December 01, 2003


Hello All, for the few of my friends who have been wondering where i disappeared into.. well definitely not into a fog !! he he !! i was there but taking a well deserved vacation !! It all started when i got this new job and then my company decided to retain me and well i thought what the heck i better take my leave then and off i went applying for my leave and WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !! I was in Assam, Guahati before I could think.. he he !! nice thing this... IMPULSE !! Always makes me feel good when i act on impulse... So there I was with my bag and baggage and saying hi to my family.. Man it felt good. though i wished it was Shillong where i longed to visit but unfortunately Assam was not doing well in terms of political unrest so spent time in my sasural that is Golghat and then back in Guahati ( both are in Assam). It was a blissful period where i could relive the joy of having my parents around, bickering with them for things that i usually ignore, just talking to them being a daughter instead of a woman of the world. That is what unwound me from the daily routine life... Ah I missed my hubby and wished that he could share my fortunes.. but that was not to be then... so i made the best of the situation... hogged till kingdom came and shopped till I dropped and basically relaxed...and chillllled out ............. Had my aunts fretting over me telling me tales of the bygone days which used to be a general session when I was living with my parents... basically touch basing with the past present and the future.. I so sorely miss that... here in Bangalore.... Anyway then there was this story of fishes... I am a great lover of fish in the plate, specially river fish and I have had every type of fish available in the east cooked by mom ... HA HA it was heaven .... Hilsa, Pabda, Small fish, prawns, chitol ( thats what they call in Bengali, dunno the english name), you name it !! And before I could say U N C L E, I was back in Bangalore. time flies so fast... Assam is as usual up to something or the other.. its sad to know that a place with such rich resources are wasting time in useless and harmful political pursuits like ganging up against the biharis. Dont they realise that most of the hard work is done by the very biharis that they are beating up .... Stupid politics and unreasonable too, i say. Wish they put that energy in more creatice and lucrative projects... Hmmmmmmmmmmm ............. Anyway watched Mumbai Matinee and Baghban.......... OH Man !! Baghban was a tear jerker and a patience jerker... that litrerally jerks you out of your seat with the dialouges... EEEEEESSSSSSSSSSHHHH why dont they make some nice hindi film with less tears and more fun....... where have all the good days gone.. On one hand if you are being lathered upon by the romantic scenes of a 60 year old ( amitabh) with hema malini, the other hand you have to content with actors who could not act even if there life depended on it... I was pissed with big bloating eyes at the end of the movie.... Then you had Salman who overdid the good role and well the least i say about it the better........ Then I took up Mumbai Matinee............ HA HA HA !! That was good in comparison to Baghban. Mind you I have said "in comparison to" .... It was about this bloke who wanted to lose his virginity... and some of the dialouges were hilarious and rahul bose, the main protagonist tried to do something but I think that somewhere down the line he swallowed the pill the wrong way... In short it was a cheap imitation of Austin Powers concept with bad direction..... YOU could give both the pics a miss if you still have not seen them and be better off with a good drink and better company ... Anyway am planning to watch Kal ho na HO !!! Soon that is !!