April 01, 2004

An Obituary ....dear Varun

An Obituary ....dear Varun...Come and gone like the wind.... He was the one of the youngest bikers in the group.. He belonged to Madras Bulls but he rode with us a couple of times. He was the youngest biker to do Leh and Kargil. He did it at the age of 18. I met him first at Yelagiri where he regaled me with his stories of how he went to Leh inspiring me to dream about biking there. He was the little one, typically young and would sit next to me and tell me helluva stories and jokes with a beer in his hand making me wonder what a damn young guy is doing with this group. He made me respect his knowledge of bikes and his flair for riding.. He was what... just in his early twenties.. He was the one who encouraged me to have a tatoo in Goa.. and took the trouble of finding the Tatoo guy and explaining to him what I wanted... He was the one who always struck an intelligent conversation with me... when I was kind of getting bored with the bike talk.. He was tiny bull of the group.. with lot of verve and a great sense of humor. He joined the Bullet group that would go to Pakistan for a peace ride. The bikes would be kept at the border and they would carry on forward in the bus.. He was one of the lucky ones to have watched the India Pakistan match. He lived to ride and was a creative genius doing his own thing for sometime and riding the rest of the time. A friendly soul who left an impression on everyone, including me. Yesterday in the morning we heard that he was no more ... seems that he lost his life on the way back from Surat on his bike... His body reached Chennai yesterday and friends cannot get over the shock that this young friend is no more. I would so sorely miss this guy who somehow created a soft corner in my heart. A member of the brotherhood is gone and oh what a loss .... of a young soul but I am sure that he would have achieved everything that he wanted .. such a bike freak he was... riding all over the country.. I would say that he was the most experienced among us bikers... VARUN !! May you rest in peace ..... Will always be missing you and your company... and your riding stories.. you needed to see more of life but I guess what you had was more than enough.. and one could say that you had one of the best deaths.... while riding. And we hope it was a quick and a painless one. May your soul soar the skies where you would find eternal peace. Amen "It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end." -Ursula K. LeGuin