December 08, 2003

Selling things..

These Saturdays I have taken up helping a friend by working at her shop and the first day I went I thought it would be easy maintaining a shop and that too selling stuff like women's wear was never a problem... but oh la la !! I guess i was too hasty. I have to learn one or two things about selling things... though the customers are pretty gullible they canbe very difficult !! One wanted shoulder pads on her dress even though it was not possible, one was fussy about a colour which we had but not in her size... one wanted a gushy design for her daughter who was decently plump and could not carry off that design.. took me an hour of dilpomacy to convince her that what i designed would look great and make her daughter look thin... Anyways.. am learning a thing or two about business with the aid of my friend... have had to sacrifice a few free hours but then i guess ... no pain no gain !! Watched this movie at the wee hours of the night, the interview with the Vampire,.... DUH woke up with scary dreams... remind me never to watch something gory before going to sleep... SHUDDDER !!