December 03, 2003


Thanks for the nice comments my friends on my previous post !! I appreciate it !! Acceptance of what that is is very difficult but once one has made peace with the fact one can live again... and I am rolling in my life again albeit slowly !! yeah right now I am thinking of starting a photoblog ... but have no idea where to start from.. doing lot of googling... Bangalore is getting chilly in the mornings and well its very difficult pulling myself up in the morning for French class when all i need to do is sleep.. but I enjoy the ride to class through the fog once my cells are functioning and alert... Today morning the view over Ulsoor lake looked very etheral and I could also see the sun mildly peeping out in my rearview mirror.. making me smile... yes life is good... Today I got almost banged by two vehicles.. one was a huge honda which was reversing so intently that it a row of bikes starting off a domino effect which ended in me being the effect stopper... well just when I was imagining myself being my self spreadeagled beneath the bikes, two knights in shining armour rushed to my rescue and my day and dignity was saved... So here I was thanking my lucky stars and riding when some bugger decided to change laned and got stuck between my bikes behind and a merc's front... Well as expected I almost toppled over in the middle of the traffic but i think my luck still was running so all that I could give him was a dirty stare and carry on !! of course inside my helmet I was spewing curses about people who should look before cutting lanes and overtaking, like nobody's business. Today I got the number of a crystal gazer.. and I think I just might go and give it a try .. lets see what she has to say... mumbo jumbo here I come !!!