April 25, 2004

Whirlwind of a weekend

What a weekend !! After the trip to Coorg I was thinking that we would not be on the road for a couple of weeks ... but a last minute change of plans at 1:30 in the night on Friday had us riding our merry way with the gang to Pondicherry where we met the Madras Bulls and attended their second anniversary .. the meeting was more poignant since we were kind of remembering Varun and missing him sorely but I was glad that we were missing him together and it was a good get together and a great ride.... Am zonked out totally.. Reached home at 1:00 in the night since two bikes were running in and we had to come slow... and well lots of adventure on the way which I am dying to blog but it has to wait... Got to get the snaps too... and will put it up in a day or two.. Meanwhile today is a significant day for me since its my last day at this organisation and I am moving to a new job... so got to finish lots of formalities... Feeling aprehensive,sad, jubilant, tired, mellow, all at the same time... 3 years here and lots of good memories.. but one moves on.. hopefully the pastures where I am moving on to will be greener.... Watched Murder last week.. it SUCKS majorly.. please do not bother .. !!! And thus my Monday begins... with and end and with a beginning to a new life... Be back with my post.. and snaps..