June 03, 2004

I did it toooo !!!! and look what I got !!!

WHO is Pallavi pallavi is the last part of the rtp (DUH) pallavi is performed ( what for god's sake) pallavi is conceived with a set of words meaningfully linked to a rhythmic pattern and running normally to one or two tala sequences ( that pretty much nails it ) pallavi is particularly captivating ( Geee !!! ) pallavi is accompanied by several pre ( huh ) pallavi is more ( yeh dil mange more ) pallavi is a very ancient one evolved by great saints and composers ( feel ancient already) pallavi is compact with full ( dig that ) pallavi is mr ( no never I am a Ms) pallavi is catchy and the charanam is just about okay ( thanks) pallavi is mellifluous ( mumble mumble) pallavi is followed by two more lines or sometimes just one more(well I never.....) pallavi is een succesvolle vertolkster van het hindoestaanse lied (Das ist Greek to me) pallavi is hinting at in her message ( oh yeah ) pallavi is looking for also ( No I am not ... of all the things..) pallavi is okay ( oh thanks for that) pallavi is actually an indian ( I am .. really an Indian) pallavi is a wanderer but also has a plan for life ( That must be the real me) pallavi is unable to keep up with caring for the family the way parvati used to ( I smell Kahani GHar ghar Ki LOLOL) pallavi is relieved ( well....) pallavi is a powerful incentive to ( ahem.. to get drunk) pallavi is presented on a magnetic tape ( I am honoured) pallavi is a single line set to a tala ( SIGH) pallavi is the piece de resistance of a concert ( GRIN) pallavi is played in three tempi keeping the tala or rhythmic cycle constant ( Seems like I am everywhere in Music) pallavi is an inveterate and peripatetic traveler who lives ( god knows where ????) pallavi is trs's forte ( cough cough) pallavi is the central item of a carnatic music concert ( truth) pallavi is analogous to a chorus ( I am digital) pallavi is an adorable person ( so sweet ) pallavi is the only daughter of the family and is the heart of her over protective brothers ( that is so true....the only daughter part) pallavi is a non ( I am a yes too) pallavi is manipulated ( i never let that happen) pallavi is an example of nritta or pure dance ( there you go again) pallavi is another form of pure dance with movements of lyrical grace pallavi is a thorough entertainer and very much a ( he he eh) pallavi is working on mobile aspect of ( no i am not ) pallavi is a smashing cd that represents virtuosic creativity and experimentation at work in both solo and collaborative contexts ( now thats a mouthful) pallavi is fully licensed so you are no longer obliged to bring your own carry out ( haha dig that ) pallavi is shown totally jocker all the times and tolerates her foolishly pallavi is kamals wife ( no I am Rocky's) pallavi is via phone at ( Bangalore !!!! LOLOL) pallavi is happy working as a librarian (nope nope ) pallavi is the somewhat more visible side of our it team and serves as our first line of defense for most it problems ( right!!) pallavi is not there only myself and nisha were there ( u bet i was never there ) pallavi is now a project co ( wow) pallavi is a real name ( of course it is ) pallavi is totally tax ( huh .. tax) pallavi is vegetarian and religious ( wrong again ) pallavi is a creation of the mind ( i like this ) pallavi is a flowering dance ( oh bring it on baby pallavi is quite and shy (hmmmm ) pallavi is looking forward to the most exciting event she has yet to experience ( oh yes many events ) pallavi is often referred to as the trousseau queen ( ooooohhhh) pallavi is ( I am ) pallavi is briand teedee do gervase ( br$$%%^&) try Googlism with your name and see what you get !!! It will definitely make you laugh !!!