December 31, 2003


Pune.... A stranger in a not so strange world.... Wednesday and Thursday , December 24th/25th 2003, It was 4'o clock in the evening and we were on the first rows of the Volvo us all rearing to go. The driver looked smart and we had a great view of the front the volvo being such a classy bus. Anyways, here I was really excited about the trip and all and we were scheduled to reach Pune at 8:00 in the morning and well I thought after breaking our fast we would roam around the town for Christmas. I was imagining an enjoyable Christmas and the bus rolled to Chitradurg for a break after about 4 hours from Bangalore. The road was smooth and we were all caught up in the movie Vertical Limit in the bus. As it was about 9:30 or so I felt the bus stop half way from Chitradurg... and just when I was thinking that it would be a stop for some leak or something, the driver said something about a puncture... well i was thinking that should be ok since these guys are expert in fixing flats. But lady luck had also taken a holiday so the spare had also a falt, the drivers took off for an hour to get another tyre which was not exactly a volvo tyre but would work for sometime and after an hours break off we went and I was thanking god that things were going on smoothly... a few kilometres ahead, we again had another puncture which took some hours to fix... I was still thinking that well trouble comes in threes but hopefully it stops here. It was in Hubli that we fixed the flat the second time and well right at 3:00 ish in the morning the tyre gave away again... now the passengers were losing it one by one but they were very patient since they could not do anything about it. I was like .... YEESHHHH i just hope we reach pune in the afternoon but because of the delay we had to face the worst of the traffic on the highway which was still being built and so all the vehicles were doing single lane and it was difficult to manouvre the bus fast. Then the handy man put on another movie for entertainment and guess what it was Khiladi.... ha ha ha As if I did not have enough to think about than seeing Ayesha Jhulka's poodle face and Akshay Kumar doing his female act.... EGADDDDD... I think some corner my luck was holding when the TV suddenly fused out.... i was thankng the powers that be gratefully... We reached Belgaum at 7:00 in the morning and well all were really exhausted by the rough ride and just wanted to go home. The folks were getting cranky and started taking the driver's trip. One of them a marathi guy started hassling the driver for a 200/- refund for the delay and well made a big commotion which was unnecessary I felt and delayed us for some more minutes... god I was by this time just praying for whatever patience I had left.... Ha ha oh yes, since the TV of the bus was also fused out this freaked out the already frayed travellers.... then it was time for some dhinchak music which they put off after all started complaining... Believe me stress can do a lot to your sanity... :) I was just praying that a fight should not start right then ..... people were complaining their heads silly... I was praying for deliverance from this situation... had a small tiff with hubby too so I was fuming silently and hungrily.... since rocky did not let me have more food... man i was so pissed... i think the whole situation was getting to us... he he !! Anyway we had smooth roads from Satara to Pune and then the Pune Highway Traffic started. By the way my dream of going through the expressway did not realise since we enter Pune before the express way.... Because of the frustation on the highway our driver let out some of his anger on a truck driver who was not giving way by making the handyman open the door and flung an empty bisleri bottle while overtaking aggressively and cursing all at the same time... I was stunned at the behaivour and the bottle hit the truck driver &%&&&^%$#^@#%#$@Q$#@ right at his face and it was an expression worth observing... LOLOLOL Well it was Christmas that day and it all seemed that my plans of enjoying the town would go down the drain. All I could hope for was to reach our friend's place safely. At last after doing two tunnels and winding road in midst of the traffice I could see Pune nestled the lap of the mountains.. it looked to me like that from where we were entering Pune and well my first impression was well its just like Bangalore... just a wee bit more polluted and a WHOLE lot of two wheelers, especially Bajaj M80 and M50. This contraption was supposed to be the best thing in Pune and was used by majority of the locals.... Well after meeting friends Ranjan and Leena we had a scrumptious after lunch of chicken and rotis and I was starving... we chilled and just took in the breath that was of Pune's. In the evening after all the excitement settled in we went to dinner at The Bounty's in Kalyani Nagar and this place seems to serve the best of the sizzlers and i was not disappointed. YUM YUM is not enough to explain it... Friday December 26th 2003 Osho' Ashram and MG Road was on my itenary and well we took off in the morning on Ranjan's Pulsar. After sitting on bullets, pulsar was a bit on the uncomfortable side. But hey who is complaining as long as it takes me to places... LOL. Well Osho's Ashram.... one word MAROONand SPACED OUT. Traveller's Tip: if you going to Pune please avoid wearing maroon since the locals look at you ina wierd manner which you may not like. Maroon is exclusively for the Oshoites, a friend informed me !! The guides were tired and had a very serious on the verge of rude expression in their faces and well we were told to keep silent for the 15 minute walk inside the ashram. I went through a couple of osho magazines and bought two just to have a feel about what this thing was all about. Got a pink I am on Tour label to stick on my dress and well was called for, "we want only pink labels coming in please".. had me wanting to burst out laughing.. but what the heck.... After a short video clip on Osho and his talks, we went around the campus. I noticed that the campus was very well designed and aesthetically pleasant. And there were people flowing in maroon robes inand out and with their own purpose... as I was walking with the group i saw a beautiful lady in maroon dancing wildly in her own way in the concrete floor which i think is a playground or something.... The funny part was that even though we were asked to keep silent, there was a huge commotion of converstaion all around.... I did not see the purpose... Auroville in Pondicherry also asks the people to keep silent but the surrounding is so silent that one would not like to talk too and there are always some genre of people who cannot stop conversing.... But silence in Osho was not a big deal as everybody was talking normally leading a normal life albeit in maroon. Anyway, saw the auditorium from afar and it looked very imposing.. it was in the shape of a pyramid and it reminded me of the glass pyramid of Le Louvre in France. So maroon was the highlight of the visit. Otherwise the people there are very helpful more so when you are a foreigner. They thought i was one and the moment I started talking in shudh Hindi they came to their normal pattern of conversation which was " I am not interested either way" Maybe if i would have behaved otherwise I would have got more info ... LOLOL. Went to the German Bakery from there and had the famous Apfel Stroodle and Kase Kuchen but the quality sucked. I think the german cafe in Bangalore can boast of better quality food any day. Heard so much about it but my husband says that it is the hangout place for many and well majority were the hippy kind with large tatoos smoking dope and speaking a foreign tongue... In the process I saw some cool modified Bullets in the parking lot and made my day. That afternoon we were off to Girivan.... where we had an amazing time for three days and 2 nights meeting friends and generally having a ball of a time with bonfires and stories from college. The reunion was about the "animal farm" my husband's Symbi classmates getting together after ten years... and what a reunion it was... Lot of chaos, authentic Maharashtrian food comprising of Bhaakhri, Pitla, Thetsa, Chicken curry,puranpoli,Kadi, etc, great service, exhange of humourous stories round the bonfire.... the works... I had a gala time clicking snaps.... finished off 5 reels...he he !!! Have to write a detailed account on that ... Saturday, December 27th 2003 Long morning walks around the mountainous pathways, lemongrass tea, cricket match. exploration of the place and then a heavy lunch after which we went to Pawna Lake and could see the Tikkona fort from afar... was to exhausted to stay awake that night... Sunday, 28th December, 2003. After heavy goodbyes and promise of returning to meet up sooner than the usual ten years, we made our way to Pune and on the way my friend Leena ( Ranjan's wife) took me to the Osho Teerth park ... you can visit the park as a visitor from 3 to 6 in the morning and from 9 to 11 in the morning I think. The rest of the time is for the Oshoites. Well the park is a creative wonder... they have transformed a drain into a park... amazing. I was impressed with the work that they had put into this project.And it was worth the visit. Could not click any snaps... this park was an ideal place for couples who wanted to get away... and could see a lot of them huddles and doing whatnot hanky panky LOLOLOLOL !!! but heck thats life !!! Boarded the bus At 7:00 pm and then reached Bangalore at 11am in the morning this time without any mishaps with the sound of Pyar to hona hi taaaaaaaaa ( Remo sings ta instead of "tha"), and Kuch kuch kota hai ringing in my ears.... Finally reached familiar ground namma Bangaluuru and man I was glad to be back home under blue skies and fresh air... SIGH it was a good break !!! Am gearing for more in Jan.... to Goa we go on our bikes.... hopefully my bike is ok before that it is still being operated on in the garage... LOL... Wishing all my friends a very happy new year !!

