December 11, 2003


This is a personal account and may be biased...... Readers who do not want to know the story of Kal Ho Na Ho can avoid reading this post.. Finally after a lot of attempts I got to watch Kal ho na Ho. Planned to meet Anita at 6:00 but got delayed with documentation work which i somehow managed to wriggle out of by feigning a major tooth problem for which I simply HAD to go to the dentist... my colleague actually asked me which dentist I had to go to... I spent precious moments explaining to him which tooth of mine was almost about to die and I might have to do a root canal... LOL and of course then he went on to suggest another dentist's name... Somehow I managed to stop this discourse and then rushed to the theatre. Owing to the traffic I was about 15 minutes late... well it was good since at that peak time it would take me 45 minutes... I missed about 15 minutes of the movie... but then it was ok i guess since the intros were still going on about the characters.... WHEW !! i relaxed and prepared myself for the movie... About 7 minutes into the reel, a huge man comes in and sits beside me and well the seats of Plaza theatre are pretty small and you could imagine he took more than was required of the seat and then started the elbowing ( i am hoping unintentional) and then jerking me along with him when he was laughing... that was seriously affecting my concentration... since I am very ticklish in the waist area and his elbow would poke me there everytime he laughed... SIGH... i was thinking that this was just not my day... Anita was well into the movie... Saif comes into the scene and I am eagerly waiting for some laughs and well I am not disappointed... I am slowly getting to like him a lot.. he does very good comedy... ( SIGH he reminds me so much of Sharmila Tagore... ( ok thats the retro me speaking out) !! UGH another elbow poke...... Preity does well in her role and the rest of the cast including Lilette Dubey, Jaya Bahaduri, etc etc also blend in well... Ok somehow I edged ahead of my seat and focussed on what was happening in the theatre. In comes Saif and does he look cute, and then starts the family sobs and the scene where they pray for an angel... and entree Sharukh Khan (reminded me of City of Angels). Then starts the series of funny repartees which was pretty entertaining and through little inferences here and there one can already depict the end of the story... POKE POKE POKE... ( means the guy next to me is heartily laughing) SK is a pesky neighbour who is always good doing this and that for the neighbors ... and everything goes on well ... yes i liked the songs and the dances... you must check out the disco song, its good.... "Its the time to disco" SK decides to start his sighing.... and wiggling his eyebrows... and beating his heart with his hand .. .Mind you this gets repeated after some scenes in some way or the other... fun still continues and the first half is tolerable... quite ok for me... Intermission... What a relief we changed places and I relaxed....OH la la la !!! Then starts all the tears... the anguish and the funny logic of ... "kisike khatir mat karo par ek marne wale ki khatir to karo !!" Oh mama !! By this time i was biting my fingers... ( I again see that Anita is watching the movie so intently.. why i ask myself am i so disturbed... ) .... Ok focus ...Scene next ... SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF ... GIGGLE ... and just when I was generating tears in my eyes... out pops a funny dialogue... well my eyes did not know whether to cry or to laugh... In midst of it all.... there was a lot of rib tickling comedy full of gay entendres... guess somebody is trying to come out of the closet or something.. we all wish him well... SIGH !! Preity is by this time doing a la Meena Kumari with shedding tears every now and then and By this time I was waiting Sk to do another Devdas... but it was not to be... it was stretched as far as it could be... with melodramatics ... dances high and low ... and then some more histronics and bucket full of tears which would shame the rain pouring down continuously on your window pane !!! well naturally i also shed some of my pearls... I hear loud and long SNIFFS in the theatre.. and feel glad that I am not the only one ... yes !!!! And finally after a lot of attempts at this and that, one song and the other... fatal love declared... and stuff organised... Sk's heart gives up and he finally rests in peace and well Saif and Preity unite in harmony and friendship and love... Blah blah ... PATATI PATATA !!! First part of the movie is good, second part could be compared to a mixture of Kabhie Khusi Kabhi Gam plus Devdas... and add to it a lot of elasticity and unecessary prolonging of the shots ........... EEEEAAAAYOOOOUCHHHHHHHH... And if you like Karn Johar's work you will like this movie. I liked the fact that there was lot of humor in it and quite natural too.. I wish they come up with more movies with a humorous edge to it. Many people have compared the movie to Anand but I think its got its own story and its pretty interesting sometimes to see what would be the next scene. Watch it !! In spite of me not liking SK in the movie, it is well known that he worked hard for this movie ( before his surgery) and this is appreciated... *********************************************************************************** After the movie, came home had dinner with hubby and Anita and a lot of wine ( liquer de passion ) made of Passion fruits and felt much better.... Home made wines are the best !! Hic !! Hic !! Woke up needing more sleep.... waiting to crash off at home.. Today is my third wedding anniversary and it seems that time has flow past just like that... hoping to make many more good memories !!