June 06, 2005

Sea of Food.. .and a whole lot of memories

Madhu cooked the most wonderful Crab in Black Pepper Sauce this Sunday for us.. it was a feast of sea food .... I think this the best place for crabs.... My old school friend is in town... meeting her after 14 years.. and the years have dropped off just as if it was a soft thin veil and we do not get enough of reminiscing about our past.. sometimes its nice to dance with the forgotten melodies.... Its not so easy to get over a difficult past but I am with you .. . my old friend.. all the way.. Loved the portrait done at Bombay stores... thought it was pretty silly but heck its cool with friends.... he he Remembered a dear friend who never thought twice... before hurting me... well I love you all the same... Keli... and wish you all the best... Happy Belated birthday... so what if the dream of getting old together will not materialise... ahh the penury of human psyche... I remembered you on the 3rd of June and yes you have made a great difference in my life... and for that you will be the dearest friend I would have known.... Sometimes saying Sorry is just NOT enough... Driving through a storm with heavy rain beating down and with only music to accompany you is the one of the best experiences I have ever had.... nature conspires for self realization... The flavour of the industry seems to be dipped in mergers... Sunny's at Lavelle Road is the sickest place I have ever some across... you got to have blond hair to get a quick service... Had the worst kind of squid there... YUCKKKKKKK... Last but not the least.. here we go again with tags... this one is for you Arunima. THREE NAMES YOU GO BY: Jil Jilmil Pallavi THREE SCREEN NAMES YOU HAVE HAD: Blueflame bikerfemme Jilmil THREE PHYSICAL THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: (Well this is tough... I like everything LOL... ) My eyes ( which though weak can see a lot hahah ) my fingers ( they can type fast... buhahahah ) My attitude ..( buhahahah ) THREE PARTS OF YOUR HERITAGE: Assam Hilsa Fish My Bilingual Family.... THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU: Depression Boredom Helplessness THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS : my lenses my music, my thoughts THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW: Lenses Smile Attitude THREE THINGS YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP: Humor Sizzling Chemistry Heaps of good memories TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order): DUH !!! DUH DUH THREE PHYSICAL THINGS ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX THAT APPEAL TO YOU: Humor, conversation skills attitude THREE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO REALLY BADLY RIGHT NOW: A long drive, finish The Zahir by Paulo Coelho, drink a cup of tea made by Ma. THREE CAREERS YOU'RE CONSIDERING Travel Writer Lonely Planet presenter Writing a book... THREE PLACES YOU WANT TO GO FOR A VACATION: Shillong Egypt Rome THREE KIDS NAMES YOU LIKE: Aahana Ispshita Manek THREE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE: Write couple of books Attain wisdom Create many more memories