May 18, 2005

Trek trek trek... and phussssssssss :)

Oh this is beautiful Trekking through the tea gardens, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
Walking through the mountains is an exhilirating feeling Crickets can be very spooky Sleeplessness does not do very well for trekking You can see some of the most beautiful flowers in Ooty Kotagiri is another beautiful place you must go if you are interested in trekking Good company always makes up for almost anything Great to be in a new group who are as freaky minded as the rest of us. Animals are always a great time pass event at 2AM in the morning Missed Satriani but dont have any regrets... after the wonderful trek... Its a scary experience to sit in a bus with a sleeping driver who is driving with his eyes closed. The Nilgiris is one of the best parts of South India... Surly drivers make surly companions... even though the ice is broken... Pykara Falls is nothing great... but it has great beauty around it.. Sick jokes can actually entertain us on the highway... my head in going ping pong .. with the ping pong joke :) EGAD I learnt various ways to kill an elephant ... through a joke.. buhahahaha Great to know the Kool Trekkers.... looking forward to another trek soon .... PS: will come back with the new template... till then its back to old one ... :)