January 30, 2005

Reality definitely bites

When someone close passes on, one can only feel the emptiness and the overwhlming sense of a physical presence gone.. even though his spiritual presence still reassures us that .. he is there with us... After all the death in the family ... it was seeming that the universe was preparing us for a close blow and slowly but surely a soul was preparing to leave this sphere of existence... My father in law has passed on... cannot express the loss but can only pray that he is at peace... Words are flowing right and left but I am here ... just longing for a place by myself... by the still lake of thoughts .. which is running very deep....

January 13, 2005

when the carpet is pulled off your feet

Again another instance of change being the only constant in life.. Within a few minutes of a great speech you are left thinking without any solid ground beneath your feet.. A jolt of reality ??? yeah it is and now for what next ??? before the hole is dug .. before I am swamped in ... before the

January 10, 2005

When one plate is not enough

After a great romping session in the wild with birds, dogs, cats, in Ranganthittu (See pics here) where we met a lot of birds like painted stork, spoon bill, storks, cormorants ( I hope I got that name right), snake bird, crocodiles, crows who dont feel scared of you at all.... ........ a cool chilling mountain experience along with a good vodka session at Hotel East End in Madekeri, walking down to admire Abbi Falls, a spiritual visit again to the Buddhist temple.. in Bylekuppe (See pics Here),I am all set to bring to completion of the Paint2Win competion event I was part of organizing today... ... Will be singing professionally after a year which is a long time for me... this time it will not be any medley composed by me or any filmi song or a ghazal or a folk tune... this time it will be a song composed by a friend who has done up the music and the lyrics in a beautiful manner.... Best time to practice... while driving.. I thought I would best utilise the time then...even though i look totally crazed... opening my mouth and wording something to the driver who is facing me... the function is on Saturday and I am already having butterflies in my stomach... Brrr... what if I miss a beat.. what if I miss a tune... what if the music is too loud for the song... what if I cannot complement the other singers... eeeeshhhh !! ! I remember when I used to sing for the school audience.. or act in a play.. I used to remove my lenses so that I could not see the audience.. without my lenses I am blind as a confused bat.. and it gave me the illusion that I was performing before no one.. .he he !!! As I have been giving performances ... I became more sure of myself... but that little fluttering in my stomach refuses to go... and this time my lenses trick will not work... for a singer it is very important if the audience appreciates what is sung ... and it is also the talent of the singer to capture the audience with the beat and its rythm.. I always felt great once I knew the trick of having the audience dance to my tune... But many a times when I was a child .. I did not know how to sing the right song for the right time... and it felt flat... and made me face audience with blank expressions and talking to themselves.. thus making me miss many beats... SIGH ... I guess one learns like that... Now depending on the crowd, it is imperative that one chooses the right song which suits the mood and the time... Dont know why.. but all the sessions are coming back to me ...as I prepare myself to go on stage once again !!! In between organising the event, making sure that I look beautiful as I run about and during the event... (Sheesh), making sure my song is perfect ... ( SIGH ).. running for practice sessions ... completing my work at office... making sure that my guests at home do not feel neglected... uploading photos.. trying to blog... complete wrapping some 20 gifts.. with ribbons... writing in hand some 200 certificates... I am feeling totally totalled... ..

January 06, 2005

As the year starts ...

The first week of the year is passing by pretty peacefully.. what else is new ?? Work - crazy and illogical but fun as usual ... Boss - as cranky as ever but somewhat sober this time.. Home - peaceful and hope this continues... Travel - got loads of plans.. weekend we will be on the road again... yehawwww !! oh yeah... definitely on... hoping to cover new miles by bike... some plans are already on this month... Mumbai, more of Kerela, Leh, Tawang, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Uttranchal, Dalhousie, etc etc .. as the year passes by... Parents - as far as ever ... sure miss them a lot.. hoping to make a looooong visit this time Friends - got in touch with most of them I know ... through new year wishes.. sending cards is the best way to keep in touch... its always nice to touch base.. had to say good bye to some.. bittersweet feelings.. but all a part of growing year by year.. you gain some and you lose some... Blog - hmmm thinking of another template... hehehehe maybe get my own domain and arrange stuff accordingly... but I dont think its time yet.. Nature - is as beautiful as ever inspite of the destruction it leaves behind... renewal and reconstruction is going to be the theme this year I guess.. nature's way of telling us that its time to focus on things more important than building weapons and showing who is more powerful Hobbies - already in the process of learning new stuff like sketching, some more language, glass painting, some gardening ( something which I never took to most probably because I had my dad who was crazy about flowers and had one of the most beautiful gardens in Shillong.. got sick of watching and taking care of it ... SIGH.. but hope to renew my interest) , getting back to professional singing... read more books.. Animals - keep pets if possible or let more pets adopt me... Bike - Get a Std 500 for myself or modify the existing one while Rocks rides the 500.. more interested in the 500 since it will have electric start.. and riding solo with the group... he he Jeep - My another absolute passion .... hoping to join the Great Escape event this time Motherhood - Something to think about .. definitely if I am blessed.. :) Rocks - he rocks ... hoping to make new memories.. Spiritual - learn and attune myself more to the vibration of the earth that is to come.. be well balanced... and yes service to the ones that need help.. be more tolerant and lose less temper.. Temperament - Be more ... accomodating.. as the days go by my level of calmness just seems to be disappearing.. Health - remain fit as a fiddle and avoid illnesses...with long names ;) and of course... lose the inches that I have gained the past year... Responsibilities - getting ready for a major one... and hope that I am successful in completeing my duty with love and respect and lot of care and patience towards my ailing Father inlaw.. Amen !! Life - Does not get better .... and it goes on... Pet Peeve I dont know which is worse... a guy who is yawning while delegating work or a guy who burps in your face ... or a guy who keeps yawning while talking on the phone... and specially when he is the one who is calling me ....

