September 08, 2005

E- Volution

Then: Waking up to a gurgling stream. Now: Waking up to people.. Then: Time ... a slow motion Now: Time .. a fast forward Then : Giggling over a fallen pencil.. Now: Laughing at TV sitcoms Then: Chasing Catterpillars Now: Chasing Balance Sheets Then: Telephone Now: Yahoo Messenger Then: Boy next door... showing off Karate to impress me Now: Watching my man do a karate chop on me... Then: Playing home .. Now: Making home.. Then: Trust easily given Now: Trust.. a very rare gift Then: Taken for a ride Now: Going for a ride Then: Hating Dal.. Now: Cannot do without Dal.. Then: Lonely without friends Now: Lonely .. the best company Then: Dreaming big... Now: Dreaming bigger... Then: Mills and Boons Now: Paulo Coelho Then: Long long hair Now: Almost no hair.. buhahaha Then: PenFriends Now: Emails Then: Diaries Now: Blogs Then: Eagerly flying the coop Now: Dying to fly back Then: climbing hills, hot dog , clandestine dates, library, He- Man.. Now: Work, home, rides, food, investment, couples, libraries, Desperate Housewives... Then: NP Green and Yellow packed Chewing gum Now: Anti Bacterial, Teeth Whitener, Low calorie blah blah blah Chewing gum Then: Badminton and Basketball... Now: Swimming and walking.. Then: QSQT Now: KHNH Then: What is love ? Now: What is life ? Then: Fresh Cherries and sweet and sour Tamarind ... Now: Strawberries and Cranberries... Then: Pastels and shawls Now: Bright colors and fabrics Then: Physics, Chemistry and Maths Now: English, French, German Then: Lines and Circles... Now: Words and more words Then: Long Holidays Now: Weekends Then: Dogs and Cats.. Now: Sparrows and Parrots Then : Playing Cupid Now: Playing Cupid Then: Diary Milk Fruit and Nut Now: Hershleys Then : yearning to be an adult Now: yearning to be a kid Then: Listening to stories Now: Telling stories... Then: Unsure but excited... Now: Very sure but still excited... Then: Who am I ? Now: I am what I am