May 09, 2005

The End

What a way to end my weekend... Well last week it was only words .. meetings and words and late nights.. which was fun.. After an exhausting session of work I am planning to get away early with the permission of my boss.. as I am ready to pack myself up... a young un comes to me with a forgotten task that I had asked his help for. He remembered and I totally forgot.. I give him the time to fix the stuff up with whatever was wrong. We had worked together and he came out to be a sweet chap ... fresh out of college and lot of dreams and enthu to work... I was feeling quite old but heck I matched his verve and talked about everything music and iPods, etc... ( ah ye! of the young world) This time he comes to finish what I had requested regarding a project. As he is working away at my laptop, he looks around and softly asks me... A : Pallavi, do you know a good hair salon for men ? Me ( looking around and seeing no one nearby ) : yes.. there are many .. why ? A: Well tell me about a good one !! I need to know... Me (quite puzzled by his insistence but willing to help) : Well you could go to this ABC salon. A: Great, now what do you think of my hair.. ( he is trying to lengthen his hair and its in that funnyt stage where all the hair seems to curl up in the wrong side). Me: Well you are in that stage where it is growing in all directions ( subduing a yawn) A: Yeah, well I have a difficult time managing my hair.. Me: Smiling and telling him that it is only a phase ( thinking to myself... good lord why am I in this conversation.. I so wanted to go home and sleep) A(After typing some more commands, he softly asks): So what do you think I should do... I was thinking of straightening my hair. Please suggest Me: Well you could do that.. ( not willing to go into something which I did not know) A: No please tell me... Me: ( now really feeling trapped) well you could straighten it ... ( and before I could finish) A: No I think I shall smoothen it. Me ( all these were new terms for me ... ) Ahem what is smoothening ? A ( goes to give me an explanation) : well what do you think? Me: I think I really am not the right person to talk to... considering I had little or no hair on my head ... A: Ok cool .. Me: maybe