September 28, 2003


Hey hi. This weekend we went for another ride. Yipeeeeeeeeee !! Well I had a choice between going to Pune and coming back tired or going for a short ride to Sivasamudra Falls which was about 117 kms. Well I am always partial to rides so I chose the ride. I did not know what to expect since i had not read anything about this place except that there was a waterfalls. So off I went pillion with Rocky ( that is my hubby) We were 12 Bulleteers and 3 pillions and well we started off as usual in the morning. Had breakfast on the way at a small obscure place where I made friends with four puppies and had some fun too with them. Then we reached our destination and WHOAH it was a massive waterfalls... It is a cool place and after some deliberation we decides to trek it down the falls. i was aprehensive about the rocks and boulders but her at the end of it all it was fun, as usual I was trigger happy and went clickety click with my little Canon. ( that reminds me I got to buy a new camera) and wheeeeeeeeeee played with the gushing water. The guys stripped to their underwears and well they sat down at some strategic place beneath the falling water abd cooled their behinds. Man i wish i could be that carefree but bith rocks and me were kind of ok with our clothes on he he!! Slowly the place was getting crowded and so we started to head back and up and the climb was much easier than going down. Reminded me of Shillong... I was shivering with the effort it took for me to go down and come up but i was a content cat. he he !! It was worth it. Man I never knew that there were such lovely waterscapes in Karnataka. I think next time we shall ride down to Cauvery Fishing camp and catch some good fish. Ummm I looooove fish !! I hope i get some time to arrange my blog. I have got some material. Did some RND ( thanks for the help Ankh) and the moment i finish this present project I shall be on it and come up with a blog that i want. Meanwhile I shall ramble on in rediff....

September 24, 2003


here goes another of my posts !! I love travelling across the country with a backpack and a bike along with the hubby so will keep posting my trip log here.. and maybe some tips... for guys and gals who want to do it too... :) I begin by relating my trip to Coondapur. We had just bought this bike of ours and we bought the thunderbird bullet just so that we could travel. We had it modified to our suitings and we were waiting for an opportunity to travel and suddenly one day my hubby comes to me saying that the bullet club of Banaglore is planning to ride to coondapur and maybe to Murudeshwar and he was really interested. I had my reservations you see since I had never done riding to that extent. But I gave in and what the heck, a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do. So i packed and off we went... the best part was that the finance was evenly balanced since we we budget travellers and it was very well planned. It has been the best ride up to now... But anyway that started of my thrist to eat up the distance all over India. Then came the opportunity to travel to kerela. this time it was a monsoon ride and whoa !! It was a great experience. A friend made some arrangements to stay in one of the estates in Kalpetta and we were going there for the weekend and coming back. The ride was full of perils but hey the best part of riding in india is that you can ride in this country at all times if you plan it well. For example if you want to ride in the monsoons, you got to choose a time when the rains are just a drizzle and the roads are kind of okay. Anyway the third ride was on when we had a coinciding holiday on 15th of August. A few of us took off to Yelgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu. It was a short and sweet trip and good fun. I am kinda partial to mountains so whenever i am riding the mountains or riding in the ghats I am at my most peaceful. Hmmm anyway if you want to know more about my rides... you can click on this link and read it up in our home page designed by my husband We are still building the page so there might be some bugs there.... anyway ... hope you get to experience the rides through my writing... thats it for now .... Have a nice day all of you !!! Happiness always, Pallavi


This is something i am putting up from my rediff blog. That server is unpredictable so thought of shifting my contents here. Today I would like to put forward a few thoughts on Reiki. It is one of the techniques that has helped me know a little more about me and organize my life in a better way. This technique has also helped me to clear away all the cobwebs in my mind. I thought it would be nice to put down my thoughts on this for my friends who do would like to know a little more about themselves and who have heard of reiki but do not know what exactly it is. I came across this process of healing sometime back and well I have never regretted knowing about it. I thought I would share this with you. ****************************************************** What is REIKI? ****************************************************** REIKI is an old Japanese form of healing where you could heal every afflicted area with the energy flowing through your hands. The basic concept is manifesting energy from oneself and healing oneself. The energy is tapped from the universe around us. The degree of healing differs from level to level. If you are a grandmaster, you would be able to heal better and enhance the energy within yourself for the good of others. Reiki can be done without placing their hands on the affected place. You have to be initiated to this form of healing by a grandmaster. You have three levels of learning and each level has its uniqueness. Then there is Karuna Reiki which is another form of Reiki. After you have achieved the third level you are qualified to teach and initiate others into this form of healing. You have the otion to just practice this technique without going in for the teaching level. It works out just as well if you do not attain the third degree. The point of learning this technique is to achieve some level of control in your life... according to me. ***************************************************** How do you practise ****************************************************** Reiki is very individual and you have to practice it regularly and people tend to leave it after a certain amount of time. Reiki is most beneficial if practiced everyday and in very aspect of your life. You cannot practice it just mechanically and expect miracles. You have to concentrate and believe and feel what you are believing in. You can practice REIKI anywhere. At your home, while walking, while doing the day to day tasks.. depends on how comfortable you are. All that REIKI needs from you in commitment to yourself and concentration for that period of time. Its an individual effort and everything to do with foccussing the mind to be still and practicising the technique involved in this meditation ****************************************************** Benefits of REIKI ****************************************************** With this form of healing you can realise the power of your subconscious mind and yes gain control over your life and lead life the way you want to. Reiki need not be only for healing, though that is the main purpose. It has many other benefits if you know how to use them. You will also learn how to be calm and focussed when you need to and you will stop being harried just because things did not go the way you wanted to. You can help your friends by relieving their physical pains. I have worked with many a colleagues of mine by removing their headaches which is a common symptom in the software industry. You will definitely find that your life has become much more organized just because you are in control of it. You will have control over anger, hatred , etc and well learn to love ... love yourself and be neutral to negative feelings. I personally have found that it calms me down when I am frazzled and helps me think very clearly and without any bias. I am able to take right decisions at the right time and yes even things get really messy I am kind of peaceful.... well not totally peaceful but lets say in control... :) ****************************************************** Note ****************************************************** It is very important that you go to the right grandmaster for initiation. A true grandmaster is who is dedicated to this form of healing. Many just become masters and open up clinics for the sake of money. ***************************************************** My thoughts ****************************************************** According to me, REIKI is very personal and I have greatly benefited from it. You have to believe in yourself and your inner power. In today's world it is very difficult to do this as we are all skeptics by default as we have all been duped so much. Houddini is the only person who still perplexes our rational mind. REIKI does not create miracles but it always brings benefits. You can only gain and gain and help others. Whatever powers you have within you, REIKI cannot be used to harm others. If you are interested to know more about REIKI you can visit these links.


