November 10, 2003

Movie Review - Matrix

Finally watched Matrix Revolutions and well I must say that they have done a good job but hmmm I must go and see it again. The movie as a whole will give you what you are going for but maybe the concept was no longer new to the crowd so the enthuisiasm was on the low side. The graphics are nothing major in the beginning ... i was expecting more of fight scenes between Neo and his counterpart .. was disappointed when it occured.. the scene was marred by the rain which they thought would enhance the scene.... but finally the scene of the battle between the machine and Xion was awesome ... here the focus was on all characters rather than on Neo. Sometimes the scenes tended to be confusing but hey i did not care as long as there was some action and what an action.... The ending was unexpected and the invasion of the machines was a well done shot... One really wonders what one would do if one were ruled by scores of machines.. I did not understand the end... and well it left me behind with a taste of bewilderment but then hey i guess who is noticing, i just have to go and see it again. If you guys are up for action and do not mind too much explanation... i think this is the movie for you!!! Otherwise the weekend was full of completing a book in french, a crazy book i had to read which i need to present afterwards... the french are always a little different from the rest.. and it is reflected in their movies and their literature. The book was about a guy who opened his umbrella when it was sunny and closed it when it was raining. And how it affected the society.. and how you should live and let live... ( that was my conclusion) but otherwise i was like .. go figure !!! Hmmm !! I guess i have to start thinking way way out of the box to be able to understand the french !! Work wise there is lot of hectic activities going on since I have tendered my resignation and well though I am leaving my present org, it kinda seems sad... but then hey ... getting too comfortable with one's present job too is a dangerous thing... so i guess I am looking forward to new paths and new challenges. Next on my list is to go shopping............ Yipeeeeeeeeeeee !!! Love shopping when i have the dough to spend it....he he :)