August 01, 2005

Monday Musings

peace and light peace and light, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
Ride to Bellum Caves... a wonderful experience... however, fraught with little issues.. some narrow escapes and some pure luck.. and some pure good riding. Photos here and here.. Passed through a nice Kumbakarna Gardens on the way.. in the middle of nowhere.. Rocky fixed Anil's punctured tank with the help of soap and glue... Amazing huh !! LOL and it lasted till Banagalore.. A place called Timbuktu actually exists. HUH !! Exhaustion crawling at the bones.. not from the riding but from the continous onslaught of crosswinds on the highway which was like swimming against the current. Great food at that place.. nothing better than a home cooked meal at that place run by a small family The areas near Bellum were an amazing place for katpada stones resembling grey granite.. the soil was comprised of sheets of these layered stones which one had to just extract and use it to build houses.. amazing.. Orrissa had something similar where on digging you got brick like stone formations... The caves itself was an amazing adventure... beautifully maintained.. and well organized... A visit to the caves is a must.. but not with a crowd of 300 men and women... Waiting for some 100 men to pass my a narrow walkway... all of us sweating like pigs and men stripping to their Banyans... is not a good feeling Screaming chicks gave a new definition when we saw some 150 women... cackling in and rushing into the cave... like a rush of unstoppable river.. My friend Dosai ( Manoj) had the experience of being ogled at by more than 20 women..( to be police women) as we passed them by and it was unnerving.. I think he experienced what we could call the Adam tease.... buhahahah... I had the feeling of being felt over by these same women who thought I was some specimen from Mars... when I got lost among them.. Rocks forgot to shorten his long legged steps you see... and poor me had to wade through some 30 women who kept touching me and hugging my shoulders.. just to see maybe if I was real.. and why was I so different.. it was like a competition of .. who dared to touch me more... BRRRRR.... I almost wanted to scream... when I saw Rocks calling for me... Ahhhh my knight in shining armor... I was never more relieved to see him... than at that time... Rocks got almost molested for a photograph by the guys .... they thought he was a firang... buhahaha.. Sometimes being short has advantages.. When they told him excitedly that they were Indian policemen... he told them calmly that he was also an Indian... but it did not convince them... to the mirth of Anil and myself who were watching the fun ... ( me of course after having escaped to a safer place) Being short also helped me go through the low crevices in the caves... All in all it was an amazing trip.... one which we would like to repeat sometime again... It was great meeting blogger Morphie now a member of Mad Bulls, who has recently taken to riding... see you more on the highway buddy.. Ah ha ... and how can I forget mentioning one of my dearest blogger friends that I met on Friday. In spite of both our hectic schedule... we made sure we met up for coffee... And it was a pleasure to meet another blogger Deepak. Neels, we must meet again.. it was great having coffee with you.. Maybe this time when we ride to Hyd, we shall peep in.. :) we are planning to do that soon ....