March 21, 2005

First day

A warm welcome with a T-shirt, two books and a home office pen kit... Lots of meetings and words thrashing... Lunch...faux pas... I am told that I am to go to the terrace... and have lunch.. go in late since I want to be as inconspicuous as ever... trying not to attract attention... Walk in puposefully.. to the the terrace... sit down.. and have my lunch.. as quietly and quickly as possible... mindful of eyes eyeing me wierdly... I try and finish my food faster... feeilng awkward... suddenly I am accosted pleasantly by an ex colleague ( who I know belongs to another company in the same building) .. who talks to me... blah blah.. I also talk to him blah blah...he calmly tells me that I am having lunch in their premises.. GAWK and I look around me and I realise that I have had lunch on the wrong side of the terrace which belongs to another company... and see everybody having black tags... which should have been red... and I have some so many pairs of eyes looking at me as if I am an alien... heh heh.. I walk sheepishly to the other side and see all my colleagues with red tags all eyeing me with laughing eyes... Heh Heh !! I laugh loudly at myself and walk around with aplomb and go down as fast as possible to my bay... back to the comfort of the cyber space where everything is neutral... where is my burying hole :) meetings again... where half of it flies past my head.. brillant heads at work.. an engaging conversation with a fellow writer who is as brillant as they come... I am lucky to be in this team.... and the day is ending as I type this... Heh heh !!!