April 04, 2004

Of Kissing Cops

Well I could not find another title here. This weekend as we were driving by MG Road and at one of the signals we saw an old hindi song version of two heads coming together. I was like GASP with my mouth open and could see two big flowers coming up in front of my crazy vision like in the old hindi movies whenever the action of kissing occured between the hero and the heroine. Only in this sequence it was of a Bangalore cop and the public. And I was thinking that the cop must be mad going on kissing every one ... and then Rocks was muttering to himself about stupid cops doing stupid thigs and wasnt he glad that time because he was not on the bike... I was transfixed at the display of course.. there were many who were surprised but gae in... there were some who tried to escape but it was too late... The cops were doing nothing but sniffing each biker's mouth for alcohol and fining them. Not far away two fat cops were sadistically enjoying the junior's predicament of smelling every mouth of a human. In this era of breath analyzers, why would they go nasal on this god knows, except for the fact that they wanted to punish the junior cop of some unexplainable error on his part. Poor guys who had their mouth to mouth encounters in the signal and poorer cop who had to go on sniffing mouths... I am sure he must have lost his sense of smell or something I am sure Bangalore is more classy than this.. what a crude and embarassing method to test for alcohol !!!