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December 23, 2003


Yahooo finally I have been able to put my my very own photo blog... yes yes yes !!! I have put up some pictures oh Shillong here... these pics are not mine but from a friends... whom i have preserved of this place... will be posting more from my travels........Check them here Was just testing how it looked !! Next on my agenda is to come up with a blog full of fast to cook and good to eat recipes.. but need lot of patience for that !! :(

December 21, 2003


Of oil slicks and careful riding !! Sunday, a day of lazying and doing stuff that was pending over the week. For me Sunday means cooking good food, cleaning my closet, watching cartoons, going for movies, meeting friends and just being lazy... One could hardly imagine an event that has left me shaken to the core.. I am a controlled and a careful rider and so is my husdand Rocky. But this We were all geared up to meet a friend for breakfast and were on Banerghatta road. Here I was sitting on the bike behind Rocks and imagining a great sunday when all of a sudden I hear a deadly screech and within moments I see Rocks going skidding almost totally under a Sumo and the bike making the terrible impact on the Sumo... I found myself skidding and trying to grab Rocks' jacket to save him from going totally under the vehicle but he is away from my reach and only my nails scrape his jacket... in a slow motion i see my husband going and hitting the Sumo and me just sliding with him and there is oil all over... SUddenly the motion stops and I am aware of people helping me and my husband and we trying to find a footing in the oil filled road. I cross the road with my helmet still on and my leather jacket intact... and in the middle of the crowd my tall knight in shining armour stands up and gives me the thumbs up sign and I was never glad to see him stand tall and smiling... I could have died happily then ... Seconds after that a Kinetic Honda with 4 people coming in fast skids in the same place and avoids the sumo somehow... i get another shock... it was too much to digest.. But in the commotion this family takes off waiting to heal in private I am sure. I hope they are doing fine. Meanwhile when we make sure that everything is ok, we see that a huge length of the road has fresh oil spilled all over it and we were the first to ride through and landed in an accident which could have taken away more than we could imagine at a split second. Must be grateful for the protective gear that we were wearing, helmets, leather jackets, good trousers and shoes... that saved us from a worse fate... Thanks to the bullet club friends who arrived at the scene few moments later and helped load the bike and take it to the service centre. One of the members took us home and we had a great breakfast with a golden retriever( Carl) and a german shephered (Shandy) and my day did not look so bleak at all.. I just wanted to put my face into their thick coats and break down but had to be the brave little barua.. wish I could be a little gal once again and bawl my fears out... LOL.. Being an adult is tough sometimes... Here are the lookalikes of the doggies (Carl and Shandy) who gave me so much solace yesterday... I love you guys... The doggies knew I was feeling very wierd and well the fact they were very playful helped me erase the worst of the trauma... oh for the simple pleasures which makes one appreciate life some more... and what would the world be without friends... Even though we were not riding long miles the very fact that we have ridden together kind of binds us into this brotherhood and it goes without saying that when one is down there are many to help you around... I have been in a worse accident that could have taken my life but i did not feel so shaken as yesterday since I was alone at that time and well little to lose. Yesterday I have been made aware again that one can lose everything in a second. Just takes a second.... This in mind, we went home, relaxed and crash off in the night with some good Vodka .. eased the pain a little but now its GROAAANNNNNNNNNN !!!! All is well that ends well and I am glad that I have been given yet another chance to spend this life in a healthy body. I thank the energies that have been looking after me... I thank the almighty which has given me my husband as a gift... i am so very proud of how he has handled the situation... i love you all the more for taking care of me and being my best freind and a solid pillar of support when I was going to break down... i know we have miles to go and yes i do not want to give it up just so soon... Death is not something that i am afraid of. I am aware its another dimension which awaits me and everyone at some time but when this same death gets reflected in your close ones then I feel scared out of my guts... Lets say I am more scared of losing than being lost. For riders out there, always keep your gear on and ride safe...

December 19, 2003


Yesteray as I was chilling out after dinner with hubs dear , we got to catch this movie Mercury rising in Star Movies. Directed by Harold Becker and Starring Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Miko Hughes, Chi McBride, Kim Dickens, Robert Stanton, Bodhi Elfman, Carrie Preston, Lindsay Ginter it was a good movie to catch on a Friday evening after dinner. This movie has got a good story line by Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal, based on Ryne Douglas Pearson's novel Simple Simon. The story revolves round an autistic seven year old boy named Simon played by Miko Hughes who unknowingly deciphers a highly coded numer in a puzzle book and calls the number. This happens to be the number of a top secret organization NSA working on a project Mercury the leader of the org being Lt Kudrow (Alec Baldwin). As soon as the number is traced back to Simon's house all hell breaks loose and his parents get killed by the NSA agent. Simon gets away and in walks Arthur ( played by Bruce Willis). Willingly or unwillingly this undercover- not-so-undercover-anymore cop takes up the responsibility of taking care of the kid. Thus starts the chase for the kid and just when you think that the kid will be caught, Arthur manages to save him and finally deliver him to a safe place amidst suspense, action and drama. All in all its a good watch but it does not excel itself in the status of other movies like Enemy at the Gates. Though there is enough suspense you can tell the outcome of each scene after a few seconds . Maybe one could have worked on the story somemore or made it more captivating. The main villain does not have much of a role in the movie except for grimacing funnily. I like him so but was disappointed in him in this movie.. The star of the movie was Miko Hughes who played the character of Simon to the very hilt and he could give the rest of the stars a run for their money by his acting. The only other great actor who could do justice to an autistic personality was Dustin Hoffman in Rainman and in Awakenings. I watched the movie since I did not watch it till then and well i did not miss that much. I had a choice between a silly hindi movie with unknown actors and this and well I naturally selected this... In brief its light, its fast and its an okay movie!!! ****************************************************************** Well weekend is here !! yaba dabba doooooooooooooo looking forward to catching some new movies, sleeping and of course food !! he he !!

December 18, 2003

wake me up

WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO !!!! Where did my heart go ? Did I put it on the train ? DId I leave it in rain ? Was thinking of WHAM songs... I still remember how crazy we were when we were in school listening to these sounds ... drooling over George Michael and Andy something... i dont remember... they made a good team till George went solo... Very often I can hear Careless Whispers... in my mind Time can never mend When careless whispers of a good friend As the music dies something in your eyes calls to mind the silver screen And its sad good byes So am never gonna dance again Guilty feet have got no rhythm though its easy to pretend ...................................... Ummm feel like slow dancing .... getting sentimental... remembering another song ....... as christmas comes near... Last Christmas I gave you my heart The next day you gave it away This year I will save it from tears I will give it to someone special Once bitten and twice shy I keep my distance but you still catch my eye Tell me baby do you recognise me Its been so long that it does not surprise... The face of a lover with fire in his heart A man under cover..... ...................................... Sad that it all ended very soon ... I sure do miss the beat... these few tunes are reminding me of lazy afternoons after school when I used to chill with just good music and warm clothes and hot cuppa tea watching the sunset in my veranda in Shillong... The fact is that I am feeling like going to the la la land of snoozes and these tunes were playing in my head so put it down... in the hope that i wake up and my boss does not catch me with doozy eyes !!!! Winter afternoons were made for cozying up ... !!! YEA !! Ok Friday is here .. *BLINK* i am wide awake now !!! Blog dunia zindabad PS: by the way the African soiree was boring to say the least ... Could have stayed home and had a few vodkas.... HUH !! Anyway, now I know i shall stay away from funny soirees... BLURB !!

