November 04, 2003


OK before anyone says it again I have come to know that the google thing was a joke and i got suckered. Anyway what else is new ? I have always been easy to get at. The other day in Mocvenpick, i was approached by a magician and well i was so engrossed in proving it to him that all it was was a sleight of hand ... that i did not see his trick coming... and was totally taken in... Moral of the terminal story... be more alert !! I wish !! Anyway today one of my classmates in French was telling a story about how she spend two years in making a doll house and collecting all things possible for the house in the miniature form. Its a passion for her and well I thought that it was amazing . Frankly speaking, my concentration can stay at one place at one time not more than 2 mins and what patience to have created one... Hmm I would rather stick to banging my keyboards and rambling on about this and that he he !! But Kudos to that lady !! i must say !! And what do you do when your baymate takes up the phone that you share and speaks in a language almost foreign ( Tamil, which I know a little) loudly for 45 minutes... I think i am going to go and bang my head into something to get sane... the language is not the issue, the time is the issue... he is getting married and i understand that he wants to get lovey dovey but hey use the cell $#@$#@$... GRRR I feel like i am going to blow... ok now i am playing my mini radio loudly so that he can get the message... no no its not working.... ok now I have called someone at my desk and started my own dialouge to break his concentration.... Ah ha its working... HMMMMMMMMMM a simple solution to a simple problem... he he !! fight talk with talk !! I am victorious !!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEE