October 01, 2003

allo allo !!

allo allo !! Well i am kind of feeling quite refreshed this morning having taken a well deserved rest yesterday.. My legs were giving out and i ended up stumbling and falling down in the mub path that has accumulated in the kachha road... GRRR i was so angry at myself for not being able to balance myself... somehow i realised how helpless one might feel without proper functioning of the limbs... So yesterday i decided that I simply had to stay at home and chill. So i watched some cartoons and did lots of French grammar. LOL what a way to spend a day but hey it worked. my limbs are back in action and i can walk with out distorting my whole frame. Must remember to exercise regularly... man that climb over the weekend was kind of a killer on my calf muscles... Anyway i got a lot of calls for jobs. Man if anybody is looking out for a job, Naukri.com and monsterindia.com really works. I got couple of offers now got to sit and sort them out... We are having holiday from tomorrow and we are leaving for Ooty. I have been there before but then my guests want to visit there so i guess we got to go there. My other friends are going to Goa and I will be sorely missing that trip since i was thinking i could go.. I guess i have to compromise but hey we can always ride down there. Anyway I think i shall do some leather shopping... he he !! Leather is cheap in Ooty. And hopefully i have a great holiday. I looveee holidays !!! Basically am in a mood to just travel... Maybe i shall visit the Toda Village again this time... It was a great experience to see their lifestyle last time. I am sure everybody will be having a gala time during this time.... the holidays have been so strategically placed.