August 26, 2005

Photos... just in case it was missed..

Standing strong... in the rains Standing strong... in the rains, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
Monsoon is the season when all the possible flowers bloom.. this time I saw more than my share of beautiful flowers which I missed for a long time... Gardening is a part of life up there in the North East.. and each house proudly shows off its collection.. Our house in Shillong was also known for its flowers... here in Golaghat.. this grows in my yard and backyard.
Duck House, Assam Duck House, Assam, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
A duck house, my husband tells me... This house is a typical one used to keep ducks.. they swim and roam around during the day and stay here during the night... ponds such as this are also very common in Assam.. where they have small variety of fishes and ducks... SIGH.. that makes me nostalgic about my ancestral home in Sibsagar, Assam.
What is this What is this, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
Kuku, who is looking as curious as can be... I am totally enamoured by Kuku as you can see.. his body has all the colors possible.. and I never thought that a bird would willingly stay at home.. I think it was born domesticated.. and somehow managed to break free... It just came to my aunts hand and sat there... it is fond of nuts and loves to had tea with us... I love this little pecker... when lonely he walks all around the house and he loves playing with a wind blown calender... go figure.. .!!!
05 05, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
The famous toy train in Darj.. One train was hired by some Japanese guys for some shooting... this train collided with a running train.. due to bad weather the same day.. it was sad.. the guys in the front sitting outside the train were injured.. luckily no one died.. the roads.. up the hill are broken due to the train line crossing it... This is at the foothills of the mountains...
Cooch Behar, Palace of Gayatri Devi Cooch Behar, Palace of Gayatri Devi, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
This is where the Rajmata Gayatari Devi was born. The palace looks wonderful.. I did not have the time to go inside the palace ... will do so next time... This palace ground has a lotus pond, parks, etc... This small place has been maintained well by the royalty.. The city is small but well equipped and is a good break on your way to Sikkim, Darj, etc...