May 21, 2004

I am there yet not there !!!! * a big POUT*

I am there yet not there !!!! * a big POUT* I finally watched MAIN HOON NA !! and am i thankful that I watched it at home... hehe !! My impressions ..... 1. Sharukh Khan doing a Matrix abolishing all villains but one in the first scene... that made a good entry.. 2. Sushmita Sen wearing sexy clothes to the class and swishing her saree here and there.. well that could be real since we had a great looking Physics teacher and she always had full class attendance compared to the rest... hmm maybe thats how most of the guys who attended her class thought.. he he !! 3. The younger Khan making too much noise with monkey poses and well though he is cute he cannot emote... even with the monkeying around here and there... 4. Why cant i ever get rid of the image of Sharukh Khan pouting ? It seems that he has different degrees of pouting and he furnishes them in random. I declare him the pouting actor... 5. Sharukh Khan chasing... a Scorpio.. now thats a riot.. how can a cycle Rickshaw chase a Scorpio... Is teh director not aware of the laws of Physics or is she just trying to create her own laws. Absurd !!! 6. Suniel Shetty looking good. I think he is the only one who has done some decent amount of acting.. still more work could be done on his role !! but then who am i to judge... But he has given better peformances... 7. Emotions change very fast here.. one moment you are pouting with Sharukh and the next moment you have to grapple with the totally different scene altogether... and its left upto you to connect... 8. Suspense Quotient is nil.. its a very predictable movie... you can guess every twist and turn it will take... 9. You have the word "Pakistani" word flung all over in the movie.. One wonders whether she is pro Paki or anti Paki... I think the director freaked out with the word... and by the way the Indian Army is very susceptible to villains as shown and is the security so lax .. it shows little research done on the army... and melodramatising the facts to suit the story.. well then again who does not ? ..... SIGH !! Why am I stating the obvious ? 10. and it goes on and on and on !!!! Main hoon na !!! oh he is there alright... story is good if you take it apart section by section but when you put them together it does not make sense.. Watch this movie when you have just time to kill and no constructive stuff to do. PS: This opinion is not aimed at offending any of the actors or fans. Please treat this just as a personal observation of an over active delinquent mind... thanks !!! ***************************************************************************************** I tried this for the heck of it... Blogger has turned real cool and now you can create a photo blog without any hassles.. check this out and it took me just a few minutes too do this... Shotz And Moi et Moi I think this is the best way to blog !!! Yipeeeeeeeeee !!!! Ta da !!!!!!!!!! *****************************************************************************************