January 23, 2004

Goa Ride Trip

Goa Ride Trip.... Destination : Ridermania 2004, Goa Mood : Excited Starting date 8th Jan 2004. This was a trip I was really looking forward to since it was my first time to Goa and one would get to meet all the other riders and basically have a good time besides doing a lot of riding. The route was planned and the accessories were added like T-Shirts, hand bands, flags all proclaiming the brand of RTMC the group from Bangalore that would be going to Goa. As I was packing my last minute items like first aid kit, water bottles, bandages, I was full of excitement of being on the road again. I had left early from office for the simple matter that I could not concentrate. I ticked off all the stuff that I had listed out for packing for the trip. Packing for biking trip has to be careful. One cannot load oneself with whatever one wanted... and by now I think Rocky thinks that I am expert at packing for a ride. LOLOL. I was thanking my lucky stars that we were finally able to make it since Quicksilver was just back from the TEKNIK after its repairs from the oil skid we had. Anand from TEKNIK was kind enough not to push us for the formalities. He was also planning to take two of his bikes to Goa. His brother designs bikes from scratch and he has made an amazing bike with gas shock absorbers and all that.. Last time his work was sold in goa at the same event for a lakh. That too was a work of art. He does the painting himself. We had attached a two boxes this time since we were doing so many trips and we needed something solid. The saddle bags from the last time was gone. Quicksilver was also revving to go I bet with the rest of her friends... LOLOL . We had to meet up at IISC or Bhel circle at an unearthly hour of 6:00. I say unearthly since it is dark nowadays at this time in Bangalore... but heck we were raring to go. The whole group was divided into three groups. One who left very early on the 6th of Jan. They would be responsible for looking after the lodging for the whole group. We were the second group leaving on the 8th and the last group would be leaving on 9th due to office and all that. The last group would be staying back longer than the rest too. A couple of them left on the 6th and were responsible to check out the accommodation of the two groups that would be riding to Goa. One group would leave the day after on the 9th Jan. Much was discussed about the route . Some wanted to go via Manglore and some by Shimoga. Manglore would entail riding 100 kms of riding than Shimoga route. Our group opted for the shimoga route while the others wanted to do it through Mangalore. We had done a part of the Mangalore highway and we were eager to reach the destination and this was the shortest route so to say. Our group comprised of : Rocky and Pallavi ( thats me ) Prakash and Gayatri Sijan and Anita Andrew and Om Sebastian and Raju Guna and Riwaz Jahangir and Nawaz David Dubier aka Dubyaman Mahendra Easha Vipin (Note: The pillion riders of Jahangir and Guna were little kids of 5 and 7 approximately I think) While returning we were joined by the Madras bulls Navneet, Dodo, Brijesh and Indrajit. Indrajit had come all the way from Calcutta in his Bullet. (Contd.......) the rest of the triplog is coming soon... gotta be a long one... but I am finally free to blog... yeaaaaaaa