March 31, 2005

Games people play (written by: joe south) Oh the games people play now Every night and every day now Never meaning what they say now Never saying what they mean So they while away the hours In their ivory towers Till there covered up with flowers In the back of a black limousine Talkin bout you and me And the games people play Oh we make one another cry Break our heart Then we say goodbye Cause our heart say We hope to die Let the other one to blame Neither one will ever give in So were gazing at an 8 by 10 Thinking bout the way It might have been Its a dirty, rotten, shame Talkin bout you and me And the games people play People walking up to ya Sayin glory, hallelujah And they try to sock it to ya In the name of the Lord They gonna teach you How to meditate Read your horoscope And cheat your faith And furthermore to hell with hate Come on and get on board Talkin bout you and me And the games people play Look around tell me What you see Whats happening to you and me God grant me the serenity To remember who I am Cause your giving up your sanity For your pride and your vanity Turn your back on humanity And you don't give a damn Talkin bout you and me And the games people play ***************************************************** And this is by your's truly :) Entities... engaged in conversations... unlimited sparks flying here and there ... all deliberate ... all misfired here and there... hidden barbs... which one is trying to ignore it to bliss one never tiring of throwing the spears... on and off.. feels like the old days when one tried to get the better of the other.. tired of games people play.. innuendos... meaningful looks.. here and there... sparks again... a little enactment for the observer.. childish... yet .. fair... to one and all.. what would one give for pure unadulterated laughter pure unadulterated... conversation without any inhibition, judgement or bias.. people say in Rome do as the Romans do.. damned if one does... damned if one does not... beauty hides a much complicated network of sub atomic particles.. Tired of all the games people play..