June 09, 2004

Hey there Bloggie booooo!!

I am sorry I am not being able to write the things that I have in my mind. I am dying to but my behind is on fire.. so will be back as soon as I finish my French exams and then my deadlines... WAAAHHHHHHH ( thats me running around pulling my hair in frustation) its like a pendulum... study work study work study work... and to make things work I somehow relish the fact that I am busy with no time to breathe... hehe !! Typical Gemini I guess.. will be back with a biiiig write up... By the way watched Harry Potter and found it pretty cute.. Graphics was cool. Story was great and these guys have grown.. wish they had made the whole series at one shot like "Lord of the Rings". Charas is a good movie very stupidly made.. good concept and good story but badly managed... dialog delivery sucked and the songs were good but the picturisation was not that great.. my mental record is stuck at Bam Bhole.. which is a la Zeenat Aman .. Dum maro dum song... pretty hummable.. and most of all they have not taken care of basic facts like while riding one should wear helmets... yeah yeah ... that was the first thing that I observed... hehe !!! well as they say anything is possible in Hindi movies.. so thats that... Planning to catch Hum Tum but havent been able too.. coz this weekend was dedicated to friends.. which was kind of fun .. as could be imagined. Met blogger Reiya who was down in Bangalore from Mumbai.. even after having called and fixed up the meeting it was sometime before we could recognize each other.. Gave her a ride in my old bike.. seems that it was her first ride...it rained heavily but we I loved meeting this young lady and having lunch with her and it was a time well spent.. and in the process making her late.. Hope to catch her when I am in Mumbai.. So even though I thought I would end at one line, I have managed to write some junk... yeaaa to me !!!! hahah 1! This weekend the gang is going to Devanadurga Hill and have some fun.. but I have to stay and study... boo hooo !!! but heck some other time maybe !! My fellow bloggers, please excuse this temporary absence of mine but will peep in surely as and when I get to have a peep !!! WHEW !!!