April 07, 2004


TOI First thing i noticed in the Times of India when I was browsing through the headlines.. Carmen ( god knows who) interested in a threesome.. which elaborated later what she would be exactly interested in and with whom....that rudely awakened me from my sleep. Imagine students who are encouraged to read the newspapers and finding out crap material like this ... Its not that kids nowadays are naive but one does not have to rub it in and that too through the medium of press.. what is happening to the freedom of press ? did we visualise this type of freedom ? Thought of putting a screen shot of the epaper.. which times of india so proudly displays in the net but this article was carefuly removed and some stuff about Bob Dylan put in.. and that too crap news item. That was pretty clever of them wasnt it or was it a deliberately mis managed... The TOI is going to the dogs !!!