December 16, 2003


Work and Play Am really tired of API docs... its so bhery bhery boringggggggggggg Anyway have been peeping into other blogs when I see no boss marching past and then just thought of penning down a few lines ... before I get to *(&&^%^$$#$#)(*) DlgCtrl,setItem, AddPopup world .......... GRRRRRRowffffffffffffff In spite of the work this hassling me I am looking forward to an African Soiree. There is this fest going onin Alliance Francais which will be having africans coming in doing dances and all that and then we will be having the arfican food... Guys interested can go there buy tickets from Alliance Francais Bangalore. Tickets are 100/- and would include everything in the fest... The next major task is to read up the life story of napoleon and do a presentation in French... I still think we are little babes in the world of french... how in the world can I comprehend crazy Napoleon and that too in French.. It wan not enough that we had to write pages in the French revolution when I had History as my subject... GROANNNNNNN Well hope to get some nice snaps of the soiree..................

December 15, 2003

Bangalore Habba had me doing hubba hubba !!

Well here I am after a long weekend and a weekend full of artistic confluence.. music, dance and more music. It all started with Anita wanting to see what Bangalore Habba was all about. I was at my ignorant best... having heard about the habba but not being very interested about it.. Then I saw the program which Anita put it under my nose.. saying that the program would contain musicians like Amjad Ali Khan and Taufiq Quereshi et al. So then this little bulb went on my head to get the passes... Having got the passes we all made our way to Palace grounds... it was well set up and there were seats available. Surprise !! So after having met friends and muching on lots of popcorns and other stuff we sat down to enjoy the evening and what an evening it was... Friday : December 12th 2003 Started with Amjad Ali Khan playing three pieces and it made me forget everything but what he was playing... He ended with a benglai song " ekla cholo re combined with a bihu song from assam " and that made us all very happy ... Then we watched Shobhana performing her dance sequences which had us all enthralled.. at the end of it ( courtesy somenew friends we made), we reached the VIP stalls and sat on the VVIP chairs and right at the time when Taufiq was playing we were on the first row... ha ha !! What a surprise. there were some technical glitches which resulted in the band stopping in the middle due to the loss of power but thank god they resumed and we were assaulted with Taufiq's magic which went on for more than an hour and what a delight that was.. it was 1:30 by the time we reached home... Anita had to leave for Hyderabad next morning... but we decided that we would attend the other two days too.The crowd was light and I hoped that the crowd would be like this the next two days... ( much to my disappointment) Saturday: December 13th 2003. Got VIP passes courtesy my friend Bhaskar Rai ...And by the time we arrived it was heavily crowded and it was difficult to get a seat but however we managed. Many tried to plonk one chair on another to get a better view... that resulted in a little skirmish among the audience.. Meanwhile Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia started weaving his magic with his flute recital and it was a melodious experience... slowly the crowd started dispersing and we got to go forward and so did we... A group started doing a modern dance composition and it was nice watching them sway to the rhythm. After that it was Mr Prasad Bidappa's turn to dazze the audience with a fashion show of silk sarees designed by the Maharaja of Mysore and then it was time for some more dance by Saroj Khan's troupes and then again Fashion shows conducted by Neeta Lulla and Rocky S. Seemed that Mumbai was in Bangalore what with all their shiny dance troupes... and all the gliterrati... anyways.... had had enough of all that so left early... Sunday: December 14th 2003. This time it was VVIP passes and well we were looking forward to the show. Started with Layam, Talam, etc percussion confluence...It was good and then I was keen on watching Shankar Eeshan And Lloyd perform and they did not disappoint us... Missed Anita since we had become fans of KHNH songs fans... and Shankar performed KHNH songs and the crowd went mad... then he went on to Dil Chahata Hai songs... the birdie song and the Koi Kahe song which drove the public all the madder ... when he started singing Ghanana Ghanana from Lagaan people started to open bottles of water and sprinkled all over to fake rain... the whole crowd was having the time of their life and so was I ? LOL !! Then it was Aasma which was pretty disappointing after Shankar and we left the show... All in all felt very happy and exhausted after three continuous days of shows... The organisers have promised the crowd that this will happen every year and well I am surely looking forward to it !!! Meanwhile I am one satifisfied cat who has well had the cream.... MEOWWWWW !!!

December 12, 2003


Well I had to post this one from my collection just for the fact that it was damn funny to read !! CALCUTTA's Telegraph had got hold of an answer paper of a candidate at the recent UPSC examinations. The candidate has written an essay on the Indian cow: ************************************************************************ "The cow is a successful animal. Also he is quadrupud, and because he is female, he give milk, but will do so when he is got child. He is same like God, sacred to Hindus and useful to man. But he has got four legs together. Two are forward and two are afterwards. "His whole body can be utilised for use. More so the milk. What can it do? Various ghee, butter,cream, curd, why and the condensed milk and so forth. Also he is useful to cobbler, watermans and mankind generally. "His motion is slow only because he is of asitudinious species. Also his other motion is much useful to trees, plants as well as making flat cakes in hand and drying in the sun. Cow is the only animal that extricates his feeding after eating. Then afterwards she chew with his teeth whom are situated in the inside of the mouth. He is incessantly in the meadows in the grass. "His only attacking and defending organ is the horn, specially so when he is got child. This is done by knowing his head whereby he causes the weapons to be paralleled to the ground of the earth and instantly proceed with great velocity forwards. "He has got tails also, but not like similar animals. It has hairs on the other end of the other side. This is done to frighten away the flies which alight on his cohoa body whereupon he gives hit with it. The palms of his feet are soft unto the touch. So the grasses head is not crushed. At night time have poses by looking down on the ground and he shouts his eyes like his relatives, the horse does not do so. "This is the cow." P.S.: We are informed that the candidate passed the exam. ************************************************************************* Even though its an old article, I still laugh when i read this ....

