July 10, 2005

friends...laughter ... silly and memorable

Flashback to the days when we were in school .. looking forward to the holidays.. .skipping to her house.. when it was feasible... she lived on the other side of the hill.. Giggling about no good reason at all.. even when a pencil drops.. A determined Leo to the core.. always wanted to get the best of the world... But with a dashing sense of humor which made us get along so well.. Accepting our strengths and weakness without any questions.. today she is a successful business woman Walking back from tutions and laughing at all things funny .... and feeling good to share that laughter... fall over ourselves at things ... just for the heck of it.. Concetrating on finding the digestive system of the fish for the bio practicals.. cutting cockroaches together... Her coming and telling me all excited about being selected as a beauty queen ... in her engineering college.. Sharing clothes.. having a stint in the hostel together.. her trying to diplomatically keep me away from the girl that I did not much liked... As teenagers, a tryst with a guy whom we named Black and White because he used to always be in Black and White and well the oddest conversation I remember her having with him... when he was trying to woo her.. was
Me walking some distance from her letting her talk to this guy actually nugded her to it.. She to him : what did you do today ? ( for the sake of making conversation) He to her : nothing much.. I made Maggie. She : OH how did you make Maggie ? Umm I like Maggie He: Yeah I like maggie too. Its good.. nothing .. ummm She : yeah its good to have Maggie..
Me: GAWK at the number of times I heard Maggie there.. heck this was supposed to be romantic.. She tells me later on that they did not have anything else to talk about.. suffice it to say that Black and White never colored her life... LOL... A girl with a great sense of humor and lot of silly memories which seem so precious.. now.. Today I connected with her , yet another good friend from bygone days and it seemed like all our cloaks for the general junta had dropped off and we were left giggling like the girls that we used to be,... it was fun M .. friends are so precious.. I am looking forward to meeting you ... and its good to talk to you... I am tempting her with pork curry, some freak out times... and great laughter again and she is as willing to go for it... :) Laughter without any pretensions and without any inhibitions... oh yes its rare to find a soul with whom one can share that level of comfort and you will find it only with your school friends.. Cheers to old friends and thank god we can still connect without the layers of age and professional ego and barrier... a nice start to a week Aye ?? JustZen.. thanks Dude for the links... London is bleeding... a prayer for the departed souls and friends and relatives who have been lucky enough to be saved... and here is how blogs have been making news with respect to the blast.. kind of reminds me of a situation back home in Shillong..