March 30, 2004

DUH #@!#@$#@$#

DUH #@!#@$#@$# As I am looking out for a change the round of interview sessions have begun. As I hop from one interview to another... I came across a pretty challenging assignment ... Writing an instructional manual of how to drive a car. Tell me fellas, given the usability issue would anyone be able to drive a car just by reading a manual. When it comes to writing I am trying to write one but I keep wondering whether any human being would be able to operate a car just by reading it. For that matter I had seen another writer writing a paper on swimming.. For activities like driving, swimming, cycling or most of the activities which needed the coordination of the different parts of a human body would a manual be enough ? I guess I should stop wondering and think of putting together a manual .. SIGH.. what one needs to do to prove one's prowess.. but heck its going to be a challenge !!! And I think I am up for it ... Watched Celine Dion's show a little today and what went into making this and found it amazing. This diva has got brains and creative power of utilising money where it is needed. She has created an awesome theatre, Caeser's Palace where she hosted her first show after her break and she looks great. man what one could do with so much money. The theatre boasts of the largest LCD screen in the world and the effects are amazing. I think I shall catch the show tonite at 10:00 if they air it as they have done a great job !!! Amazing and I thought MIchael Jackson and Madonna's live shows were the best !!! Just listening to Meenaxi songs.. have no idea what the movie is all about but the sneak peek seems to be good. Prague and all that.. One of my favourite actress is in it. Taboo. I am waiting for this movie. Meanwhile, the songs are cool. Rahman stamp is obviously there but he has tried to do some modifiction to the tunes which were somewhat sounding very similar everytime I heard any of his songs.. Dhuan Dhuan, Chinnamma Chilakamma are cool. The Instrumental piece Cyclist Rythm and Potter's Village are also a good pieces. It has some cool sufi music too if you are interested. I like the starting part of Yeh Rishta too.. the hmmm hmmm ? is so pleasant. Which leaves two songs Do Kadam and Rang Hai which are kind of ok I think but nothing special. Have got stuck to the title song Main Hoon Na . Abhijeet croons a touching melody. I would recommend only copying the MP3 part of this song and forgo buying the album. Anu Mallik has done a shabby job here. The best part was when I thought I would hear a remix version of Main Hoon Na, suddenly my ears were bursting with drums and western music with the lyrics I 'll be there,I 'll be there. And stupid me thought that remix was embellishing the original song with dhin chak music... The Kawalli number is also ok but I guess its not worth spending your money on it !! Aso got hold of the latest Norah Jones album which seems to be pretty musical and not a disappointment like the sequels usually are. Ideal if you like jazz and blues.. though what she is sings is not exactly blues.. she has Dolly Parton too in one of her songs.. love her..