December 08, 2003


Just was passing through some photos and up came this photo of this church where I used to go often when i was a student. Feeling a wee bit nostalgic so thought I would post it on my blog... This is a famous Catholic church in Shillong which is known for its architecture and its beauty. My association with this structure would be from the age of 10 when we used to taken there often by convent sisters for masses and other prayer meetings... my school was just around the block so it was very convenient for our sisters too... Memories of a long distant land... always seem to make me feel blessed that I had been there in a time long forgotten !!! SIGH !!! By the way notice the bullet at the corner of the photo. This snap was taken by a biker friend who had the guts to travel the North East alone on his bike. Mr Gaurav Janni who is the lead of the 60KpH bullet-enfield group fame. By the way their article was published on the latest issue of Femina... The article was mainly about this group riding to Leh and back and about this gal, Niccolita who took her Bullet ( which was the oldest one among the gang) and her riding experience... If I am not mistaken, she is the first Indian woman to ride the himalayas in her bullet... Man I so wish i can do that soon !! Praying that one ride happens before time runs out !!