July 27, 2005

It's all news... and some more

Just when you think that things are limping back to normal after the Gujarat floods.. mother nature decides to show her fury and along with it brings in more tragedy... My prayers are with the victims of the ONGC tragedy in Mumbai.. Thank God the city of Mumbai is coming back to normal.. Heard friends were cooped in the office and the rations were also getting over.. since food was also not available. Flood prone areas in the North East seem to have an ominous.. forecast... Hopefully all is well ... when we do go home.. Reminds me of the time when we had the choice to stay in the office with diminishing water and food supplies or walk some 25 kms back home amidst a burning city... when Rajkumar the Kannada actor was kidnapped.... we decided to walk.. I still remember how we braved the walk... some 7 of us... and through the burning bikes and tyres... trembling at the look of hatred in the face of a suddenly appearing crowd from nowhere who were hell bent in wreaking havoc and destruction and all for what.. for somebody's personal mistake... Violence never pays and it is scary to think how the villagers nearby are used to spread the same just because its convenient.. BRR .. anyway dont want to talk about it.. never liked this area of thought.. these eyes have seen enough to hanker for the peace of the mountains.. where life is always so simple... sometimes I think... it would have been so good to be in a place free of technology... it would have been so nice to have the old world charm where telephone was a rarity and the social life was all the more active... and one had a good enough idea of the people who lived near you.. there was more human interaction which is getting close to NIL now. It is all online.. some of it is good but where is the human touch... Today it was encouraging to see a write up on hybrid cars in the Times.... given the rising gasoline prices.. it makes sense for the Indian market to start selling this genre of cars.. And here is a blog on the same subject if you are interested ... Here is a history of how Hybrid Cars came into being... And yes if you are in the mood to have some pakoda shakoda.. just because its raining.. and you are home watching the rain... you can check this recipe out.. I for one can only think about it right now... but given the weather.... oooooooo I would love some hot tea and pakodas...
Besan Ka Cheela INGREDIENTS 1 cup besan 1 cup water 2 tsp salt 1 tsp chilli powder 1 tsp ajwain green chillies- finely chopped to taste � cup methi leaves- finely chopped 4 tsp oil for frying the chelas METHOD
  • Mix all the ingredients, except oil, to a thick pouring consistency, adding the water a little at a time. Leave to rest for 15-20 minutes.
  • Heat a tbsp or so of oil in a frying pan, then pour it off into a container.
  • Keeping the heat high pour some batter in the center of the pan, spreading it out a little.
  • Lower the heat and let cook till the edges brown a little and can be lifted easily.
  • Dribble a little oil around it, turning the pan so the oil goes under the cheela.
  • Flip it over to cook slightly on the other side and before serving it with a green chutney.
And we have finally decided to go to Bellum caves this weekend.. so yehawwww... is going to be a big group... ( which I am usually wary of) but I am sure its going to be fun.. will be back with lots of photographs hopefully.. till then toodleee doooo.. Had a great time meeting Jessica for Lunch.. had taken her to St Marks Hotel for the buffet spread.. still licking my fingers... glutton that I am... Bhapa Maach, Sea food Biryani, Chicken in red wine, Soya Paneer, Tonnes of Salad and desserts... I am a content soul... SIGH Am totally into ... Rufus Wainwright and Maria Mckee... yipeee... A blogger friend Jo from Thrissur has put up his song through his audio blog. The song is in malayalam... and he has got an absolutely wonderful voice... you must check this out ... click on the audio blog widget and play... Awesome Jo.. you must put your songs some more... Hmmmm what else... yep... updated Shotz