December 11, 2003


This is a personal account and may be biased...... Readers who do not want to know the story of Kal Ho Na Ho can avoid reading this post.. Finally after a lot of attempts I got to watch Kal ho na Ho. Planned to meet Anita at 6:00 but got delayed with documentation work which i somehow managed to wriggle out of by feigning a major tooth problem for which I simply HAD to go to the dentist... my colleague actually asked me which dentist I had to go to... I spent precious moments explaining to him which tooth of mine was almost about to die and I might have to do a root canal... LOL and of course then he went on to suggest another dentist's name... Somehow I managed to stop this discourse and then rushed to the theatre. Owing to the traffic I was about 15 minutes late... well it was good since at that peak time it would take me 45 minutes... I missed about 15 minutes of the movie... but then it was ok i guess since the intros were still going on about the characters.... WHEW !! i relaxed and prepared myself for the movie... About 7 minutes into the reel, a huge man comes in and sits beside me and well the seats of Plaza theatre are pretty small and you could imagine he took more than was required of the seat and then started the elbowing ( i am hoping unintentional) and then jerking me along with him when he was laughing... that was seriously affecting my concentration... since I am very ticklish in the waist area and his elbow would poke me there everytime he laughed... SIGH... i was thinking that this was just not my day... Anita was well into the movie... Saif comes into the scene and I am eagerly waiting for some laughs and well I am not disappointed... I am slowly getting to like him a lot.. he does very good comedy... ( SIGH he reminds me so much of Sharmila Tagore... ( ok thats the retro me speaking out) !! UGH another elbow poke...... Preity does well in her role and the rest of the cast including Lilette Dubey, Jaya Bahaduri, etc etc also blend in well... Ok somehow I edged ahead of my seat and focussed on what was happening in the theatre. In comes Saif and does he look cute, and then starts the family sobs and the scene where they pray for an angel... and entree Sharukh Khan (reminded me of City of Angels). Then starts the series of funny repartees which was pretty entertaining and through little inferences here and there one can already depict the end of the story... POKE POKE POKE... ( means the guy next to me is heartily laughing) SK is a pesky neighbour who is always good doing this and that for the neighbors ... and everything goes on well ... yes i liked the songs and the dances... you must check out the disco song, its good.... "Its the time to disco" SK decides to start his sighing.... and wiggling his eyebrows... and beating his heart with his hand .. .Mind you this gets repeated after some scenes in some way or the other... fun still continues and the first half is tolerable... quite ok for me... Intermission... What a relief we changed places and I relaxed....OH la la la !!! Then starts all the tears... the anguish and the funny logic of ... "kisike khatir mat karo par ek marne wale ki khatir to karo !!" Oh mama !! By this time i was biting my fingers... ( I again see that Anita is watching the movie so intently.. why i ask myself am i so disturbed... ) .... Ok focus ...Scene next ... SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF ... GIGGLE ... and just when I was generating tears in my eyes... out pops a funny dialogue... well my eyes did not know whether to cry or to laugh... In midst of it all.... there was a lot of rib tickling comedy full of gay entendres... guess somebody is trying to come out of the closet or something.. we all wish him well... SIGH !! Preity is by this time doing a la Meena Kumari with shedding tears every now and then and By this time I was waiting Sk to do another Devdas... but it was not to be... it was stretched as far as it could be... with melodramatics ... dances high and low ... and then some more histronics and bucket full of tears which would shame the rain pouring down continuously on your window pane !!! well naturally i also shed some of my pearls... I hear loud and long SNIFFS in the theatre.. and feel glad that I am not the only one ... yes !!!! And finally after a lot of attempts at this and that, one song and the other... fatal love declared... and stuff organised... Sk's heart gives up and he finally rests in peace and well Saif and Preity unite in harmony and friendship and love... Blah blah ... PATATI PATATA !!! First part of the movie is good, second part could be compared to a mixture of Kabhie Khusi Kabhi Gam plus Devdas... and add to it a lot of elasticity and unecessary prolonging of the shots ........... EEEEAAAAYOOOOUCHHHHHHHH... And if you like Karn Johar's work you will like this movie. I liked the fact that there was lot of humor in it and quite natural too.. I wish they come up with more movies with a humorous edge to it. Many people have compared the movie to Anand but I think its got its own story and its pretty interesting sometimes to see what would be the next scene. Watch it !! In spite of me not liking SK in the movie, it is well known that he worked hard for this movie ( before his surgery) and this is appreciated... *********************************************************************************** After the movie, came home had dinner with hubby and Anita and a lot of wine ( liquer de passion ) made of Passion fruits and felt much better.... Home made wines are the best !! Hic !! Hic !! Woke up needing more sleep.... waiting to crash off at home.. Today is my third wedding anniversary and it seems that time has flow past just like that... hoping to make many more good memories !!

December 09, 2003

This used to be my playground

Woke up with a feeling of nostalgia after a long dream last night which had me reliving my childhood days and making me feel like a ten year old again !! Faced the same uncertainities and walked the old path of discovery and recalled associations with personalities who have taught me a lot... And together with that i remembered this song which really suits the mood !! (originally from the movie A League Of Their Own, Written by Madonna and Shep Pettibone This used to be my playground {used to be} This used to be my childhood dream This used to be the place I ran to Whenever I was in need Of a friend Why did it have to end And why do they always say Don't look back Keep your head held high Don't ask them why Because life is short And before you know You're feeling old And your heart is breaking Don't hold on to the past Well that's too much to ask Live and learn Well the years they flew And we never knew We were foolish then We would never tire And that little fire Is still alive in me It will never go away Can't say goodbye to yesterday No regrets But I wish that you Were here with me Well then there's hope yet I can see your face In our secret place You're not just a memory Say goodbye to yesterday {the dream} Those are words I'll never say This used to be my playground {used to be} This used to be our pride and joy This used to be the place we ran to That no one in the world could dare destroy ******************************************************* And today I am finally catching up Kal ho na Ho with good friend Anita. Both of us are really excited... It will be nice to see the song and dance once again !! Sometimes its ok i guess but i am not that great fan of Sharukh after seeing some of his wierd movies like Chalte Chalte and Ashoka... But I am expecting something humorous from Saif Khan and Preity Zinta who really entertained me last time I watched Dil Chahata Hai... I am crossing my fingers and toes that i like it !!

My way or the highway

This is our bike and this snap was taken on our monsoon ride to Kerela and back. We were in the midst of a forest and somebody's brake got jammed... So we all stopped for a break... absolute silence except for the crickets cackling and the wind whistling by.... it was erie and wonderful moment... just seconds after i clicked this snap, we were bombarbed with huge raindrops all of a sudden out of nowhere... it was amazing !!! This snap is just to remind me that very soon we will be on the road again and well I am very excited !! Yipee do dai oooooooooo

December 08, 2003


Just was passing through some photos and up came this photo of this church where I used to go often when i was a student. Feeling a wee bit nostalgic so thought I would post it on my blog... This is a famous Catholic church in Shillong which is known for its architecture and its beauty. My association with this structure would be from the age of 10 when we used to taken there often by convent sisters for masses and other prayer meetings... my school was just around the block so it was very convenient for our sisters too... Memories of a long distant land... always seem to make me feel blessed that I had been there in a time long forgotten !!! SIGH !!! By the way notice the bullet at the corner of the photo. This snap was taken by a biker friend who had the guts to travel the North East alone on his bike. Mr Gaurav Janni who is the lead of the 60KpH bullet-enfield group fame. By the way their article was published on the latest issue of Femina... The article was mainly about this group riding to Leh and back and about this gal, Niccolita who took her Bullet ( which was the oldest one among the gang) and her riding experience... If I am not mistaken, she is the first Indian woman to ride the himalayas in her bullet... Man I so wish i can do that soon !! Praying that one ride happens before time runs out !!

Selling things..

These Saturdays I have taken up helping a friend by working at her shop and the first day I went I thought it would be easy maintaining a shop and that too selling stuff like women's wear was never a problem... but oh la la !! I guess i was too hasty. I have to learn one or two things about selling things... though the customers are pretty gullible they canbe very difficult !! One wanted shoulder pads on her dress even though it was not possible, one was fussy about a colour which we had but not in her size... one wanted a gushy design for her daughter who was decently plump and could not carry off that design.. took me an hour of dilpomacy to convince her that what i designed would look great and make her daughter look thin... Anyways.. am learning a thing or two about business with the aid of my friend... have had to sacrifice a few free hours but then i guess ... no pain no gain !! Watched this movie at the wee hours of the night, the interview with the Vampire,.... DUH woke up with scary dreams... remind me never to watch something gory before going to sleep... SHUDDDER !!

December 04, 2003


Right in the morning as I was checking my mail, I got this amazing tool which can help writers a lot. Its an online encyclopedia plus dictionary plus blah blah... you got to check it out if you are in the profession of writing and it also has a food section thrown in ... he he !! They have got some cocktail recipes and all that .. hic hic !! check it out if you are interested. The UI is also very interesting !!

