December 03, 2003

A sudden stop to life

Today I am feeling kind of despondent. The reason being that at 3:30 in the morning we receive a call from home informing us that a young cousin in law was no more. It was a shock since I just kind of met him when I was home. Typically the first thing that comes to mind is denial. My hubby, Rocks was more in shock since the person in question was someone with whom Rocks grew up with and did all the things that young uns do when they are growing up. He used to fondly call him his "partner in crime". I know he is feeling more than I am and I can only wonder how things are affecting him. This is the second case of death of a youth which could be avoided. Why are people not careful about their health specially when they are afflicted with something which can kill oneself. The first case was of a colleague who had TB and well she was undergoing treatment and then suddenly she was going for the worse and she decided to ignore it since she was fed up of all the medicines and that ended her life just like that one morning. The second case is family... this cousin had jaundice and we do not know whether he was ignoring the little fever he had and kept on with his hectic work schedule or it just happened. the fact is that he ended up in bed and the last time I saw him some days back he was ok and now today morning he is no more.... how can people die of something like jaundice ? I still cannot believe it... I know that there is no reason for death coming in whispered footsteps but heck it does not help me to question the fact that he could have lived, my friend could have lived. We were going to go for his wedding this February and now everything is erased just like that............ Just like that !! The fact that life is so fragile is again being underlined to me !!! Am really depressed !!