December 13, 2004

Living and not just existing

Just when you thought that well things have settled down enough for a hot cup of tea.. in comes another challenge.. this seems to be the month for challenges... that again enhances the fact that I have to live and not just exist. Work wise ... the "peering eyes" are acting up again for no damn reason. I have this one "peering eye" whose communication skills are lacking to the zilch.. either he does not understand english or has a very short memory... either way... I hope the Almighty blesses him with both qualities in due course of time.. Got a pack of Faery card pack to work with. This helps in working with the elementals of the elements and the elements themsleves. It has always been my desire to understand the elements better.. When it comes to cards, the media has made a joke out of it. In the channel Zoom they have this lady going dramatically about life's problems and how this tarot lady solves it.. Seems so much like a farce. ... and the sad thing is that people are lapping it up.. Living alone is pretty ok even if I am missing my man.. but it is doing good to talk to myself and reflect on what needs to be done... with myself.. as in look ahead.. but not as in going loony :) new year is dawning on us.. I was thinking to myself that I was never one to make a resolution .. or a promise.. coz i never kept them... i would prefer to look at it as commitment to some goal and go forward... has a long term meaning to it which works fine for me... Tomorrow I am having visitors from the eastern part of the country which will gladden my heart.. yes I am looking forward to meeting them... Watched Rakht.... do not think it is worth a review. Brrrr !!! Just when I was stopped thinking about the earthquake possibilities in Assam, my mom calls and tells me that there was a bomb blast in the city very near our home.. this again stresses the fact how unpredictable our comfortable existence might be.. and this occured just some kms away from where we live in Beltola. I think Shillong was a much better place even with all the insurgencies... dont know.. never could identify with Guahati..
Two killed in city blastBy A Staff Reporter GUWAHATI, Dec 13: Two constables were killed and three persons were injured in a bomb explosion in front of the Hatigaon police outpost this evening. The explosives, suspected to be a bomb, were hidden inside an abandoned scooter. The dead have been identified as Pranab Bhatta, constable and Akbar Ali, home guard. The injured have been admitted to the GMCH. The incident occurred around 7-15 pm after some police personnel of the Hatigaon outpost brought the scooter that had been left abandoned near a pharmacy, towards the outpost. After some time the blast occurred, killing the duo on the spot. Police said the exact nature of the explosives was yet to be ascertained. The hand behind the blast was also being examined, police said. The whole area was immediately cordoned off and senior police officials rushed to the spot. Meanwhile, the AASU has condemned the blast, saying the Government has totally failed to maintain law and order even in the State capital. Read more