August 05, 2004

Laid to rest and now back in action

The whole weekend and the four days of the week... I had the opportunity to see life passing by without doing a damn thing about it.. reason.. a bug that decided to bite me and put me to sleep and roaming in the realms of senseless dizzydom... wading in wools of different colors that was supposed to be my brain. But Ta Da !!! I am back in action now and no one can stop me from going online... yes no one... ********************************************************************************* Observed in MG Road... just after Kids kemp.. a Signboard... TVS Centra... the Diet bike.. For heaven's sake... I have heard of diet cola, diet gums, diet this diet that... but diet bike... huh besides drinking less petrol which it proclaims... where else does the fitness quotient figure out here !! HUHUH !!! ************************************************* As I was trying to divert my mind with some entertainment during my days of confinement.. I watched a couple of movies.... Cold Mountain... Now this is a movie I would like to see when I am really feeling that the world is going slowly by me... this is a slow movie and very well done. It will take sometime for you to get into the movie but once you are in it.. you might start liking it.. OK not a movie for people who like fast paced stories. This is as slow as it gets but it has a beautiful way of unwinding the story which makes you feel through it.. I got the same feeling when I watched Legend Of the Falls. You have to got to get inside the story to appreciate it. So if you want to take things slow.. go get this movie.. Nicole Kidman does a great job in the character of Ada who waits for her beloved Mr Innman to come home from a futile war. She faces the terrible result of war. Of having to live by herself in not so friendly surroundings..And this side is the story of Mr Innman played by Jude Law who dares to face the harshest of the harshest circumstances just to return back to his love... in Ruby played by Renee Zelwegger is worth a mention... where she acts as the sassy girl doing a man's job at a time when ladies were meant to be just ladies and look pretty. Kill Bill 2 I hate watching a sequel first and then the main movie... but I did it this time.. I am catching the main story this 14th of Kill Bill when they air it on TV. Anyway, as far as action movie goes... this is a cool one. Ok Uma looks a little emaciated here but other than that she did a good imitation of an action girl and well I like Quentin Tarantino's movies. The story is "timepass" but the direction is amazing. Camera work is very unique Quentin style. Lots of Closeups and bang slap action. Just when you think that the action is going to work this way it happens the other way... I guess thats how he captures the audience's attention.. and thats what a good director can do to a silly story with no bones... definitley worth watching it if you are just chilling out... Dev I had heard that this movie was doing well according to my friends so just got it for the heck of it and well I was surprised that it was actually not that bad.. if you can ignore the screamings of hindu muslim shouts... ( I think this has become the favourite subject of the directors). The magic of Govind Nihalini is still there I suppose. I liked it the way the story was handled. And I guess it will give food for thought if you want to think and well though the movie is a commercial movie it does have a touch of realism here and there.. and well I think it is a good watch... The Fast and the Furious I watched the movie in good old tele.. and well I loved it. The action, the fast pace of the story, the look, the cars (Whoa Mama) everything made it a good watch.. I have yet to see Too Fast Too Furious. ********************************************************************************** As I am still billowing in and out of my lolling head full of wool... will be back with more later !!!