September 24, 2003


This is something i am putting up from my rediff blog. That server is unpredictable so thought of shifting my contents here. Today I would like to put forward a few thoughts on Reiki. It is one of the techniques that has helped me know a little more about me and organize my life in a better way. This technique has also helped me to clear away all the cobwebs in my mind. I thought it would be nice to put down my thoughts on this for my friends who do would like to know a little more about themselves and who have heard of reiki but do not know what exactly it is. I came across this process of healing sometime back and well I have never regretted knowing about it. I thought I would share this with you. ****************************************************** What is REIKI? ****************************************************** REIKI is an old Japanese form of healing where you could heal every afflicted area with the energy flowing through your hands. The basic concept is manifesting energy from oneself and healing oneself. The energy is tapped from the universe around us. The degree of healing differs from level to level. If you are a grandmaster, you would be able to heal better and enhance the energy within yourself for the good of others. Reiki can be done without placing their hands on the affected place. You have to be initiated to this form of healing by a grandmaster. You have three levels of learning and each level has its uniqueness. Then there is Karuna Reiki which is another form of Reiki. After you have achieved the third level you are qualified to teach and initiate others into this form of healing. You have the otion to just practice this technique without going in for the teaching level. It works out just as well if you do not attain the third degree. The point of learning this technique is to achieve some level of control in your life... according to me. ***************************************************** How do you practise ****************************************************** Reiki is very individual and you have to practice it regularly and people tend to leave it after a certain amount of time. Reiki is most beneficial if practiced everyday and in very aspect of your life. You cannot practice it just mechanically and expect miracles. You have to concentrate and believe and feel what you are believing in. You can practice REIKI anywhere. At your home, while walking, while doing the day to day tasks.. depends on how comfortable you are. All that REIKI needs from you in commitment to yourself and concentration for that period of time. Its an individual effort and everything to do with foccussing the mind to be still and practicising the technique involved in this meditation ****************************************************** Benefits of REIKI ****************************************************** With this form of healing you can realise the power of your subconscious mind and yes gain control over your life and lead life the way you want to. Reiki need not be only for healing, though that is the main purpose. It has many other benefits if you know how to use them. You will also learn how to be calm and focussed when you need to and you will stop being harried just because things did not go the way you wanted to. You can help your friends by relieving their physical pains. I have worked with many a colleagues of mine by removing their headaches which is a common symptom in the software industry. You will definitely find that your life has become much more organized just because you are in control of it. You will have control over anger, hatred , etc and well learn to love ... love yourself and be neutral to negative feelings. I personally have found that it calms me down when I am frazzled and helps me think very clearly and without any bias. I am able to take right decisions at the right time and yes even things get really messy I am kind of peaceful.... well not totally peaceful but lets say in control... :) ****************************************************** Note ****************************************************** It is very important that you go to the right grandmaster for initiation. A true grandmaster is who is dedicated to this form of healing. Many just become masters and open up clinics for the sake of money. ***************************************************** My thoughts ****************************************************** According to me, REIKI is very personal and I have greatly benefited from it. You have to believe in yourself and your inner power. In today's world it is very difficult to do this as we are all skeptics by default as we have all been duped so much. Houddini is the only person who still perplexes our rational mind. REIKI does not create miracles but it always brings benefits. You can only gain and gain and help others. Whatever powers you have within you, REIKI cannot be used to harm others. If you are interested to know more about REIKI you can visit these links.