December 03, 2003


Thanks for the nice comments my friends on my previous post !! I appreciate it !! Acceptance of what that is is very difficult but once one has made peace with the fact one can live again... and I am rolling in my life again albeit slowly !! yeah right now I am thinking of starting a photoblog ... but have no idea where to start from.. doing lot of googling... Bangalore is getting chilly in the mornings and well its very difficult pulling myself up in the morning for French class when all i need to do is sleep.. but I enjoy the ride to class through the fog once my cells are functioning and alert... Today morning the view over Ulsoor lake looked very etheral and I could also see the sun mildly peeping out in my rearview mirror.. making me smile... yes life is good... Today I got almost banged by two vehicles.. one was a huge honda which was reversing so intently that it a row of bikes starting off a domino effect which ended in me being the effect stopper... well just when I was imagining myself being my self spreadeagled beneath the bikes, two knights in shining armour rushed to my rescue and my day and dignity was saved... So here I was thanking my lucky stars and riding when some bugger decided to change laned and got stuck between my bikes behind and a merc's front... Well as expected I almost toppled over in the middle of the traffic but i think my luck still was running so all that I could give him was a dirty stare and carry on !! of course inside my helmet I was spewing curses about people who should look before cutting lanes and overtaking, like nobody's business. Today I got the number of a crystal gazer.. and I think I just might go and give it a try .. lets see what she has to say... mumbo jumbo here I come !!!

A sudden stop to life

Today I am feeling kind of despondent. The reason being that at 3:30 in the morning we receive a call from home informing us that a young cousin in law was no more. It was a shock since I just kind of met him when I was home. Typically the first thing that comes to mind is denial. My hubby, Rocks was more in shock since the person in question was someone with whom Rocks grew up with and did all the things that young uns do when they are growing up. He used to fondly call him his "partner in crime". I know he is feeling more than I am and I can only wonder how things are affecting him. This is the second case of death of a youth which could be avoided. Why are people not careful about their health specially when they are afflicted with something which can kill oneself. The first case was of a colleague who had TB and well she was undergoing treatment and then suddenly she was going for the worse and she decided to ignore it since she was fed up of all the medicines and that ended her life just like that one morning. The second case is family... this cousin had jaundice and we do not know whether he was ignoring the little fever he had and kept on with his hectic work schedule or it just happened. the fact is that he ended up in bed and the last time I saw him some days back he was ok and now today morning he is no more.... how can people die of something like jaundice ? I still cannot believe it... I know that there is no reason for death coming in whispered footsteps but heck it does not help me to question the fact that he could have lived, my friend could have lived. We were going to go for his wedding this February and now everything is erased just like that............ Just like that !! The fact that life is so fragile is again being underlined to me !!! Am really depressed !!

December 01, 2003


Hello All, for the few of my friends who have been wondering where i disappeared into.. well definitely not into a fog !! he he !! i was there but taking a well deserved vacation !! It all started when i got this new job and then my company decided to retain me and well i thought what the heck i better take my leave then and off i went applying for my leave and WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !! I was in Assam, Guahati before I could think.. he he !! nice thing this... IMPULSE !! Always makes me feel good when i act on impulse... So there I was with my bag and baggage and saying hi to my family.. Man it felt good. though i wished it was Shillong where i longed to visit but unfortunately Assam was not doing well in terms of political unrest so spent time in my sasural that is Golghat and then back in Guahati ( both are in Assam). It was a blissful period where i could relive the joy of having my parents around, bickering with them for things that i usually ignore, just talking to them being a daughter instead of a woman of the world. That is what unwound me from the daily routine life... Ah I missed my hubby and wished that he could share my fortunes.. but that was not to be then... so i made the best of the situation... hogged till kingdom came and shopped till I dropped and basically relaxed...and chillllled out ............. Had my aunts fretting over me telling me tales of the bygone days which used to be a general session when I was living with my parents... basically touch basing with the past present and the future.. I so sorely miss that... here in Bangalore.... Anyway then there was this story of fishes... I am a great lover of fish in the plate, specially river fish and I have had every type of fish available in the east cooked by mom ... HA HA it was heaven .... Hilsa, Pabda, Small fish, prawns, chitol ( thats what they call in Bengali, dunno the english name), you name it !! And before I could say U N C L E, I was back in Bangalore. time flies so fast... Assam is as usual up to something or the other.. its sad to know that a place with such rich resources are wasting time in useless and harmful political pursuits like ganging up against the biharis. Dont they realise that most of the hard work is done by the very biharis that they are beating up .... Stupid politics and unreasonable too, i say. Wish they put that energy in more creatice and lucrative projects... Hmmmmmmmmmmm ............. Anyway watched Mumbai Matinee and Baghban.......... OH Man !! Baghban was a tear jerker and a patience jerker... that litrerally jerks you out of your seat with the dialouges... EEEEEESSSSSSSSSSHHHH why dont they make some nice hindi film with less tears and more fun....... where have all the good days gone.. On one hand if you are being lathered upon by the romantic scenes of a 60 year old ( amitabh) with hema malini, the other hand you have to content with actors who could not act even if there life depended on it... I was pissed with big bloating eyes at the end of the movie.... Then you had Salman who overdid the good role and well the least i say about it the better........ Then I took up Mumbai Matinee............ HA HA HA !! That was good in comparison to Baghban. Mind you I have said "in comparison to" .... It was about this bloke who wanted to lose his virginity... and some of the dialouges were hilarious and rahul bose, the main protagonist tried to do something but I think that somewhere down the line he swallowed the pill the wrong way... In short it was a cheap imitation of Austin Powers concept with bad direction..... YOU could give both the pics a miss if you still have not seen them and be better off with a good drink and better company ... Anyway am planning to watch Kal ho na HO !!! Soon that is !!

November 10, 2003

Movie Review - Matrix

Finally watched Matrix Revolutions and well I must say that they have done a good job but hmmm I must go and see it again. The movie as a whole will give you what you are going for but maybe the concept was no longer new to the crowd so the enthuisiasm was on the low side. The graphics are nothing major in the beginning ... i was expecting more of fight scenes between Neo and his counterpart .. was disappointed when it occured.. the scene was marred by the rain which they thought would enhance the scene.... but finally the scene of the battle between the machine and Xion was awesome ... here the focus was on all characters rather than on Neo. Sometimes the scenes tended to be confusing but hey i did not care as long as there was some action and what an action.... The ending was unexpected and the invasion of the machines was a well done shot... One really wonders what one would do if one were ruled by scores of machines.. I did not understand the end... and well it left me behind with a taste of bewilderment but then hey i guess who is noticing, i just have to go and see it again. If you guys are up for action and do not mind too much explanation... i think this is the movie for you!!! Otherwise the weekend was full of completing a book in french, a crazy book i had to read which i need to present afterwards... the french are always a little different from the rest.. and it is reflected in their movies and their literature. The book was about a guy who opened his umbrella when it was sunny and closed it when it was raining. And how it affected the society.. and how you should live and let live... ( that was my conclusion) but otherwise i was like .. go figure !!! Hmmm !! I guess i have to start thinking way way out of the box to be able to understand the french !! Work wise there is lot of hectic activities going on since I have tendered my resignation and well though I am leaving my present org, it kinda seems sad... but then hey ... getting too comfortable with one's present job too is a dangerous thing... so i guess I am looking forward to new paths and new challenges. Next on my list is to go shopping............ Yipeeeeeeeeeeee !!! Love shopping when i have the dough to spend it....he he :)