Mood : Romantic ( so wanted to put something romantic down and I was thinking about my favourite things in life and what makes me happy.. so here goes....) ----Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings Silver white winters that melt into springs These are a few of my favorite things----- I could not help but use these words of a beautiful song that always seem to make me feel alive. I have many things in life which are belong to my archive of favourite things. Anyway I would like reminisce about a few of them here. I apologise if you think I am drooling with sentimentalism but the weather is such that I cannot help pouring out my thoughts... ****************************************************** My birthplace ****************************************************** Shillong, a beautiful place. A place where I opened my eyes to, a place where I was cocooned in the warmth of a loving family and companionship of many a close friends, a place where I was allowed the chance to appreciate the simple things in life and how it mattered to be just happy. A place where the mountains taught me strength.. to forebear life's worse adversities and remain standing as strong as possible no matter what. I love this place mostly because there are so many memories I made there. Happy memories and sad memories and when I look back behind every memory I can visualize the mountains which were always there with me when I was melting with joy or drowning in my sorrow. Mmmmmmmm the smell of fresh pine, a hot brewing cup of tea, the sound of a running spring, the rustling of tall pine trees and the ocassionnal fluttering of birds.... the sound of silence .... absolute heaven.... yes this definitely will always be my favourite thing. ****************************************************** Family and Old friends ****************************************************** ---------------------------------------------------- Family I cannot do without ... with whose love and support I always bring myself about. ---------------------------------------------------- I learnt the importance of family since the time I struck out on my own, I never realised that its so hard to survive without the support of loved ones. I was bent on making it on my own little realising what I would miss when I reached the goal I searched out for. But yes I can never do without them.. not when I am happy not when I am sad. ---------------------------------------------------- Old friends I hold dear.... and each and everyday I wish you all were here. ---------------------------------------------------- Old friends are scattered now and I would give anything to meet them and bring them into my lives. Its a way of life I know but I can never forget the warmth and simplicity of just being friends without much thinking about the future. Friends who stood by you no matter what, friends who shared the growing pains, friends with whom we shared our first crushes, friends with whom we crammed for exams and friends with whom we played the truant and got away with it. Wish we also had the opportunity to grow old together. ****************************************************** Shopping ****************************************************** What I love about shopping is collecting unique items. I try as much to get something which is very unusual so you can imagine how much effort I have to go through to find something which is unique and well worth the price .. (More often than not its more than I can afford)... In India thats the fun, to browse and then haggle. :) ****************************************************** My collection of Knick knacks ****************************************************** Well love to collect stuff .. again something which is unique to a place something like souveniers. I also love collecting perfumes, lipsticks, music albums, books, photographs, cute boxes... small dolls, small soft toys, etc.. My friends tell me that I am going to take them with me when I die like the Pharaohs of Egypt took their valuables with them in their tombs... ha ha !! ****************************************************** Animal and animal babies ****************************************************** I love them absolutely love them... a puppy's first steps, a kittens nestling in my shoulder for warmth, a leopard cub's playfulness, lion cubs, tiger cubs, horses. Most of all I love dogs more than anything else mainly because of their selfless love and infinite companionship.. ****************************************************** Memories ****************************************************** Yes I have many and hope to make many. And I cherish them with my heart just by remembering. My first song, my first exam, my first singing lesson, my first crush, my first love, my first job, my first friends, my first failure, my first meeting with my hubby,my marriage rock shows of Deep Purple, Scorpions, etc. Recently I am enamoured by new borns of my friends. The babies are absolutely adorable and yes I shall always cherish the first time I saw them.... Well I guess thats not it but I think I am going to stop here...yes before I go.. I would also like to add -----Hugs from my man, kisses on my forhead Walking in the rain and then drinking hot choclate Wiggling my toes in fresh dew grass Writing my thoughts and having good laughs Painting my memories and riding the wind... These are the few more of my favourite things .....

September 23, 2003

old blog

Hurrah !!! I have at last got my old blog which was done some ages ago. I stopped blogging as soon as I started since i was busy with work and changing jobs and writing reviews in other sites. I met Anita my friend and an avid blogger and thought that i should continue and after searching through my ids I finally came across this one. And well I am happy to get back in my zone. anyway more later.... Happiness always, Pallavi