August 24, 2004

Idle Mind is a Devil's workshop

This adage is so true when it comes to India. And now more recently to Karnataka. Kannada film actors have decided on their own without any legal statement passed that kannada films should be shown first and all non Kannada films should be shown SEVEN weeks later. Now is that logical ? I fully sympathise with the Kannada Film industry but they have not churned out that great a movie to have seven weeks of showing in the house. I have seen a couple of movies and well I must say that Tamil Movies and Malayalam movies have more meat in terms of story and concept than Kannada movies. Also they are better in producing better quality movies. Instead of cribbing like a baby they can do something to improve the industry which has a lot of talented actors and directors.. they just need the right break and this is not the way to take the break... This is a democratic country and what we want to watch cannot be dictated by a handful who have nothing but money and futile ideas on their hands. Bangalore is one of the most upcoming cities and it is known to be a cosmopolitian city where all cultures can be blended well into a pot.. I guess suddenly the natives have got a sense of state patriotism at a very wrong time. maybe this same movement would have made sense some 5 years back when Bangalore was still ambling in the corridors of growth and hi tech development. Now when the population is so diverse and they are willing to give business to the film industry in general. We have not cribbed because we miss out on many good Hollywood India.. We have not cribbed when silly pictures have been shown in the theatres... thats because we had the choice and going by the logic people have the right to view stupid movies and well as good movies.. so that the appreciation factor is enhanced... I personally have nothing against the Kannada industry .. they maybe right in their own way but we as audience are the ones that have made them what they are and they are not doing something great by imposing their decisions on us. What is more important that the Kannada industry is propagating Piracy and here we have actors throughout India and the world trying to battle piracy and there these guys go and invite just that. What can be more ironical and really dumb than this? Dont they realise that they are losing their dwindling popularity anyways ? Distributors are in a fix since they dont know what to do.. Maybe they could get together and try something of their own.. but I think everything is linked and red taped I guess.. and unless this mess is sorted out Bangalore movie scene is as doomed as can be.. **************************************************************************** Fuel revolution With the fuel price going up , war being waged for fuel.. it is high time that we have an alternative source of fuel. This revolution had been predicted in By Ruth Montgomery in 1969 in one of her books how this earth would be fighting with each other for Fuel.. and how there will be a time when a source of fuel will be discovered which will result in a greener environment... and also use only Hydrogen and Oxygen for its manufacturing .... I was amazed when I read this. Today it was in the news that Honda is launching a 125 cc bike... which will run on Fuel cell technology. This will promote a greener environment. I hope India is quick to catch up on this. We need to cringe at the price hike of gas every fornight. Like every new inventions, it does have its hiccups but I guess once this thing settles in this should do the world a lot of good. Fuel cell technology will in the future be used for homes and large units... I think it is the time to celebrate and hopefully the government invests in this technology. This is reduce the dominance of some countries over the other for fuel and hopefully people can live much more peacefully without waging meaningless wars... here is an extract from ... to know more about Fuel Cells you can click on the given links...
You may have heard a lot recently about fuel cells. According to many news reports, we may soon be using the new energy-saving technology to generate electrical power for our homes and cars. The technology is extremely interesting to people in all walks of life because it offers a means of making power more efficiently and with less pollution. But how does it do this? In this article, we'll take a quick look at each of the existing or emerging fuel-cell technologies. We'll detail how one of the most promising technologies works, and we'll discuss a few potential applications of fuel cells.

What is a Fuel Cell ? Efficiency of Fuel Cells Problem With Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Vehicles already in the market

Have you checked out Google logos... lately.. they have come up with some really natty ones... which changes everyday !! latest logo is.. So I guess that is what on my mind today..