November 07, 2003


Finally I think, finally i have got a new job and i am pretty happy i guess. I am morer happy about the fact that I can go home and meet my parents if i strategically plan by leave before joining the new organisation. YIP YIP YIP .. thats me jumping like a happy puppy not because i got a job but because i can finally go home and see my folks... its been a year since i saw them and its been three years since i visited my native so there...... i am overjoyed... By the way the guy who talked too long has shifted so i am thrilled ... perseverance pays i guess... The job, well .... not paying me exactly what i wanted but finally i got through and well its ok now... Hmmm one thing which is very common in all the companies i have seen specially big companies.... they do all talk big and even though they know that they are dealing with a person well versed with the company jargon and policies they still try and go about running around the bush dancing like a red indian... and the funnypart is that as much as i was going the straighforward way the other party was running bigger circles around the bush... guess i must also learn this dance .... Like in french they say patati patata... you blah blah, i patati patata .... silly of me to expect anything different but hey it does not harm to hold on to one's values !! AT THE END OF IT ALL I am a going home............. country roads take me home to the place i belong , Oh my shillong, yes my shillong, mountain roads take me home.......... the original song always reminds me of my Shillong... SIGHHHHHHHHH !!

November 04, 2003


OK before anyone says it again I have come to know that the google thing was a joke and i got suckered. Anyway what else is new ? I have always been easy to get at. The other day in Mocvenpick, i was approached by a magician and well i was so engrossed in proving it to him that all it was was a sleight of hand ... that i did not see his trick coming... and was totally taken in... Moral of the terminal story... be more alert !! I wish !! Anyway today one of my classmates in French was telling a story about how she spend two years in making a doll house and collecting all things possible for the house in the miniature form. Its a passion for her and well I thought that it was amazing . Frankly speaking, my concentration can stay at one place at one time not more than 2 mins and what patience to have created one... Hmm I would rather stick to banging my keyboards and rambling on about this and that he he !! But Kudos to that lady !! i must say !! And what do you do when your baymate takes up the phone that you share and speaks in a language almost foreign ( Tamil, which I know a little) loudly for 45 minutes... I think i am going to go and bang my head into something to get sane... the language is not the issue, the time is the issue... he is getting married and i understand that he wants to get lovey dovey but hey use the cell $#@$#@$... GRRR I feel like i am going to blow... ok now i am playing my mini radio loudly so that he can get the message... no no its not working.... ok now I have called someone at my desk and started my own dialouge to break his concentration.... Ah ha its working... HMMMMMMMMMM a simple solution to a simple problem... he he !! fight talk with talk !! I am victorious !!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEE

October 28, 2003


Have been meaning to put up a post but i kept getting cut off by someone or something.. Now its post lunch and I am kind of slowly moving to La la land of Snoozes and thought that i should write something to cut out the zzzzzzzs. Was going through the TWIN ( Technical Writers of India) mails and came across an interesting article which surprised me. I am an avid user of google more than any other search engines and today i came to know that google uses pigeons to facilitate the great search results... huh !! The technology being PigeonRank technology which Google has patented. Now that totally contradicts the notion that anything to do with computer must come from inside a computer or a human's head... a surprising but a refreshing concept. I was not aware that pigeons were used for anything other than the traditional purposes. "When a search query is submitted to Google, it is routed to a data coop where monitors flash result pages at blazing speeds. When a relevant result is observed by one of the pigeons in the cluster, it strikes a rubber-coated steel bar with its beak, which assigns the page a PigeonRank value of one. For each peck, the PigeonRank increases. Those pages receiving the most pecks, are returned at the top of the user's results page with the other results displayed in pecking order." Hola to the little creatures who are helping us search for the right information. And till date i have found google to be the most helpful search engine. This is news to me... Some related info about this process.

October 16, 2003

10 commandments

This is something I came across..... found it really cool !! 10 commandments for 'working hard': 1. Never walk without a document in your hands: People with documents in their hands look like hardworking employees heading for important meetings. People with nothing in their hands look like they're heading for the cafeteria. People with a newspaper in their hand look like they're heading for the toilet. Above all, make sure you carry loads of stuff home with you at night, thus generating the false impression that you work longer hours than you do; 2. Use computers to look busy: Any time you use a computer, it looks like "work" to the casual observer. You can send and receive personal e-mail, chat and generally have a blast without doing anything remotely related to work. These aren't exactly the societal benefits that the proponents of the computer revolution would like to talk about but they're not bad either. When you get caught by your boss - and you *will* get caught - your best defense is to claim you're teaching yourself to use new software, thus saving valuable training dollars; 3. Messy desk: Top management can get away with a clean desk. For the rest of us, it looks like we're not working hard enough. Build huge piles of documents around your workspace. To the observer, last year's work looks the same as today's work; it's volume that counts. Pile them high and wide. If you know somebody is coming to your cubicle, bury the document you'll need halfway down in an existing stack and rummage for it when he/she arrives; 4. Voice Mail: Never answer your phone if you have voice mail. People don't call you just because they want to give you something for nothing - they call because they want YOU to do work for THEM. That's no way to live. Screen all your calls through voice mail. If somebody leaves a voice mail message for you and it sounds like impending work, respond during lunch hour when you know they're not there - it looks like you're hardworking and conscientious even though you're being a devious weasel; 5. Looking Impatient and Annoyed: According to George Costanza, one should also always try to look impatient and annoyed to give your bosses the impression that you are always busy. 6. Leave the office late: Always leave the office late, especially when the boss is still around. You could read magazines and storybooks that you always wanted to read but have no time until late before leaving. Make sure you walk past the boss' room on your way out. Send important emails at unearthly hours (e.g. 9:35pm, 7:05am, etc.) and during public holidays; 7. Creative Sighing for Effect: Sigh loudly when there are many people around, giving the impression that you are under extreme pressure; 8. Stacking Strategy: It is not enough to pile lots of documents on the table. Put lots of books on the floor etc. (thick computer manuals are the best); 9. Build Vocabulary: Read up on some computer magazines and pick out all the jargon and new products. Use the phrases freely when in conversation with bosses. Remember: They don't have to understand what you say, but you sure sound impressive. 10. MOST IMPORTANT: DON'T send this to your boss by mistake!!!

October 15, 2003

Traffic in Airport Road

ARRRGHHHHHHHH just when you think that ok the road is smooth and the traffic is organised on comes the plan to construct a flyover and lo and behold chaos reigns !! Bangloreans passing that way in office hours must be going through hell. At least i go through it everyday. I had to wait in the traffic for more than half and hour and it is irritating to sit and watch more than one policeman directing traffic this way and that.. if the junior wants the cars to go the senior officer raps him down and shouts just the opposite... ha ha its a joke.. i spent my time looking at more than one officer in different signals in Airport road waving hands and shouting... and moving to the middle of the road doing that... huh ... arent they it was comical .... And to think that they are they managers of road safety... Where will we ride our bikes or drive our car if they start gesturing standing in the middle of the road.... going nuts... huh !! It was a classic case of confusion and " too many cooks spoil the broth" case !! They seriously need to take stock of how to manage traffic... or maybe let one person do his job instead of butting in with ego hassles... well thats all blah for today !!

