December 19, 2003


Yesteray as I was chilling out after dinner with hubs dear , we got to catch this movie Mercury rising in Star Movies. Directed by Harold Becker and Starring Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Miko Hughes, Chi McBride, Kim Dickens, Robert Stanton, Bodhi Elfman, Carrie Preston, Lindsay Ginter it was a good movie to catch on a Friday evening after dinner. This movie has got a good story line by Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal, based on Ryne Douglas Pearson's novel Simple Simon. The story revolves round an autistic seven year old boy named Simon played by Miko Hughes who unknowingly deciphers a highly coded numer in a puzzle book and calls the number. This happens to be the number of a top secret organization NSA working on a project Mercury the leader of the org being Lt Kudrow (Alec Baldwin). As soon as the number is traced back to Simon's house all hell breaks loose and his parents get killed by the NSA agent. Simon gets away and in walks Arthur ( played by Bruce Willis). Willingly or unwillingly this undercover- not-so-undercover-anymore cop takes up the responsibility of taking care of the kid. Thus starts the chase for the kid and just when you think that the kid will be caught, Arthur manages to save him and finally deliver him to a safe place amidst suspense, action and drama. All in all its a good watch but it does not excel itself in the status of other movies like Enemy at the Gates. Though there is enough suspense you can tell the outcome of each scene after a few seconds . Maybe one could have worked on the story somemore or made it more captivating. The main villain does not have much of a role in the movie except for grimacing funnily. I like him so but was disappointed in him in this movie.. The star of the movie was Miko Hughes who played the character of Simon to the very hilt and he could give the rest of the stars a run for their money by his acting. The only other great actor who could do justice to an autistic personality was Dustin Hoffman in Rainman and in Awakenings. I watched the movie since I did not watch it till then and well i did not miss that much. I had a choice between a silly hindi movie with unknown actors and this and well I naturally selected this... In brief its light, its fast and its an okay movie!!! ****************************************************************** Well weekend is here !! yaba dabba doooooooooooooo looking forward to catching some new movies, sleeping and of course food !! he he !!