him but Barrichello more than mad up for it :) Coulthard is making up for lost time I guess.. Red Bull is the new team he is working with... Lazed out whole of Sunday doing nothing.. hehehe !! feeling good today... after an eventful weekend :) Knopfler here we come !!!