October 10, 2003

Sniff sniff

Sniff sniff cough cough i go and i think i am feeling like going and getting cozy in a quilt with a book. Have a heavy head and SIGH !!! This is the result of a extended weekend in Wellington and walking in the clouds and then coming back to Bangalore and sitting in the AC i think. But whatever the case might be, the weekend trip was a well deserved break. Myself along with my visiting relatives decided to visit Wellington some 15 kms from Ooty. We have a relative who is in the defense and he was staying in the Defense Staff Services College. We started from Bangalore in a Qualis. We were 6 of us and we fitted well into a qualis with all the luggage. I was having mixed feelings since it was Puja time and well i wanted to celebrate the Puja like a true Bengali but well the option of going up to the hills was irreristible and so off we went. After reaching the outskirts of Bangalore we had breakfast in Kamat Lokruchi which is famous for its food. After having our fill of dosas and sugarcane juice we went on ahead via Mysore and then to Bandipur. Bandipur was pretty dry but the moment we started to drive through the Mudhumalai section it was raining cats and dogs. But after a few kilometres we had dry weather again which was very pleasant. Got to see some lovely deers and peacocks and as we speeded up Masinagudi we saw ahead of us the ghats which we were going to climb and which had about 36 hairpin bends. Our qualis was easily lumbering up the ghats and at the top we stopped to take a few pictures. I am a picture freak so i do not let any opportunity go by when i see some nice landscape. Anyway this route was pretty good and not many were travelling through this route so it was kind of okay. We saved upon the kilometres because of this ghats. the other route is kind of longer. Our driver knew his routes well. I was impressed. We reached Ooty and then Coonor and then Wellington at 6:00 in the evening. The next day we came down to Ooty and did some leather shopping there. Leather is cheap there specially if you have some DSSC guy with you. You get upto 40 percent discount. The thread garden of Ooty is another thing which was kind of nice to see. I was dying to see some nice landscapes and waited till we could go to Dodabetta peak. It was raining for sometime and i thought that this would put a damper but hey what the heck the peak was all the more beautiful because of the peak. you can see Kerela, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu from this place. The Nilgiri hills is so blue and beautiful. Anyway, we clicked a lot of snaps walked in the clouds and had some hot pakoras and coffee. As we were having coffee suddenly the clouds cleared and we had a maginificent view there. more snaps followed. You know it was truly like walking in the clouds in the dodabetta peak !! The next day we visited Beulah's farm where we would buy some wines and some jams. His homemade wines are famous in Bangalore. So we went and sampled all his stuff and it was a heady hour i must say that we spent. The wine was tasty and as I was tasting the wine I wanted to buy everything but I had to be satisfied with 4 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of Jams. I must say that if one goes that side one must visit this place if one likes to have wines. As we were roaming about the hills in our car i was hard pressed not to stop the car and start walking. Such a place is made for walking. Fresh mountain air, pine forests all around you with birds chirping about and a nice winding path, the weather being sometimes rainy and sometimes sunny. I was also thinking that it would be wonderful biking it up here. Anyway after a very scenic trip we made our way back to bangalore. And back to the daily routine of work and french grammar but i must say it was a well deserved break and I hope we can do this soon. In fact I am praying that we take off for the Diwali weekend in our bike. Some are saying Pondicherry, some are saying Kodai... anyplace is good for me !! So here i am eager to travel again !! I can never tire of travelling.. Love seeing new places and making new friends !!

October 01, 2003

allo allo !!

allo allo !! Well i am kind of feeling quite refreshed this morning having taken a well deserved rest yesterday.. My legs were giving out and i ended up stumbling and falling down in the mub path that has accumulated in the kachha road... GRRR i was so angry at myself for not being able to balance myself... somehow i realised how helpless one might feel without proper functioning of the limbs... So yesterday i decided that I simply had to stay at home and chill. So i watched some cartoons and did lots of French grammar. LOL what a way to spend a day but hey it worked. my limbs are back in action and i can walk with out distorting my whole frame. Must remember to exercise regularly... man that climb over the weekend was kind of a killer on my calf muscles... Anyway i got a lot of calls for jobs. Man if anybody is looking out for a job, and really works. I got couple of offers now got to sit and sort them out... We are having holiday from tomorrow and we are leaving for Ooty. I have been there before but then my guests want to visit there so i guess we got to go there. My other friends are going to Goa and I will be sorely missing that trip since i was thinking i could go.. I guess i have to compromise but hey we can always ride down there. Anyway I think i shall do some leather shopping... he he !! Leather is cheap in Ooty. And hopefully i have a great holiday. I looveee holidays !!! Basically am in a mood to just travel... Maybe i shall visit the Toda Village again this time... It was a great experience to see their lifestyle last time. I am sure everybody will be having a gala time during this time.... the holidays have been so strategically placed.

September 28, 2003


Hey hi. This weekend we went for another ride. Yipeeeeeeeeee !! Well I had a choice between going to Pune and coming back tired or going for a short ride to Sivasamudra Falls which was about 117 kms. Well I am always partial to rides so I chose the ride. I did not know what to expect since i had not read anything about this place except that there was a waterfalls. So off I went pillion with Rocky ( that is my hubby) We were 12 Bulleteers and 3 pillions and well we started off as usual in the morning. Had breakfast on the way at a small obscure place where I made friends with four puppies and had some fun too with them. Then we reached our destination and WHOAH it was a massive waterfalls... It is a cool place and after some deliberation we decides to trek it down the falls. i was aprehensive about the rocks and boulders but her at the end of it all it was fun, as usual I was trigger happy and went clickety click with my little Canon. ( that reminds me I got to buy a new camera) and wheeeeeeeeeee played with the gushing water. The guys stripped to their underwears and well they sat down at some strategic place beneath the falling water abd cooled their behinds. Man i wish i could be that carefree but bith rocks and me were kind of ok with our clothes on he he!! Slowly the place was getting crowded and so we started to head back and up and the climb was much easier than going down. Reminded me of Shillong... I was shivering with the effort it took for me to go down and come up but i was a content cat. he he !! It was worth it. Man I never knew that there were such lovely waterscapes in Karnataka. I think next time we shall ride down to Cauvery Fishing camp and catch some good fish. Ummm I looooove fish !! I hope i get some time to arrange my blog. I have got some material. Did some RND ( thanks for the help Ankh) and the moment i finish this present project I shall be on it and come up with a blog that i want. Meanwhile I shall ramble on in rediff....

September 24, 2003


here goes another of my posts !! I love travelling across the country with a backpack and a bike along with the hubby so will keep posting my trip log here.. and maybe some tips... for guys and gals who want to do it too... :) I begin by relating my trip to Coondapur. We had just bought this bike of ours and we bought the thunderbird bullet just so that we could travel. We had it modified to our suitings and we were waiting for an opportunity to travel and suddenly one day my hubby comes to me saying that the bullet club of Banaglore is planning to ride to coondapur and maybe to Murudeshwar and he was really interested. I had my reservations you see since I had never done riding to that extent. But I gave in and what the heck, a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do. So i packed and off we went... the best part was that the finance was evenly balanced since we we budget travellers and it was very well planned. It has been the best ride up to now... But anyway that started of my thrist to eat up the distance all over India. Then came the opportunity to travel to kerela. this time it was a monsoon ride and whoa !! It was a great experience. A friend made some arrangements to stay in one of the estates in Kalpetta and we were going there for the weekend and coming back. The ride was full of perils but hey the best part of riding in india is that you can ride in this country at all times if you plan it well. For example if you want to ride in the monsoons, you got to choose a time when the rains are just a drizzle and the roads are kind of okay. Anyway the third ride was on when we had a coinciding holiday on 15th of August. A few of us took off to Yelgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu. It was a short and sweet trip and good fun. I am kinda partial to mountains so whenever i am riding the mountains or riding in the ghats I am at my most peaceful. Hmmm anyway if you want to know more about my rides... you can click on this link and read it up in our home page designed by my husband We are still building the page so there might be some bugs there.... anyway ... hope you get to experience the rides through my writing... thats it for now .... Have a nice day all of you !!! Happiness always, Pallavi


