March 10, 2005

Old and New

We have always heard this adage of old being gold. .. what do you do with the OLD ?

  • I have seen my dad lovingly clingling to old clothes which were so comfortable... inspite of mama getting him new stuff.. ( today the old clothes have been given away.. to someone who will have better use for it )
  • His first flowers which he planted were tended to most lovingly... every morning... ( today the flowers have been razed to the ground by the new owner of our old home)
  • Mama keeping her old tea set lovingly... her old sarees which was almost torn right behind the closet never mind if it was right at one corner but it was there for her to go back to... when she wanted... ( today she only has the teacup which she still uses it.. rest have been lost or broken as time passed on)
  • An old engagement ring which she parted with real heavy heart to me... she wanted it for the memory but I wanted it because it was the only link I could have with her when I left home... she gave it to me anyways.. since she knew how important it was to me... to have her with me... ( today it serves me well and I am planning to give it back to her... I know she will be a happy mama )
  • So easy to burn those old love letters and photographs just so I could erase the memories of how I stepped into being a wise woman... and trying to understand the confused emotion of love which I usually chaffed at but which bit me anyways... ( today this has helped me in not making the same mistake again.. )
  • Dolls which kept me company .. with tiny dresses stacked neatly together for me to go back to and jump back into my childhood ... ( today they adorn my shelf back at my parents home longing for attention I am sure)
  • Comics... Amar Chitra Katha, Marvel, Archies, Diamond, comics which brightened my days and gave me lot of wisdom, humor, the meaning of a hero... and what a hero should have been ... stories which I would not have otherwise learnt ... so easily... ( today they are with someone else who I hope will love reading them .. )
  • Old black and white photographs... when photography was a developing art and science.. ( today they adorn old forgotten walls... yellowing with age .. and then getting colored )
  • Old friends with whom we created personal history.. old relatives with whom we shared family history ( today it all depends on whether anyone has the "bandwidth" or the "usage" of a "friend")
  • Old jewellery items which were the fashion statement of the year.. ( today it is junk jewellery or punk jewellery )
  • Old theatres which would give a nostalgic feeling when watching a movie.. ( today it is being giving in to hi tech shopping malls which are more lucrative.. business)
  • Old houses with sprawling lawns ... ( today you will see a state of the art building housing expensive flats... forget the lawn.. who needs it ?? )

All that remains is memories... just memories... Is it that easy to let go ???? Or are we rushing in to some vague destination without any strategy or environmental sense ???

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