September 24, 2003


here goes another of my posts !! I love travelling across the country with a backpack and a bike along with the hubby so will keep posting my trip log here.. and maybe some tips... for guys and gals who want to do it too... :) I begin by relating my trip to Coondapur. We had just bought this bike of ours and we bought the thunderbird bullet just so that we could travel. We had it modified to our suitings and we were waiting for an opportunity to travel and suddenly one day my hubby comes to me saying that the bullet club of Banaglore is planning to ride to coondapur and maybe to Murudeshwar and he was really interested. I had my reservations you see since I had never done riding to that extent. But I gave in and what the heck, a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do. So i packed and off we went... the best part was that the finance was evenly balanced since we we budget travellers and it was very well planned. It has been the best ride up to now... But anyway that started of my thrist to eat up the distance all over India. Then came the opportunity to travel to kerela. this time it was a monsoon ride and whoa !! It was a great experience. A friend made some arrangements to stay in one of the estates in Kalpetta and we were going there for the weekend and coming back. The ride was full of perils but hey the best part of riding in india is that you can ride in this country at all times if you plan it well. For example if you want to ride in the monsoons, you got to choose a time when the rains are just a drizzle and the roads are kind of okay. Anyway the third ride was on when we had a coinciding holiday on 15th of August. A few of us took off to Yelgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu. It was a short and sweet trip and good fun. I am kinda partial to mountains so whenever i am riding the mountains or riding in the ghats I am at my most peaceful. Hmmm anyway if you want to know more about my rides... you can click on this link and read it up in our home page designed by my husband We are still building the page so there might be some bugs there.... anyway ... hope you get to experience the rides through my writing... thats it for now .... Have a nice day all of you !!! Happiness always, Pallavi