November 07, 2003


Finally I think, finally i have got a new job and i am pretty happy i guess. I am morer happy about the fact that I can go home and meet my parents if i strategically plan by leave before joining the new organisation. YIP YIP YIP .. thats me jumping like a happy puppy not because i got a job but because i can finally go home and see my folks... its been a year since i saw them and its been three years since i visited my native so there...... i am overjoyed... By the way the guy who talked too long has shifted so i am thrilled ... perseverance pays i guess... The job, well .... not paying me exactly what i wanted but finally i got through and well its ok now... Hmmm one thing which is very common in all the companies i have seen specially big companies.... they do all talk big and even though they know that they are dealing with a person well versed with the company jargon and policies they still try and go about running around the bush dancing like a red indian... and the funnypart is that as much as i was going the straighforward way the other party was running bigger circles around the bush... guess i must also learn this dance .... Like in french they say patati patata... you blah blah, i patati patata .... silly of me to expect anything different but hey it does not harm to hold on to one's values !! AT THE END OF IT ALL I am a going home............. country roads take me home to the place i belong , Oh my shillong, yes my shillong, mountain roads take me home.......... the original song always reminds me of my Shillong... SIGHHHHHHHHH !!