January 03, 2005

New Year beckons you to new beginnings...

As the new year has dawns on us.... we wake up to new resolutions and new beginnings... reinforcing the stronger aspects of our lives and giving us a new reason to carry on .. Weekend found us driving to a lake in Bethmangala ... which was devoid of any water.. but the land itself was beautiful.. so what if there was no water... The ride/drive was organised by the International Federation of Motorcycle Rotarians... ( I guess thats the name) and it had all senior guys experiencing the pleasure of the ride.. and we Baruas .. typically are ready to go for any ride.. so out we went... :) Karnataka is amazingly beautiful in the winter mornings.. and the landscape though startk has a beauty of its own and the sun shines through the nook and corners of the rocky mountains.... of Kolar... here are a few shots from that place On the way we entered the Koti Linga temple which houses more than Thousand Shiv lingas.. and it was a sight to see.. I think this is the only place in the world which had so many Shiva Lingas arranged in the fashion it was.. Here are a few shots !! Anyway as I was wandering clicking away to glory.. I came across a deadly guy who was a walking talking GIVE ME RED ad... LOL...which had me arrested and I could not help but see red everywhere... I had to take a shot of that brillantly dressed fella.. who in turn suspected me of the dirty deed of stealing a shot... and almost caught me red handed...but I managed to escape by pretending to click another shot and giving him a snooty look.... Sheeesh !! you have to see it to believe it... Ahem !! I am sure all my friends have celebrated new year in the best way possible and I hope you had great fun. I wish you all the good things in this new year and may all of you achieve what you have set to achieve this year... As for me.. its just another day towards building a better life and moving on with my dreams.. As I was pondering over whether to keep a fish as a pet, in comes my neighbor with whom I have a helping understanding.. as in you help and I help types... she asks me to look after her gold fish which really looked cute.. except that it was being pestered by the five tiny fishes with angry pecks who thought that it served the giant fish right to eat their food.. LOLOL.. I guess its strength and bravery in numbers.. kind of case... something new to start the new year with... fishyyyyyy... tale !!! he he he Thanks a lot for reading my previous post and responding to it through comments or through helping accordingly.. I have personally gone to the centre for delivery of the supplies. Prakruti Mudra delivers the supplies to the effected areas every alternate day with the help of our friends in Bangalore and they are doing well.. it was really great seeing the helping hands of so many ... They are going to Cuddalore, Nagapatnam, KanyaKumari, etc. As per their feedback,

clothes are more than enough everywhere... people have the option of choosing from brands... :). STOP donating old clothes... ready made food is not welcome.. Uncooked food items like rice or dal is more helpful to them... Medicines are very much needed.. especially for children.. Please donate Bottled Water and Old vessels.. as much as you can. Vessels are something which is hard to find now.. Bleaching powder and Phenyl bottles are needed. The more the better.

Immediate medicines required are as follows. Paracetmol Brufane Amoxycillin Ranidin (stomach pain, vomit) Antacids ORS powder Tetramycin eyedrops Multivitamins Norfloxacin (diarrhoea) Dichloromine Derephyllin Tabs T.NORINS-TZ for adult (diarrhoea) NEGAMAT suspension syrup for child (diarrhoea) You could reach it to

Prakruthi Mudrana, 51, 29th cross, 9th main, Banashakari 2nd stage, Bangalore -70 (Next to GK Kalyan mantapa, Monotype) Contact persons; Usha: 92431 02232, Uvaraj -9448371389, Deepu-9448367627 Do get in touch with them as soon as possible if you think you can help them.

Thanks a lot...

Pet expressions are very speaking and it says a lot of things if you are into animals and love animals... as I was just going about my daily routine... last week, I got to capture some beautiful shots of stray dogs which I feed and the birds which I talk too... LOLOL here are some shots from a section which I call Animal Expressions... call me crazy but all these make life worth living..