August 19, 2004

Flashing Thoughts

Today I have been informed that my Jeep will get a brand new bumper and I am thrilled about it.. though it is going to burn a well sized hole in the pocket... did you know that how the name Kangaroo was given.. it seems that when Englishmen came to the coast of Australia and saw this animal, they asked the aborigines what that animals were.. they replied KAN GA ROO... and they named the animal thus... but actually what the bushman was telling was "Kan ga roo ... man i dont know what you are speaking"... LOLOL My nights are filled with dreams of highways... since we are planning a ride to Hampi this September and I am really looking forward to it ... Yeah another trip to Coorg too... that would be for a wedding and I have been really impressed with a Coorgi wedding...the dance the colors and specially the food... it is out of the world... Today is Rocks' Birthday... and it the beginning of another year of life.. I wish him many more years and many more good memories.. Am planning a surprise for him.. hehe !!! TICK TOCK TICK TOCK !!! Call centre vehicles have become a menace in Bangalore.. they not only disturb the general public... when they come to pick up the employees. They also drive on the roads as if they have fire on their behinds..ending up running over pedesterians and other riders. in the beginning it was Auto rickshaw drivers and the cycles that we had to worry about.. and now we have to worry about reckless call centre vehicles which are not only big but very dangerous... That reminds me of a friend who got so irritated with a Call Centre driver honking for a person beneath his apartment that he threw two eggs at the car ... LOLOL and when the driver started cursing.. he cooly came out all concerned ... asking what the matter was and see maybe somebody got irritated with him since he was excessively honking and thats why the eggs... LOLOLOL .. and the rest were all disgruntled mumbles... And by the way, if you want to go by the numbers written behind the cars... to ask for help.. mostly the response is : This number does not exist... and if you call the owner.. in case of an accident.. the owner brashly suggests... 'ok go file a court case.. I dont care'... BEAT THAT !!! Bangalore is brewing trouble trouble with the death of an old woman by a Tata Sumo (Call Centre) which led to violence and police firing in Kamakshipalya, Outer Ring Road. A sad development but thenI think something is needed to jerk the BDA to do something about the road condition in Bangalore !!! and guys next time you decide to take home your biryanis.. as in parcel them.. please make sure you get the meat.. if it is non vegetarian... I am stilled pissed at beeing cheated of good meat in my Biryani which I carried home.. last night... GRRRRR !!! The next time I order that man is going to get it from me !!! Koramangala in Bangalore has got a great Biryani joint.. THe Hyderabad or something.. opposite the Globus Showroom.. do try it if you are in that area...I got raving comments about that from friends and just when I was dreaming of a good Biryanish meal from a local joint ... I was consumed with an anticlimatic feeling of being cheated out of a dream by missing out the chicken there .. GRRRRRR I was reading this interesting ride write up of a man whom I consider my Motorcycle Guru.. Greg Fraizer. He has recently ridden through Cambodia and Vietnam... The piece was really interesting and there have been comparisons with India... which I think is very true sad but true... I guess I am better of riding in India... unless we end up building our own Motorcycle company like Greg. LOLOL So have a great weekend everyone !!!