May 30, 2005

Weekend that was

Was in a sneezing mode whole weekend so could not do much except for laze around and move like a sloth. My brain is full of cotton or so it seems .... The only positive thing was that I could finish my pending books yipeee.. got more books to read.... Got my BSNL connection which I had given up and now for the broadband all thanks to my office.. who have kindly arranged for this.. Was too lazy and determined otherwise to get work or anything online home.. now it seems I have no choice...... Watched Dhoom in this sloth like mood with my brains addled with slow motion version of daily life...... Actually liked the movie but found strong impressions of lot of movies such as Fast and the Furious, Mission Impossible, Matrix.. but it was well made.. compared to other copies that they have done. Loved watching Lion King too.. I loveeeee Simba, Pumba and Timone... Hakuna Matata Also watched Jo Bole So Nehal� dont know what the bomb blast and hullaballo was all about.. its just another stupid movie where Sunny Deol just keeps screaming in your ear� EEEYYYIKESS� he takes the myth of a sardar a little to far.. My input� STAY AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ............ This movie was definitely not losing lives over� ***************************************** A scene that I remember� Girl trying to patao Nehal Singh � in skimpy clothes.. finally kisses his hairy mouth� and then Nehal Singh.. turns and does a good impression of a gorrilla� GRUNTING� GRUNT GRUNT � until he takes her to bed� ........ hahah LMAO ........ which man in their true senses� GRUNTS just after a simple kiss.. ok GRUNT is not the word.. HRRRRMPP� GRRRRMPPP� is the exact word.. and add to that.. BIG BIG EYES�.... DAZED like in a trance.. walks like a zombie to get his girl� I think they got over inspired by B-Grade horror movies...... I was rolling in laughter.. Good heavens Hindi films are redefining romance scenes.. they need to read Mills and Boons.. I think to get ideas.. SIGH� .... PS: I am sorry if this offends you but I had to write it down� ***************************************** F1 Tamasha It was pure fluke that Alonso could get through at the top though you cannot blame him for trying really hard. He was waylaid at the start of the race which was pretty much a mess.. I felt really sad for Raikkonen who lost the race at the last but one lap.. because of his handling of the car which could not take anymore of the jerks and vibration and there was this major suspension failure� which resulted in a major crash SIGH� he got away with minor scratches and a huge damage to his car and his position�.. he needs to cool down methinks.. he looks like ice but has fire inside him� lethal combination� Image hosted by Sometimes it pays to drive like Schumacher.. he handles the car like a baby� I think Alonso is trying to be just like him.. I was jubilant at seeing Barrichello on the podium after such a long time.. He says Ferrari guys have been trying to improve their car and their tyres for the past three races and they saw good resut in yesterday�s race.. Good for them.. Micheal was pretty decent yesterday� if Ferrari can make a comeback now, it will prove their strength and resilience... ************************* Not a good idea to have someone stay over who is loath to do anything but sit in one place� brrr�.. had to literally tell him to go and book his tickets back home.. instead of just couch potatoeing.. bad idea to have a tiff with your spouse and go and skulk at a friends house miles away without doing much... poor thing.. but well I somehow never could identify with self pity and I-will-do-nothing-about-it-but-sit attitude. ............ I have started using this cool tool called Blogjet� to blog.. maybe you could try it.. its easy to post here.. since you will not lose your posts and all that� I am still evaluating this software.. will let you know more about it later... Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY .. yipeeeeeee��������� dhin chak dhin chak� I dont know why but I still get all so excited when my birthday comes by� planning to go to a special place this time.. no partying just a quiet dinner..since we are still in mourning... but all the same.. its my birthday