October 15, 2003

Traffic in Airport Road

ARRRGHHHHHHHH just when you think that ok the road is smooth and the traffic is organised on comes the plan to construct a flyover and lo and behold chaos reigns !! Bangloreans passing that way in office hours must be going through hell. At least i go through it everyday. I had to wait in the traffic for more than half and hour and it is irritating to sit and watch more than one policeman directing traffic this way and that.. if the junior wants the cars to go the senior officer raps him down and shouts just the opposite... ha ha its a joke.. i spent my time looking at more than one officer in different signals in Airport road waving hands and shouting... and moving to the middle of the road doing that... huh ... arent they it was comical .... And to think that they are they managers of road safety... Where will we ride our bikes or drive our car if they start gesturing standing in the middle of the road.... going nuts... huh !! It was a classic case of confusion and " too many cooks spoil the broth" case !! They seriously need to take stock of how to manage traffic... or maybe let one person do his job instead of butting in with ego hassles... well thats all blah for today !!