March 14, 2005


Not by silence does someone confused & unknowing turn into a sage. but whoever--wise, as if holding the scales, taking the excellent-- rejects evil deeds; he is a sage, that's how he's a sage. Whoever can weigh both sides of the world: that's how he's called a sage. -Dhammapada, 19, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. Wisdom .. oh how it deserts you when you need it the most... trying to wind up this workplace duties since I am shifting apperentice location... and off I walk to a new dimension of words and technology.... So its another new beginning and another end to the existing... but it feels good to get into something new.. something different.. hopefully will contain meaningful experiences... and lots of fun... along with the job... ****************************************************** I think I seriously lack in conversational skills.. or must be totally out of frequency with this person ... he is a nice chap but I seriously did not have inclination nor the time to figure him out ... Remember the expensive jacket guy.. he sees me and comes across to me.. A: hi ! Me: Hiya.. (with a wary but welcoming smile... was not in a mood for wise cracks... specially the "expensive" kind since I was in the middle of serious writing) A: so whats up ?? Me: Nothing much ( ok the ceiling was definitely up otherwise he he ) A : what are your plans for the weekend ?? Me: Nothing much.. A: are you sure? arent you going anywhere special.. I am sure you will go at least somewhere.. outside Bangalore... somewhere near if not far... Me: ( WHOA MAMA !! he surely kept himself updated ) No I am just chilling out.. .( my mental feet were tapping in full rhythm in impatience waiting for this conversation to end.. ) A: hmmmm ( for want of better stuff to say) so suddenly why are you looking so bright so why are you wearing so many accessories ? Why ? Why ? Do tell... something special.. eh ?? Me: ( totally fed up with the conversation by now.. my patience had just about run out I reply gritting my teeth into a feral smile... ) BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN.. DUH UH !!!???? ( definitely not wanting to go into details about why and how I take care of my appearance with a male whom I did not know from Adam.... ??? Good lord ... help me.. is it a crime to look smart and funky ?? ) A: he he he ( sheepishly) you have to give me a treat ... Me: WHY BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN ?? ( gnashing my teeth in the form of a funny smile I am feeling like a cave woman with a bat.. waiting to hit him with it ) A: he he he he that is funny.. okay anyway... will see you later.. Me: (With relief and an inncocent smile ) Sure .. will catch you later dude !!! Beat that !! Now was he trying to compliment me or was he just trying to make conversation.. or maybe he caught me at a real bad time.... Oh whatever !!! ?? And then say women are complicated... I tell you men are more complicated then women sometimes.. Or maybe I just intimidate them... now thats an *evirl thought* buhahahahaha !! .... ********************************************************** PS: Maddie !!! Thanks for the beautiful album... it just rocks !!!