June 01, 2005

Monsoon in earnest

Vodka and Cognac
Vodka and Cognac, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
Having lived here for almost a decade, I have never experienced chaos at just one or two bouts of rainfall. Yesterday it was one of those days which again proved how pathetic our drainage system is and how buildings and drains are sadly not growing proportionately...SIGH Thinking of a quiet dinner we ambled slowly towards St Marks Road to a place which we did not try before... and to the horror of horrors the whole road was flooded with knee deep water.. and there were irate drivers,... honking .. some stuck and some plain frustated... Not one to give up we decided to approach the place from the road next to the Mallya Hospital...and it was like as if nature was stuck at conspiring against us... Just as we gave up the idea.. we got splashed by another irate driver who must have been stuck on the road for hours... GRRRR.. the water level was so high the splash was felt all to my passenger seat through the unfortunately open window which Rocks thought would allow some fresh air and instead... got a huge splash of water... LOL... Not to be daunted since it was my birthday... we went to Casa Del Sol... and had this aboslutely wonderful dinner and captured some nice shots.. inside the hotel.. I seriously reccomend this hotel if you want to have a special dinner... cocktails here also awesome... Since I was recovering from a cold I wanted something like brandy and warm water... but the smart waiter ( he looks pretty cool too... hehe ) made something beautiful with vodka, cognac, pepper, honey and warm water... I think I like Cognac... hic... it is very potent mind you but I am not complaining.. The Tapas combo was also great with chicken vulcano, fish ceviche and paneer pepperocino.. this is the only restaurant which gives you a Tapas.. Weather ... company .... friends.... all made it into a great day....