August 08, 2004

Weekend Maladies

Meeting friends was the highlight of the weekend. Sunday called in the day for the Bangalore Blog meet and though I kept forgetting about it, I had Maddie remind me about it and thank god for small mercies. As usual we met in Barista. Maddie kept inferring that Noufal had a thing going on with the waitress so that is why we were frequenting that place the nth time. Myself and Moony were the first to reach there and after chatting for a while we met a Chennai blogger, Suds or better known as Sudhon. He was passing by and saying his goodbyes to his friends and was it was nice of him to meet us too. As we were just getting warmed up with the conversation of now and then... Noufal and Aditya caught up with us along with Mridul, Ganesh, MMN(Manoj). Maddie was on her way and after we found a corner for ourselves, Maddie came in and she started to urge, blackmail, threaten, plead, etc to Srikanth to join us. We wanted to see him since he would be off to the US for his PhD. Srikanth managed to make it in a while, thanks a lot for that and then there was this question of which Dhaba to go. As the crowd was deliberating on it, Mridul was "vegetating"... in his own words and did not want to move. Maddie decided to get some books for herself which tempted me too to have a peep and I ended up buying some books too.. and getting a complimentary book about slangs in that process.. (Why is it that almost all the complimentary things are not the ones that I want... SIGH !! ) Noufal's patience was strechted with the JOkes surrounding him and his bombay dreams. Anyways, lunch decision made we ambled on to Baggini Dhaba where we had a hurried lunch. I tasted the vegetable platter for the first time thanks to Maddie and Srikant. Oh yes we were met there by Sheetal and Zakira. Srikanth did the genttleman thing to write down most of the blog names for Sheetal.. and Zakira was encouraged to start a blog.. I was pretty enthused about meeting these new friends of ours. Was nice exchanging pleasantaries with them over pegs of Vodka, Bacardi Lemon, etc... and comparing notes about Salman Khan (who happened to be favourite of Sheetal and some others.. I had a personal favourite in Vin Diesel.. :) ) and nail polishes, filling our stomachs with food we said our goodbyes and carried on our way.. and thus ended the third blogger's meet in Bangalore.. not before Maddie had her shot with her tomato red nail polish. Snaps of the meet are here.. PS: Anybody interested in the Freedom Jam can make it on the August 14th. Its time to get rocking Bangalore!!!