This is something i am putting up from my rediff blog. That server is unpredictable so thought of shifting my contents here. Today I would like to put forward a few thoughts on Reiki. It is one of the techniques that has helped me know a little more about me and organize my life in a better way. This technique has also helped me to clear away all the cobwebs in my mind. I thought it would be nice to put down my thoughts on this for my friends who do would like to know a little more about themselves and who have heard of reiki but do not know what exactly it is. I came across this process of healing sometime back and well I have never regretted knowing about it. I thought I would share this with you. ****************************************************** What is REIKI? ****************************************************** REIKI is an old Japanese form of healing where you could heal every afflicted area with the energy flowing through your hands. The basic concept is manifesting energy from oneself and healing oneself. The energy is tapped from the universe around us. The degree of healing differs from level to level. If you are a grandmaster, you would be able to heal better and enhance the energy within yourself for the good of others. Reiki can be done without placing their hands on the affected place. You have to be initiated to this form of healing by a grandmaster. You have three levels of learning and each level has its uniqueness. Then there is Karuna Reiki which is another form of Reiki. After you have achieved the third level you are qualified to teach and initiate others into this form of healing. You have the otion to just practice this technique without going in for the teaching level. It works out just as well if you do not attain the third degree. The point of learning this technique is to achieve some level of control in your life... according to me. ***************************************************** How do you practise ****************************************************** Reiki is very individual and you have to practice it regularly and people tend to leave it after a certain amount of time. Reiki is most beneficial if practiced everyday and in very aspect of your life. You cannot practice it just mechanically and expect miracles. You have to concentrate and believe and feel what you are believing in. You can practice REIKI anywhere. At your home, while walking, while doing the day to day tasks.. depends on how comfortable you are. All that REIKI needs from you in commitment to yourself and concentration for that period of time. Its an individual effort and everything to do with foccussing the mind to be still and practicising the technique involved in this meditation ****************************************************** Benefits of REIKI ****************************************************** With this form of healing you can realise the power of your subconscious mind and yes gain control over your life and lead life the way you want to. Reiki need not be only for healing, though that is the main purpose. It has many other benefits if you know how to use them. You will also learn how to be calm and focussed when you need to and you will stop being harried just because things did not go the way you wanted to. You can help your friends by relieving their physical pains. I have worked with many a colleagues of mine by removing their headaches which is a common symptom in the software industry. You will definitely find that your life has become much more organized just because you are in control of it. You will have control over anger, hatred , etc and well learn to love ... love yourself and be neutral to negative feelings. I personally have found that it calms me down when I am frazzled and helps me think very clearly and without any bias. I am able to take right decisions at the right time and yes even things get really messy I am kind of peaceful.... well not totally peaceful but lets say in control... :) ****************************************************** Note ****************************************************** It is very important that you go to the right grandmaster for initiation. A true grandmaster is who is dedicated to this form of healing. Many just become masters and open up clinics for the sake of money. ***************************************************** My thoughts ****************************************************** According to me, REIKI is very personal and I have greatly benefited from it. You have to believe in yourself and your inner power. In today's world it is very difficult to do this as we are all skeptics by default as we have all been duped so much. Houddini is the only person who still perplexes our rational mind. REIKI does not create miracles but it always brings benefits. You can only gain and gain and help others. Whatever powers you have within you, REIKI cannot be used to harm others. If you are interested to know more about REIKI you can visit these links.


Mood : Romantic ( so wanted to put something romantic down and I was thinking about my favourite things in life and what makes me happy.. so here goes....) ----Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings Silver white winters that melt into springs These are a few of my favorite things----- I could not help but use these words of a beautiful song that always seem to make me feel alive. I have many things in life which are belong to my archive of favourite things. Anyway I would like reminisce about a few of them here. I apologise if you think I am drooling with sentimentalism but the weather is such that I cannot help pouring out my thoughts... ****************************************************** My birthplace ****************************************************** Shillong, a beautiful place. A place where I opened my eyes to, a place where I was cocooned in the warmth of a loving family and companionship of many a close friends, a place where I was allowed the chance to appreciate the simple things in life and how it mattered to be just happy. A place where the mountains taught me strength.. to forebear life's worse adversities and remain standing as strong as possible no matter what. I love this place mostly because there are so many memories I made there. Happy memories and sad memories and when I look back behind every memory I can visualize the mountains which were always there with me when I was melting with joy or drowning in my sorrow. Mmmmmmmm the smell of fresh pine, a hot brewing cup of tea, the sound of a running spring, the rustling of tall pine trees and the ocassionnal fluttering of birds.... the sound of silence .... absolute heaven.... yes this definitely will always be my favourite thing. ****************************************************** Family and Old friends ****************************************************** ---------------------------------------------------- Family I cannot do without ... with whose love and support I always bring myself about. ---------------------------------------------------- I learnt the importance of family since the time I struck out on my own, I never realised that its so hard to survive without the support of loved ones. I was bent on making it on my own little realising what I would miss when I reached the goal I searched out for. But yes I can never do without them.. not when I am happy not when I am sad. ---------------------------------------------------- Old friends I hold dear.... and each and everyday I wish you all were here. ---------------------------------------------------- Old friends are scattered now and I would give anything to meet them and bring them into my lives. Its a way of life I know but I can never forget the warmth and simplicity of just being friends without much thinking about the future. Friends who stood by you no matter what, friends who shared the growing pains, friends with whom we shared our first crushes, friends with whom we crammed for exams and friends with whom we played the truant and got away with it. Wish we also had the opportunity to grow old together. ****************************************************** Shopping ****************************************************** What I love about shopping is collecting unique items. I try as much to get something which is very unusual so you can imagine how much effort I have to go through to find something which is unique and well worth the price .. (More often than not its more than I can afford)... In India thats the fun, to browse and then haggle. :) ****************************************************** My collection of Knick knacks ****************************************************** Well love to collect stuff .. again something which is unique to a place something like souveniers. I also love collecting perfumes, lipsticks, music albums, books, photographs, cute boxes... small dolls, small soft toys, etc.. My friends tell me that I am going to take them with me when I die like the Pharaohs of Egypt took their valuables with them in their tombs... ha ha !! ****************************************************** Animal and animal babies ****************************************************** I love them absolutely love them... a puppy's first steps, a kittens nestling in my shoulder for warmth, a leopard cub's playfulness, lion cubs, tiger cubs, horses. Most of all I love dogs more than anything else mainly because of their selfless love and infinite companionship.. ****************************************************** Memories ****************************************************** Yes I have many and hope to make many. And I cherish them with my heart just by remembering. My first song, my first exam, my first singing lesson, my first crush, my first love, my first job, my first friends, my first failure, my first meeting with my hubby,my marriage rock shows of Deep Purple, Scorpions, etc. Recently I am enamoured by new borns of my friends. The babies are absolutely adorable and yes I shall always cherish the first time I saw them.... Well I guess thats not it but I think I am going to stop here...yes before I go.. I would also like to add -----Hugs from my man, kisses on my forhead Walking in the rain and then drinking hot choclate Wiggling my toes in fresh dew grass Writing my thoughts and having good laughs Painting my memories and riding the wind... These are the few more of my favourite things .....

September 23, 2003

old blog

Hurrah !!! I have at last got my old blog which was done some ages ago. I stopped blogging as soon as I started since i was busy with work and changing jobs and writing reviews in other sites. I met Anita my friend and an avid blogger and thought that i should continue and after searching through my ids I finally came across this one. And well I am happy to get back in my zone. anyway more later.... Happiness always, Pallavi